Pet peeves: To Hate, or Not to Hate.

The screeching noise a tire makes against the tracks, the high-pitched noise emitted by a microphone when it's close to a speaker, someone with body or mouth odour, people who cut you off and correct you mid-sentence, excessive use of "mad oh."

Does any of these things ring a bell?

Do they provoke a reaction from you?


If no, you're about to find out what they are? If yes, then you know how it feels. 

I had no idea what to write about today. Yes, they were many ideas going through my mind; I just didn't know which would mean something to you.

I didn't know which we all had in common.

Then one day, out of a WhatsApp status, the idea came to me.

Thank you, Miracle.

My good friend, Miracle, uploaded something about her pet peeves.

No, I'm not telling you. What do you take me for,  a snitch?

The conversation was nice, and it's something I know everyone has.

Before I go on talking and writing, I guess I better explain what a pet peeve is.

Disclaimer: it has nothing to do with any animal—absolutely nothing to do with a pet.

By simple dictionary definition, "a pet peeve is something that is personally annoying. Something that gets on all 1 billion nerves in your body.

Can you imagine that one thing that drives you insane? Yes, that's your pet peeve.

Now we are all grounded with the definition; Onward.

A pet peeve is not an allergy. You dislike it doesn't mean it kills you. It just makes your skin crawl with annoyance or irritation.

We all have pet peeves. Maybe you've noticed yours; maybe you haven't. But we all have that one thing that doesn't sit well with us.

I hate the sound of chalk edge on the blackboard. That screechhhhh! noise it makes when you don't hold it well and try to write with it. It got on my nerves back in school; it still does.

So my question is simple: What happens when your pet peeve is someone's hobby?

Have you thought about it before?

Just imagine it. The one thing, or three things you dislike a lot, is the very thing someone likes to do.

Oh, dear.

I also hate the sound of metal scratching against metal. E.g., using the sharp edge of a spoon to scratch the bottom of the pot.

(No hate for bottom pot because I enjoy eating from the pot, but you see that screeeee noise, I can't stand it. And guess who does it a lot at home?

My sister.

It's a way of life for her.

Screee! scree! all the time.

What if your pet peeve is body odour? How exactly do you tell a random stranger that he/she stinks? Or how do you tell a loved one that they stink?

How about those Lagos conductors that… let me leave that trail of thoughts. It already makes me sick.

Do you go out of your way to notify the person and tell him to stop? Or do you endure?

And if the offending person is your boss? And he chews with his mouth open? 

I'm here wondering how that scenario would look.

What if your pet peeve is bad vocabulary? Do you correct your elders when they use it with you, or do you swallow it and endure the crawling on your skin.

And, if you're the one with the bad vocabulary, do you accept corrections from anyone?

What if your pet peeve is, being corrected; so many patterns for a pet peeve.

Let's hear it.

What's your pet peeve?

Have you had any compromising situation where you couldn't correct the offending person?

Or did you go ahead to correct and it led to an unexpected outburst.

Drop your comments below.

Let's hear it.

P.S. Recently, I heard people are getting upset over the misplacement of "am," for "I'm" "your" for "you're" "its" for "it's."


Posted by Anastasia Damian

23 thoughts on “Pet peeves: To Hate, or Not to Hate.”

  1. For me it's those who always try to correct someone on everything.. That's not something I find nice really.

  2. Funny enough, I cant stand it when som1 mostly girls try to speak English with all phoney tryna sound janded...

    1. Maybe the girls are trying to get your attention. 😉 Anyway, I get where you're coming from.

  3. I think mine will be the screeching sound of the chalk against the board. Well, there is nothing I could do to my teacher back then. Lol

  4. See that chewing with your mouth open, e dey pain my bone marrow. Most time I just walk away .

  5. I don't fancy unshaved armpits, body odour and shuffling of feet. Those are my pet peeves and truly they get me irritated when I find em' around me

  6. I hate d sound of metal on metal, jeez it irks me a lot,. I'd rather take a long route home than pass an iron cutter, especially these ones that make windows

  7. Feet dragging, noisy chewing, brain racking short forms in chats... Oloun! Just kill me now! -I can deal with misplaced words and pronouns; I mean, not every gets them or were taught them from the onset. But these mentioned few? They irk me deep from within my soul😭.

  8. Tearing an old cloth with neighbor has a degree in that and when I complain, she will look at me and call me a witch

  9. Dragging a metal chair across the ground, scattering a place I just cleaned or arranged, using the word 'smiles' when chatting instead of using an emoji, mishandling a book/ novel. Witnessing any of these just feels like spiders are crawling all over my body

  10. You mean "angry face" at you. We like stressful situations, when the Oyibos she created emojis.

  11. Please don't @ me. I hate to see tar on anyone's teeth. Yikes! Long hairs hanging on combs & hair brush, plus dirty smelly hair extensions. These can make me mad (ask my mum & kid sister). Anyways, nobody is perfect.

  12. Some of my pet peeves are use of short words while typing, misplaced pronouns, screeching sounds of a metal spoon and pot, body odour.

  13. Mine goes as follows: The sounds of a bottle with a smooth edge rubbing against the floor with a foot. Horrible grammar. Stenching body odour. Reckless show off of principle.

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