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  • Saturday, 15 June 2024


It is wise to wait! It is foolish to waste!! It is worst to be weak!!!

The world is not a bed of roses, neither does Manna fall from heaven; and there is no Moses to lead anybody to anywhere. Therefore, we must brace up, adapt to changes, and face our challenges. Patience is a virtue, but without practice, it is a vice. People lack the basic structures to get to where they want to be; manifesting our visions may seem obscure and idealistic, but there are steps that we can take every time to get to where we want to be. To attain greatness, you must inhale confidence and exhale doubt; because success requires faith in the process. Time rules, and we all abide in it. Everyone and everything depend on time for their manifestations. We follow time, time don’t follow us; it moves endlessly. Till our time here runs out, we must utilize the ample time we have, because none know their very own end. From childhood, growing up was easy; because our parents, guardians, teachers, and caregivers regulated time for us. Although, we disliked it sometimes, but we had no choice than to follow the rules, or get punished. As adults, we must manage time separately ourselves, because nobody does that for anybody.

Conversely, it is the difficulty that comes with good management of time; that stresses and depresses humans. Knowing when to wait or rush get complicated as we grow, because we grow impatient with time. As man begins to care for himself, he realizes the importance of time, and how not to waste it. Time is life, time is health, time is wisdom, time is growth, time is money, time is success, and time is endless. Time is everything, because everything happens according to time. Time wasted can never be recovered. But it is still confusing to tell, when someone is wasting time, because time is magical, and surprises happen every time. Someone may look busy, but wasting time; while another who appears lazy is utilizing time. It is hard to tell the difference; only time reveal who is who, what is what, which is which, and where is where. Time never lie, only people do; to themselves, and to others. Due to the endless number of lies people tell themselves and others, they find it difficult to believe in themselves and others. There is no hard time, people make things hard for themselves, then, blame it on time or others. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail; for fools see no foolishness in the foolish things they do.

Trust your process. If you do, you wouldn’t ever think you’re waiting nor wasting time. A focused individual never forces things; rather, things happen as planned; and when they don’t, they’re fated. Most times, for things to fall in place, we have to put them in place. It is stupid for man to depend on miracle or magic for his manifestations, when he has the power to recreate from creation. Superstition would never rule over us, if we do things as supposed. But, man, instead of committing himself to his purpose; pose a threat against himself. People demoralize themselves more than others do to them. Without trust in the process, we would be wasting time thinking we are waiting, and rushing unprepared, instead of waiting. Pressures and pleasures, the two tangling sides of depressions and distractions to humans. To manage oneself better, knowing how to handle both conflicting situations, is optimum. Pressures alone can inflict the mind with impatience, and unnecessary rush into and of things. People tend not to wait anymore; they want to harvest immediately after planting. By doing so, they employ all sorts of good and bad mechanisms; in order to reap fast, what they just sowed. Unfortunately, things forced don’t last; that’s why things and people fall apart. Only fools rush into things they can’t run from.

Moreover, waiting entails dedication, and proper management of time. If you focus and believe in whatever you do, you wouldn’t need to worry about time, instead, you should worry more about yourself. Time don’t change, people do. Most times, people find it difficult to dedicate their time to their process; they tend to imitate others, without realizing that everyone has a different time. If you don’t have patience with yourself and the things you do, you will always believe that others are doing better, because you only see the manifestations of their relentless efforts and never see their machinations. We only see the success, but not the long years of failure, that’s why people fool themselves into believing that things should be easy. But things are never easy; it takes time and dedication to manifest our destinies. It will never be easy, nothing does. All we see in the world today, are manifestations of people’s relentless efforts and dedications; if they had lost hope in their careers, there will be nothing here today. The problem with the youths of today, is that they want to have money by all means without working for it. With this kind of mentality; many are switching from one career to another, from one business to another, from one relationship to another, and from one belief to another. In a like manner, some people still think the grass is greener on the other side; and when their delusions fail them, they fall to shame, blames, and regrets. We all have a bright future; but only those who wait through the night, get to see the light.

Wait, but don’t waste. It is always very painful, when people realize that they wasted time and resources, when they thought they were patient. It is worse to rush into things we can’t run away from, because the consequence of impatience is devastation. Therefore, it is pertinent to know the difference, between waiting and wasting. If you try and it doesn’t work; try again at it, before trying another new thing. Switching lanes won’t save us from accident, if we over-speed and don’t concentrate on our driving. Life is a highway; if you high too much, you can lose your way.

Dearly Beloved, the same time that delays, also delivers. Pray you don’t lose your way in the pursuit of making a way for yourself. Things are more complicated than they seem, and lack of patience for the process drives us further into oblivion. You ought to wait for it to make it; if things are easy, they won’t worth it. Your timing is different from others, so is your process. People pass what people fail, and people fail what people pass. But, none of it matter if you believe in yourself and trust your process; because succeeding depends on the times of sustenance. Never forget; patience, persistence and prayer shall pay!

Mazel Tov 🌠🕰️⏳


X: @Victorviri


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