Minister Praise Worship Medley

It is the power of God that is upon this song, I don't know what it is but it has power written all over it, Now it is a song you might have heard over and over again, But listen to it now with your earpiece and feel what I felt. Something is coming. This medley was done by my own Minister Igwe Praise (The Voice of the angels). Let this be a guide to your troubled spirits, a comforter to your sorrowful spirits and a blessing to you who listens...

I had watched her interview on instagram on what these songs mean to her and I couldn't help it. So today I have decided to share these song with you guys.

Minister Praise is a gospel artist who has done this medley as a way of connecting to her father who has gone to rest with the Lord. She says that these songs has been paramount in her grief and healing giving hope in the belief of the Glory of God. The songs are Agunaechemba by Evang. Nnamdi and Song of Angels by Judikay.



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