Cristiano Ronaldo’s Transfer to PSG Next Season

If you know Cristiano Ronaldo very well, you do notice that apart from being arguably the Greatest football player ever. He is also an intriguing character that loves surprising his fans and shocking the world. Ronaldo more than any player alive or ever lived is an adventourous player that love doing it here and there, more like replicating his uniqueness and greatness in 3 major leagues of the world.

In Manchester United, he scored "The Screamer" aginst F.C Porto, won a Puskas for that.

In Real Madrid, he scored "The Alleluia" against Juventus, forcing Juventus fans to his chorus.

In Juventus, he scored "The anti-Gravity" against Sampdoria, defying the last law of gravity.

This season there is no how Cristiano Ronaldo will not end up with at least two major trophies. But still, trophy or no trophy, Cristiano Ronaldo is moving to Paris Saint Germaine next season. Ronaldo is what the french Giants need to carry the UEFA Champions league. The whole world already knows this, I am just the first to announce it.

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