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  • Friday, 19 April 2024


Beloved, be like water and wind if truly you want to survive the world. Focus only on your future, for today is the tomorrow you planned about, and yesterday will always be gone. Thus, it is wise that you equip yourself with the essential elements of life. Be careful how you control yourself and how others influence you, for the vicissitudes of life can be vicious. Stay in line with your vision and remain inclined to your mission. Life is about you and others. But first, you must take care of yourself before others.

Ride the wind and cut through the water. True strength lies with those who believe in themselves. You must be strong, to stay sane and safe. Amidst the life situations, one must have solutions. Success can arise from series of failures, so never give up on yourself. Water can take any form; wind can take any space; you can be anybody or anything. It takes nothing, other than strong believe in the pursuit of your progress.

When strong water and strong wind meets, a storm is bound to happen. Thus, smooth sailings shall be overturned in the sea. But the strong shall sail or swim to safety, while the weak sinks. The magic, miracle or myth lies in your mind. You either configure your mind to remain calm in all situations, or you are bound to stay confused amidst controversies. Your strength lies in the power of your mind. Although luck happens sometimes, but there were ship captains who locked horns with the storm and survived.

Success lies in suffering, but not all suffering end in success. Beloved, stay positive always, for your strength of conviction is what people call courage. When you lack strength of conviction and embrace negativity, you align yourself with cowardice. If you’re sure, you can’t be shunned, rather you will shock them. Beloved, you’re the sole captain of the ship of your life. Consequently, be prepared for all hardships on your path. How many can you take before you give up? That is the question none can answer.

If you want to live, you must do everything to live. If it means being selfish to succeed, be it, but succeed. Nonetheless, what many people call selfishness can be self-care. It matters to none, for none can save you, if you can’t save yourself. Help is hope in manifestation. Truth is, not everyone gets help every time. Sometimes, you must save yourself or sink alone. Listen carefully, people care less about your suffering, but care more about your success. If you’re still suffering, there’s nothing to learn from you till you succeed. The essence of celebrating success is to teach others how to survive suffering. For the fact that one succeeded, one has given many hope to succeed as well.

“Experentia docet stultos – Experience teaches the fool.” If you refuse to learn from the experiences of others, experience itself will teach you, for a fool must be flogged. Give a fool a fortune and watch it foolishly finish, for a fool has no regards for the future. Nobody is perfect, but people must learn to navigate their imperfections, if things are to be done properly. Words are not enough to make one wise, for actions and reactions can make or mar one’s reputation. Beloved, learning is endless. Learn from your experiences and those of others. If you want to win others in battle, you must battle yourself and win first. You’re your greatest enemy, so never surrender to your stupidity. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but nobody has a reason to ever give up on themselves.

“Nemo sipi Sacerdos – No one is a priest for himself.” I don’t know it all, you don’t know it all; nobody knows it all. We are all sinners, just sinning differently. Thus, judge not yourself nor others, for a lot happens to people that people cannot control. Some things happen because they were meant to happen, for destiny can neither be denied nor deceived. Know this and be wise: nobody can delay your destiny unless it’s not yet time. That which you shall be, you shall be, without knowing it, till you become it. Nonetheless, be teachable and tolerable, for there are lots of things to learn from others. Monk or moth, everyone sins. But you must learn to forgive yourself first, before you can be able to forgive others. Peace to those who deserve peace, and piss to those who piss you off. Pity no one that attempts to play you for a fool, for not all priests are piety.

“Aquila non capit muscas – An eagle does not catch flies.” Know who you are, and never disrespect yourself nor take disrespect from people. Be wise and know your worth, for people love playing with people’s personalities. Till you talk, they will never stop toying with you. Till you act, your words will never be taken seriously. Thus, if you mean it, be mean and do it. Any day, any night, choose wickedness over weakness. Evil fears evil, and good people suffer on earth in hope of consolations in heaven. Stupid people, naïve people, religious bigots, mute mumus. Being good all the time shall get you killed, if you let evil people get free with their vile. Occasionally, show the demon that you are the devil. If you let people to push you around, you may not know when they push you into the pit of no return. Consequently, be good to the good and pay evil with evil. Fight foes!

“Imbecilli animi est superstitio – Superstition is a mark of a weak mind.” Be brave or get bullied, it’s your choice. Before light came, there was darkness. There will always be darkness. In other words, there will always be challenges and challengers. Beloved, to conquer darkness, you must be the light. None can ever be free from challenges and challengers, for light is the difference between day and night. Things never get better; you only get better. To battle challenges and challengers, you must become a challenger. If you don’t have, try to have. If you don’t know, seek to know. Beloved, become the light, adapt like water and be free like the wind; and darkness shall never overwhelm you. That way, you can lessen your burdens. Know this and know peace: you cannot save everybody, you’re not Jesus Christ. In lieu of this, free yourself from the Messiah mentality. Negative minds are infectious, they can make one lose sight of their worth. Save yourself first, before you attempt saving another. Become successful, then you can spread the success for those in suffering. Become the light and give hope to those in darkness. Do not believe all you hear, for many don’t even know the origin of their origins. Exit superstition, for God is the only Supreme Ruler. Light over darkness.

“Fortuna multis dat nimis nulli salis – Fortune gives too much to many, though not enough.” With light, you need not fear the night. If you want something, work for it and don’t rely on your worries. Things only work out for those who work for them. Humans are insatiable, so too much is never enough. But there are things you will have to take yourself, for everything is not given. If you want power, you must be powerful to take and hold it. If you want money, you must be greedy to make and multiply it. No billionaire on earth is humble and honest. Beloved, blend in and beget it; for fortune favors those with focus. Beloved, be like water and wind, and you shall win flawlessly.



X: @Victorviri

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