Ever asked why people do well in what they do? The answer is crystal clear; they learnt to do it well. To be the best, you have to learn not to remain the same.

Practice can never make perfect without learning what to practice. First things first, then others will follow. Good learning makes good earning. In every aspect of life, there are guidelines one must observe to survive, sustain, and succeed. There are no two ways about it, you either learn it or leave it.

We learn to live. Everything requires learning, including magic. If it is perfect without explanation, it becomes miracle or mystery. We learn about everything without knowing anything, that’s the essence of knowledge. Growth can’t happen without learning. We learn to eat, talk, walk, read, write, dress, cook, and even to pray. If we don’t learn it well, we won’t do it well; and that could explain why most people are having great difficulty, living the life they want, because they’re all doing it wrong, and still think and believe they’re right.

Nothing! There’s absolutely nothing man can’t do with the power of his mind and the works of his hands. Everything rests on learning. If we learn it, we can do it. Yet, the ignorant don’t want to learn, but want to do, and when they don’t do well, they blame others and exalt in their bliss. To be successful, you have to learn, then, remove the L; and the more you learn, the more you earn. The dullest of brains will sharpen by sheer force of repetition, if put to continuous learning. Good learning makes the masters of the universe appear magnificent, because they have mastered what they do through learning, and they do it perfectly well, making other people to magnify.

Don’t get me twisted, try to understand before you misunderstood. Earning in this aspect doesn’t mean earning money alone, it encompasses all that merit deserves. If you do well, what you know how to do well; you will earn the respect you deserve, they title you want, the success you seek, the recognition you plead, and the money you worked for. From Scientists, to engineers, doctors, teachers, politicians, musicians, magicians, farmers, fraudsters, traders, and prostitutes; everyone must learn. It is not easy, nothing is easy; if so, we would all be lazy. We are always complaining of one problem or the other, when actually we are the problem.

The problem is greed. Most people want to earn without learning. But people rarely get what they deserve, let alone what they don’t deserve. If you look closely within you, there’s a probability that you will find out that you have been doing it all wrong, that’s the reason why the right things aren’t happening to you yet. Before you think that you are cursed, try to learn your courses. Every bird can fly, but some fly higher than others. We might think it’s nature, but it could be that the chicken is too lazy to learn to fly, that’s why they mostly end up fried.

Wake up! You dream of being like your role model, when you could be something more. Stop sleeping on your dreams, wake up and turn that dream to reality, because success and failure happen in real life. Nobody makes it by only thinking about it, without working for it. Meanwhile, you can’t work it, if you don’t know it; and you won’t know it, if you don’t learn it. Life is quite simple, it’s people that complicate things. If only we obey rules and regulations, read instructions, study manuals, follow up lessons, do our assignments, practice what we preach, and trust our process; we would have high chances of earnings, and less losses. If you open your mind to learning, you will learn that there are new things to learn everyday. The day we stopped learning, is the day we died.

In learning, too much is never enough, because there’s no limit to success. We keep learning as we keep practicing, because growth is a continuous process. There’s never an end to learning, that’s why some people are having endless multiple streams of earnings. A billionaire is never at peace with just one billion, a slight financial crisis can turn the billion into millions. With that in mind, they never stop working to multiply the billions; that’s how they remain billionaires. A scientist never stops to run research, so as not to run out of ideas to formulate theories, and prove evidences. An engineer must be updated with the latest technological advancement, if not, the engineer is outdated. A designer must always learn new designs, because fashion negates fashion. In everything, there’s need for endless learning. Just as fraudsters require new updates, pastors’ fake new miracles, politicians practice new riggings, lawyers posit new lies, traders sell new prices, prostitutes position new styles and the host of other skills.

Money is what you want, everybody wants it too. In fact, we all need money like oxygen to survive and sustain our lives. But if you rush into making money unprepared, you could lose it just the way it came. Making money is not the only problem, managing it is another important factor. Don’t be fooled either; there’s no legal or illegal way to making money, people just learn how to make money the way they believe they can make it. A conman must be smart, and smartness takes learning; that’s why they con those who aren’t smart. This analogy explains why it is difficult for a conman to con a conman, because their minds are wired the same; they both see beneath the menu on the table.

Very importantly; if you want to maintain or increase your earnings, never stop learning and upgrading, in that which you do to earn a living. Be you a prophet or a prostitute, if you stop packaging, you risk ruining your progress, and making less profits.

Dearly Beloved, you have to be patient to learn before you can earn and progress. It is unhealthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually; to rush into things you know nothing about. Before you believe, learn to doubt. Before you take, learn to give. Before you embark on a mission, learn about the dangers. Before you trust people, learn about them. Before you spend, learn to save. Before you counsel, learn to comfort. Before you dive, learn to swim. Before you pressurize, learn to be patient. Before you make it, learn to fake it; because the appearance of what it is could be what it actually is.  Before you quit, learn to try. Before you criticize, learn of the situation. Before you invest, learn of the risks. Before you speak, learn to listen. Before you preach, learn to practice. Before you hide, learn to escape. Before you try, learn to train. Before you cheat, learn to check. Before you misunderstand, learn to understand. Before you hate, learn to love. Before you judge, learn to forgive. Before you lose hope, learn to pray. Before you die, learn to live. Lastly, before you earn, learn!

Mazel Tov 🌠


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