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Adversity took his time to prepare for tough times in advance, without emailing me for an interview at least. When it was time, not even a spam message, because I do click them always. The going got tough. Life is very sweet when we are young, I needed no jingles to remind me that I needed to be tough and stand up to the adversity.

Darkness got darker than I could see, my sizzling life became unbearable, such that I started wondering if I could survive this. No speech to deliver, my situation lacked words. I literarily couldn’t talk to anyone, that visited me in the hospital. I was at the edge of death; the moment when nothing else matters.

At the dying minutes of time, my life struggled to live. Everything that held meaning started to fade into oblivion; there was basically nothing left to understand, as all I knew had been invalidated. I strongly held the cliff so tight. I was not yet ready to fall into the pit of the dead.

Almost, towards the end; grace began to play me a preview of how sizzling life could still be, if only I can remain strong and patient. I became terrified because I saw things in contrast to what I heard, I began to imagine if it was all a lie, or whether the truth was twisted wickedly.

The next day, I woke from sleep and felt like I dreamt about the end of the world. Everything seemed so real, I could still the see the same bruises and stiches on me; but I still couldn’t talk amidst the hot tears streaming down my eyes. Last time I checked, I was in a party; how I ended up in the hospital, I couldn’t relate.

Give me a mirror! That was my first mumble. No, they said; the doctor instructed against that they insisted. Knowing how decisive I was, they knew more than anyone that I do struggle to stand, to get myself a mirror; they couldn’t risk it. I was given the mirror; the room became so quiet; I could hear the Easter jingles from the church next street. Is it today that Jesus Christ resurrected? I confusingly asked. I could see the surprise in their eyes. Their minds could not fathom it. How could this be my first question? I knew that they were stunned; but I didn’t know what they expected to hear. It’s 20th March; my love responded calmly; you have been unconscious for three weeks. She couldn’t hold her tears after that; she knelt down beside my bed, and gave God all the praises she could remember.

A better view in the mirror revealed more of me than I could remember, I was broken in this ruin, but my life refused to be ruined. Just as tough times don’t last, adversity stood down for the tough; death got his own life hanging on a thread. I prevailed; death was defeated.



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