Judging From Afar: All That Glitters Might Just Be Gold.

Do you ever look at a book, and the first thing that pops into your head is, "this book looks boring."

Do you?

Are you also guilty of this crime?

Oh, dear friend, to a certain degree, we all are.

In fact, I committed this crime against a noble profession.


Read below.

When I'm not reading, baking, writing, or drawing, I'm watching television. 

Yes, I know. I love watching stuff.

But I don't just concentrate on telenovelas(no, I don't watch ZeeWorld), or cartoons.

I also add documentaries to my list.

My favourite documentary stations are NatGeo Wild, which is channel 47 on Gotv Max and Discovery Id, channel 52.

Another day, I'll tell you what I learnt from Discovery ID.


Watching these stations never fail to teach me something new and exciting, something unusual and inciteful.

Did you know that the Lion and Monkey's ancestors had a pact that prevented Lions from feeding on Monkeys?

(No wonder the Monkey was the chief priest in The Lion King).

Sorry for the trail of thoughts; back to the write-up.

Of the shows I watch on National Geographic Wild, "The Incredible Dr.Pol" is one of them.

Pol is a 70 years old vet who owns a vet clinic.

Yeah, 70 years old. And that was way back in season 10. The show now has 16 seasons.

No, I don't mean a soldier type of vet, I mean a Veterinarian, a doctor of animals.

He's Dutch, so he has a kind of accent, and his name Jan is pronounced Han.

At first, I couldn't understand what was so incredible about a vet.

No offence to any vet —because I know it's difficult and daunting—but the "incredible" part was what I couldn't buy.

But you know what they say, it's easier to judge a book by its cover.

I decided that I was going to watch this incredible man. I needed to satisfy my curiosity.

Is he truly incredible?

Is the "incredible" an exaggeration?

I'm curious like that.

So I convinced my family, and we tuned in one evening.

After one episode, just one, I started describing him with better synonyms: astounding Dr. Pol, unbelievable Dr. Pol, magic-fingers Dr. Pol, unaging, etc.

He was that good.

The dedication to his patients—not the humans—the animals, is admirable.

At just a glance, he has a prognosis for what could be wrong, and immediately he runs the test, viola! It's exactly as he predicted.

Isn't that incredible?

This man delivers calves like it's no biggie, and trust me; calf delivery is nothing compared to a human delivery.

It's so difficult. You have to put your hands in there and do the needful—excruciating pain for the cow.

From the regular Joes: dogs, cats, cows (beef and milk), horses, pigs, etc., to the non-regulars like lizards, armadillos, mice, porcupines, and weasels, etc.

You name it.

Did you know that beef cows are more hostile than milk cows?

(Maybe because they know they'll turn to food in the long run).

I know what you're thinking:

"Wait, Anas."

"I didn't come here to study vet or read about animals."


So why are you here?

What is this girl saying?

What I'm saying?

Please don't jump to conclusions or assume that something isn't worth it, simply because you don't know anything about it.

Before you drop your gavel and give your final verdict, check it out.

If I had never watched Dr. Pol, I would always underrate his abilities.

Thirty years as a Vet.


Mind you, animals are more complicated than humans.

We have just male and female(please don't tell me about the other 37 genders.)

For vets, every dog has a breed, the same goes for cats, ducks, etc. And for every breed, you must understand how to cure its ailments.

What a job!

Truly incredible.

Have you been judging before checking things out? Take it easy.

Life's easier than that.

If, after giving it a chance, you still don't like it, then that's that.

For every vet out there, I respect you.

When was the last time you jumped to conclusion?

Were you right to do so, or did it blow up in your face?

Drop your comments below.

P.S. I didn't say you should go ahead and join Wazobia, or Binomo, simply because you don't want to judge a book by its colour.

You're so on your own, oh.

Relate the write-up with your relationships with people.

P.S.S. If you think I'm exaggerating about his abilities, try and watch the show.


Posted by Anastasia Damian

11 thoughts on “Judging From Afar: All That Glitters Might Just Be Gold.”

  1. I'm not used to watching televisión, but i think that this Dr Pol needs to be watched. I am considering his age and expertise

    1. His age is the first thing that strikes you when you watch the show. He's still active and able. Moving faster than the younger vets. He's Incredible

  2. OK, I've actually judged people before knowing them. There's this girl that newly moved in our area, with all her piercing and color of hair. I just had it in mind that, this would probably be a rude and arrogant slut(pardon my use of word and way of thinking, but that's how I thought it). But getting to know her, the kind of words and things she say is a direct opposite of what I've judged her to be. So now, I try to give everybody the benefit of doubt even when its something everyone else can attest to.

    1. It's easy to judge people. I've been on that side of the court before. I feel we find it easier to flow with what we believe, than what's right. Its definitely takes discipline. Happy you're now cool with the girl.

  3. Nannas...🔥

  4. Didn't they say first impression matter...or is it my fault that the author couldn't get a good art for her book cover? Okay okay, I have been trying not to judge someone by their looks, but e no easy like that sha....

  5. First impressions don't always go well. You might be at your lowest and judged for it.

  6. Many years ago when I was still very much inexperienced with life I had fallen guilty of quick judgement. In the most I ended up regretting. These days however, I have got to learn how to develope the attitude of patience with people. I feel now that there is more to people than the eye meets. Inall, thank you Anas for this piece.

  7. I guess I'll have to start watching this

  8. It's human nature to judge people and things so easily. Sometimes it's because of our experiences in life, background, people's opinion or our instincts. It's not really a good thing and a lot of unlearning has to be done as regards it so that we don't miss out on opportunities.

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