Business without customers, is a failed business. But, there’s no business without customers; family and friends are there to patronize at least. Yet, for growth to be achievable, every business needs many customers; an endless throng that keeps patronizing. That’s not all, your customers are the first original promoters of whatever business you are running, customers make more customers running to your business if you are doing well. On the negative side, customers can as well make prospective customers running from your business, if you are not doing it right. But we pray against that. 

The essence of strategies is to make things operational; in life, in business, in everything we do. With the right strategies, you will do things right. Promoting a business is not a one-man-squad task, unless you are Cristiano Ronaldo. Still, Cristiano Ronaldo needs his host of fans in promoting him and his businesses. That explains why he is a billionaire footballer, running businesses amidst his football playing career, and still arguably, the GOAT.

Promoting a business is next after start-up, and there’s no end to promotion. As long as business goes on, promotion continues. Aside the normal promotion routines, both online and offline, business owners can employ the help of their customers in promoting their businesses. Below are the five ways you can make your customers to promote your businesses.

Active Online Presence: Contemporarily, if you are running a business without a business website, you run the risk of not attracting more customers. Prospective customers have developed the beneficial habit of checking product reviews before patronizing. There are so many fake and replicate products overriding the original products, and many have fallen victims of such malevolent scam. Once bitten, twice shy; nobody wants to be fooled twice. With the overhaul of the internet by fraudsters, prospects prefer to check before choosing. There’s no monopoly of business anymore, as you’re selling, another is selling too. With good alternatives everywhere, you run the risk of loosing customers and prospective customers to competitors without active online presence. With active online presence, you will be able to address customer complaints before it develops to negative reviews. You will equally be able to reach out to prospects with constant advertisements. Sometimes, customers are confused on how to use a particular product or service, and will have to refer to online helpline. If they don’t get the quality response they seek, they can write bad reviews about the product or service out of either confusion or frustration. Either way, you are at the loosing end of business. To avert this complication, you need to have an online presence responding to customers’ needs 24/7.

Branded Gift Items: The essence of branded items is for easy recognition of your business; it attracts prospects, and serves as a reminder to existing customers to patronize. Gift items like Mug, Shirt, Cap, Pen, Diary, Calendar, and other fanciful materials may seem less important; but they possess great customer magnetic powers. The gesture does not denote that your customers can’t afford such items, it’s a sign of appreciation. Don’t forget that people appreciate when they are appreciated.

In business, such little kind gestures matter. It is one of the effective ways of promoting your business, it’s a form of advertisement itself. You needn’t wait till your business expand before you apply this approach, for this strategy will help in your business growth.

Referral Awards: By referral awards, I am not talking Ponzi scheme. This is a business strategy, used in converting many prospects to customers. The most trusted advertisement in business is word of mouth. People tend to believe more of what other people tell them directly, than any form of advertisement. Referral awards motivate customers to tell their family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, followers both online and offline about your business. In hope of something in return, people tend to be more motivated to do something. Referral awards could be in form of Discounts, Gift items, Vouchers, Recharge Cards and others. The essence is to promote your business, more customers equal to more profits.

Trade Shows: This promotion strategy can serve as a get-together for customers and prospects, to come and discuss about your products and services. People don’t usually attend trade shows alone, they go in company of family or friends. Either ways, they are pooling more customers to your business, that’s promotion of business. During trade shows, customers tend to learn more about a product or service they are using, that gives them better knowledge at explaining to others on the benefits of your products or services. Trade shows offer customers the opportunity to have a one-on-one interaction with the business owner or agent, anyone in attendance is not just there for the cruise, they are also there for business.

Good Customer Service: This has always been the first and foremost strategy for promoting business before and after Christ. Treat your customers good, and they will make your business good. Good customer care, services both customer relationship and the business itself. If your customers always compliment the efficiency of your services, in the presence of their family, friends, colleagues and neighbors; there’s a high chance that a good percentage of them will patronize your business. The same thing applies when you render poor services, your customers will orchestrate your decline with their incessant complaints. Therefore, to be on the safe and progressive side of business, you must maintain good customer services in your business.

Consequently, the relationship between demand and supply, begin and end with people. The more population patronizing, the more expansion of business; people orchestrate the rise and fall of business/es. So, every business contest for customers amongst their competitors. Never a sleeping time on top of a bicycle. Social media promotion won’t be enough, if your customers don’t support you. Television advertisement would not save your business, if you are rendering poor quality services. People talk about almost everything, the good and the bad. The same mouths that praise today, can condemn tomorrow. People are dynamic, and quick to adapt to changes, we are all born with survival instincts. There’s nothing people cannot do without. If you don’t open your shop, your customer will try the next shop. What you don’t have, they will check with another. When you are not doing well, they will leave you for another. Everyone love good things, nobody that is paying settles for less. There’s rarely a monopoly of anything in the world right now; if you don’t see alternative, you will see the fake. Never forget, your customers are the first Ambassadors of your business. Through your customers, you shall get more customers; that is how a church grows. When customers testify good of your business, either online or offline; they will attract success and prospects to your business.


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