Relationship is a road that leads to certainty. The road can be really frustrating in a moment and quite amazing in another. What’s it seems like in a relationship cannot be realized, except by understanding of this five introspective and psychologically explained words.





4.Sweet and bitter

5.No perfect


Water: This kind of relationship flows without a destination. It is mostly sweet to men but anxiety to ladies, because in that kind of relationship ladies do think that the man don't have a plan for her, because they have been in the relationship more than 6 to 7 years, without any form of settling or mentioning of marriage, at times ladies loose control and look for another man. If you're in this kind, think proper before making next step because a single mistake will always lead to the cage you came out from. Overly conscious of being with your man every single time and hour can cause it, at times you got to take a break and allow yourself to be longed for.


Fire :  This type of relationship is always war for the couple. The most painful part of it is that they ladies that are in this type of relationship suffer the most, because they are beaten and mishandled but at the end they will be the one to apologize to the man, because they do think that the will die if they leave the guy. But when the later leave the guy, they do realize that the have been in a cage, and what the need is "not love with hurt". This kind of relationship is mostly found among girls that are falling in love first in their lifetime.


Mild : In a mild relationship, both are in a state of tolerance. Reason is because they just started newly. They guys at this stage is very pretentious, this is the stage were you will realize the saints in all human. At this stage a guy can do anything for the lady. Including to the extent of buying her a car, if he is financially stable, and he can condole all forms of excess and obnoxious altercation from the lady. Because they are newly attracted. This is the stage that girls make mistakes, the are blinded by the saintly side of the guy, forgetting the saying " At the beginning it sweets". Instead of a lady to look deeply into her man and know the devil in the saint she sees, she will keep on being blind folded until she enter into the fire stage. That's equal to guys, because at this stage, the  girl that will call you all kinds of name in the future will be mild as you never see. You might even rate her 100 percent saintly.

In this stage something is involved, the remote that controls the love.

The remote controls are Money, superficial attractions, intelligence. Once this is gone my brother forget it, it becomes unrequited. Sometimes, it is love but attitude are being hidden away from each other. And some attitude are very poisonous. So, when the real attitude starts problem do arose from all side.

At this stage, when they want to eat come see forming. Even while they want to go to toilet, the go with perfume, to smell nice after defecating, so as to not allow the odour to ooze. So, that the guy won't change his mind.


Sweet and Bitter relationship:  In this kind Relationship, the both do love each other, the  do have sweet moments and bitter moments together. But, the issue in this relationship is lack of understanding. Small thing can trigger a fight, when I mean fight I meant brutal one, which involves a huge blow.

But later, one will apologize and the issue will die out. This kind of relationship my brother don't even give any of them advice to leave the other, even if one came for your advise, don't even tell him or any  to leave the other. Because they will use you to settle their dispute, when the war is over  then you will become the enemy.  Reason why it is like that is because they both loves each other, just that misunderstanding do trigger lots of fight. But those kind of relationship is quite sweet because no matter how sad one is to other, they are always happy outside. And their love moment is "something to write home about". It is very lovely. But, betrayal is always imminent  in this kind of relationship.


 No perfect relationship : It is guided by trust and love. No perfect in the sense that it comprises some qualities of fire, mild, sweet and bitter. But at the end loves leads. This is the type of relationship whereby the both have gone through love and fire but at the end love still prevails.

This relationship is the highest stage and leads to marriage. Not perfect though, in the sense that no relationship is perfect but what matters is understanding, love, trust and truthfulness. 


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