Yes, you made it; but that’s not the end of it.

Life is a continuous process, with regular update of activities. To be successful in one or few aspects don’t mean that you have mastered everything. There’s still pretty much left to learn; because none can earn everything. You may be Jack-of-all-trade but not a master of them all. People tend to believe that who has money, has it all; but that’s an illusion. Money is never everything, but you will not understand it, till you have money and still have problems that money can’t protect you from. Cancer alone is enough to cancel your life regardless of the billions in your bank account. Why not be humble?

Life is an endless race, there’s no finish line; you keep running till you’re dead. Success upon success, riches upon riches; yet, we can’t get enough because too much is never enough. We must keep pushing, till will reach the edge of glory. Meanwhile, being glorious isn’t the end, because people rise and fall. Therefore, to remain glorious, man must always seek more glories. Contentment is not for conquerors, because man is inherently greedy in nature. A millionaire needs more millions to be a billionaire, and a billionaire need more billions to be a trillionaire. World Bests never stop at just a year, they always do their best to retain or retake the title every year.

Life makes no promises, for man must remain productive to keep progressing. As it is here, so it is there; for our wants are forever insatiable. To keep having and getting, we must continue working endlessly till the end of our days here on earth. Even the retired is never tired, because staying alive is a working process of its own. Likewise, growth is never dependable on age, we became a working process after birth, and will never stop till in death.

Nobody knows it all nor have it all, because desires are endless. Of course, people have more than others, and nobody has nothing. We all have something to live for, if not, life would be meaningless. But, having something to live for is never enough, for we also want other things. For instance; all that most children and teenagers want is to be loved by their family and friends, to be successful in their academic endeavors, and to develop their potentials. Then, as adults; more is expected of us. With growth comes responsibilities; for whom much is given, much would be taken. It’s systematic; what you put in, is what you get out. But, sometimes, the reverse is the case, and we call that bad luck.

The world is full of responsibilities. In one way or the other, we owe people weather we like it or not. Nobody is ever free from responsibilities, except the fools that delude themselves, that they can run from it. We owe our parents or guardians gratitude; to care for them as they cared for us. To your partner, you owe loyalty. To your friends, respect. To your children, love. To the society, honor. We must keep doing our part, so that we don’t fall apart. Responsibility is not only in paying taxes and bills, it’s not exclusive to money. Although, most things revolve around money, it’s pertinent to look beyond that, because life is larger than all we could see, hear, feel, and understand.

You are not better than anyone; sing and sink that in your mind. Don’t ever think that because you have money more than the next person that you’re better. You could be privileged at a time, but the next time could be for the next person. You can never see finish in a person, because you’re not the creator. What you think you have today could be gone tomorrow, or you could be the one gone.

Importantly, life has ups and downs; blissful forever is an illusion, nothing of such exist. Times change; people and situations equally change with it. None is more intelligent than the other, for we all have different purposes here on earth, which mustn’t include education. For instance; a professor needs an umbrella to go under the rain, but someone considered to be an illiterate in the village can actually stop the rain or make it rain. Why then, do people pride themselves over others?

Old things pass away, and new things emerge. Just like in fashion, what trends now would be trash later. Yet, when it’s trending, people flaunt it flawlessly as if it would never fade away. It’s awkward that people commit all sorts of horrendous crimes just to have the things of the moment, when it’s very obvious that those moments won’t last. For instance; during the Blackberry phone era, a lot of people robbed, whored, and killed to get their hands on the luxurious gadget. Today, it’s no longer Blackberry but iPhones. Tomorrow, it would be something else.

Conversely, wealth and intelligence are just means to an end, but not an end in itself. When we develop the skill of understanding how we know what we know, and how we have what we have; we acquire the master key to lifelong learning and progressive growth. If wealth and intelligence are indeed concerned with subjectivity, then we should think of them as the situation or process which provides opportunity for individuals to come into presence; that is, to show who they are and where they stand in the society.

Consequently, raising standards involve focusing beyond what we have and know now, for there are more to have and know later. Therefore, it is unwise to settle for the present without looking ahead, because the choices we make today, will decide how our tomorrow will play out.

Dearly Beloved; never judge yourself with your current condition, be hopeful that best will come. Things actually fall in place, when we put them in place. But, while you plan, don’t forget to include “unforeseen circumstances”. Expectation of the unexpected is an act of wisdom, because events can be complicating, as well as surprising. Therefore, don’t let the events of life take you unawares. Never stay behind the age, stay in line with it, and if you can, stay ahead of it. Lastly, never forget that vanity upon vanity ends in vanity. Yes, it’s assuring to be rich, but it’s not worth killing for. Your soul is the only thing that never die when you die, don’t overweigh it with evil. Always remember; it doesn’t end here on earth, there’s no final destination in life.


Mazel Tov 🌠⏳🦅


Posted by Emeka Chibuikem

Free Mind| Writer| Political Scientist| Research Analyst| Freelancer| Editor| Lyricist| Poet| Actor| Motivator.

"Spreading the Gospel of True Truth".

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  1. "Wealth and intelligence are just means to an end, but not the end itself"- Emeka Chibuikem. That's a didactic piece, I consider myself privileged to have read your piece. We keep learning and improving. Thanks for the piece.

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