Your address is not the same as addressing yourself. Likewise, your address doesn’t guarantee how you are addressed; everyone has one, except the dead. The world is not our own, yet we all have a home. Vanity upon vanity, we would all leave our home one day, and never return back. One day, your address would be another’s address; it can only take years, but what will be, will be…

Why then, do you feel and act like a god amongst men?

Why don’t you address yourself first?

Life of greed, wickedness and evil dominate this contemporary time. As it is here, so it is there; the world is neither safe nor sane. Family betraying family, friends snitching on friends; preachers preying while witches pray. It is now normal for the abnormal to thrive and trend; immorality at its maximum morale. We are addressed the way we dress; but they don’t want to wear their dresses anymore.

The culture of the vulture; their sacrifice is in sacrifices. They are selling their souls cheap, and spending their funds on expensive things. People are playing ignorant, just to bathe in carelessness. But the conscience is a judge that never forgets. You can trade your soul, but never your conscience; it only acts as a witness, for and against you. The conscience works in collaboration with the mind, both serve as a reminder; for God shall not judge us, we shall judge ourselves, while the devil handles the damnation.

Victor, villain, and victim; the same people that pray prey. Don’t be fooled because you have no food; if you eat all served at the table, you will be poisoned. Never be too thirsty, that you drink from every cup that goes around; that’s how people get poisoned. Opportunity does not come once; don’t let them delude you, but never deceive yourself. We are in a wicked generation; preachers are preaching what they don’t practice; while politicians win through bullets and not ballots. Who are they to address us?

Battle of the bats; up and down they go, wrecking havocs wherever they find themselves. Don’t kill yourself trying hard to impress people, for the same people will repress you when you feel depressed. The smell of sentiments can be deceiving, for it pleases more than perfumes. Therefore, it is imperative to address yourself properly like an address in a formal letter; for you may live now, but later is never promised.

Importantly, the title of this article is a triple-edged sword; for I address you to address yourself like your address in a formal way like a formal address. Heaven helps those who help themselves, and the devil help those who come to him for help. You chose your way, not because you don’t know any other way, but because it is your choice and your way. That analytically posit why you should blame yourself, before you blame someone else. When you sin, you sin alone; should you sink, you shall equally sink alone.

Be careful is not for the coward, for cluelessness begets carelessness. There are things you know that you know, as well as things that you know that you don’t know. Yet, only those that seek find; but it is wise to seek clarity before charity. Conversely, you know most of the things you seek to know, but still seek another’s validation like the sick.

Consequently, you don’t need a driver’s license to drive yourself mad. The more gullible you become, the more susceptible you will be to bullies with open arms and closed fists. Most times, what they seem are what we see, for it is rare to know what is real nor who is real. Nonetheless, looks are never deceiving; people only see what they seek to see. Only a fool can be fooled, for the gods are not crazy; they are wise and we humans are the ones foolish. Besides, some fools can’t be fooled, at least not always; be careful how you address others. Regardless of how hard you try, you can never please the possessed, because they know nothing about peace; and are always pissed.

Stalemate over checkmate; it depends on who’s checking, and who’s on check. Not all who play with you is your mate, and not all who smile at you wants to mate with you. Nevertheless, before you move physically, move spiritually; for the battle is with the spirits. Then, control yourself mentally; for your power rests in your mind, and your mind is your greatest weapon. Don’t be the dormant doorman, open the doors to success yourself; for if you don’t address yourself well, they will conclude that the failure is in your dressing.

Very important pledge; never live the life of evil. Of course, evil pays, but so shall you pay back with your soul. Seek your blessings from the holy sanctuary, and desist from being unfaithful in your holy matrimony; and never you test your testimony. Till you have it and totally forget what it meant not to have it; only then would you understand that money is not everything. “omne ignotum, pro magnifico” meaning, “what they don’t know, they magnify”; the poor believe that lack of money is their only problem, till their health fail, then, they turn to pray for life. Absolutely, money is good; but why is it mostly in the hands of the evil? …Because the world is evil.

Would there ever be a better life, they asked. They don’t like how they live; yet, they are scared to die. Life is precious; suicide is for the abnormal, no normal person can attempt it; not even the mad. To give up hope is the worst aspect of failure, for hope is the essence of living. Never attempt to die hopeless; if you do, you killed your spirit before your body died. Thus, suicide is the worst kind of murder; for when the spirit dies, it gets lost in the oblivion of itself forever. When you carry your regrets over, to the other side; you have signed your soul into the book of damnation.

They said, “the fast die rich” but forgot that the patient dies blessed. It is true that we all die, but we all know the truth while we live. You may ask whether I am addressing you; of course, I may, but I’m more like addressing myself, because I have to practice what I preach. It’s alright if you have missed your way, we all do most times; that’s the essence of addressing yourself before you address others. Since humans were created in the image of God; it denotes that we have the power to rewrite the stars, and change our narratives from evil to good.

Dearly beloved, it is imperative that you address yourself, and mend your ways. Never be faster than your shadow, if lands finish before you make it; there will be houses available to buy. Always remember, regardless of the mansions you build on earth, they shall all get destroyed one day; if not through pirates, it shall be the climate. Your current address was someone’s address, and would still be someone’s address one day. Even if you don’t sell, your generation will sell; because the world is a market. I know you know the truth; use it to address the lies, because this article is a gospel not gossip.


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