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  • Saturday, 13 July 2024


All stories don’t have stains,

But every stain has a story.

Stainless is utopia, none has less stain than the other; and none has a better story than the other. Regardless of the grace or disgrace that may be attached to our stories, behind the veil of it all, are pains and glories. No story is greater than the other, the difference is in the audience. The greater the audience; the faster and wider a story spreads, like butter on bread.

Say your story, but never sell yourself cheap. A story is a story, there is no censorship. You can say it as it is; as well as edit it to suit your narrative. You can sugarcoat it, embellish it with spices, and if it pleases you, you can make it appear dramatic; because it is your story. Nevertheless, never forget that you can fool a person and some people sometimes, but not always. If you are crooked, some are more crooked than you; they can see through lies, because they too are liars. Moreover, some lies are obvious; yet, your listener/s may leave you to drown in your own deceit and oblivion.

Stains don’t stay forever. Every stain has expiry date, regardless of the state you find yourself as a result of it. It may not go as quick as it came; but with time, every arrival has a departure. Therefore, when you get stained; don’t stress over it. If it refuses to wash away; you can as well burn it to ashes, for the rain shall wash away anything on its way. Never let a stain in your story to shame you, for none is without stain.

Every stain has a story. Of course, there are reasons why things happen; and that equally encompasses both the unforeseen and the unreasonable. If it’s meant to happen, it must happen; nobody avoids fate. Every man is born with freewill; to do and not do, to say and not say, as well as to feel and not feel. If you let the stain stay, it is your choice, because you can equally erase it. All things said, done, and felt shall fade with time. But the best way to clean the stains in our hearts is through love, kindness, admittance, apology, repentance, forgiveness, tolerance and understanding of one another. Still, there is a stain that can never fade; it is the stain on the soul. You stain your soul when you sell it to the devil; regardless of your reasons nor worldly justifications. Thus, a stained soul is forever a slave to sin; and bound for damnation.

It is not just about you, there are stains in everyone; but it is whom stains are seen on that is stained. Therefore, be careful; clean or hide your stains from the eyes of the public; least, your stains may make you appear careless. Moreover, people care less about your story, because everyone has a story. Some people keep their stories secret, for everyone can’t be a storyteller. If telling your story won’t justify your case, desist from telling it at all. Importantly, the best way to keep people out of your business, is to never let them know your business; for people only know things about you that you told them. Keep your private life private, and appear stainless before the public.

Trust nobody, but you must trust somebody. Some sad stories are better forgotten, when shared with someone. Don’t let the shame of the stain keep you traumatized, share that story with trusted ones, and shake it off the radar of your mind. Should your trusted ones betray your trust, and go about sharing your stories; stay calm and enjoy the publicity. The public can only condemn you based on evidence; if not, the stories about you are just mere gossips. Always remember, we are all bad in someone’s story. Nonetheless, never react but relax, it’s just a story. Likewise, all stories heard fade with the mind overtime; and some stories die with the storyteller and the listeners.

Trust, it is the hand of fate that guides everything. The story you shamed today, could be your story tomorrow. The person you declined listening to now, could be your only listener later. The intriguing thing about stories is that each comes with an experience and a lesson. The essence of you hearing other people’s stories is to guide you in making the right choices, and aid you in evading the misfortunes that may be attached to those stories. Yes, experience is the best teacher; but you mustn’t experience it before you can learn from it. In life; there are fated events, as well as avoidable events. It is wise to stay away from redundant dramas, because not everyone survives the same tragedy; and not every story is funny. If you don’t use your head, they will use it for themselves.

Appearance of what it is, is what it is; unless you know what it may be. Even if you know, if others don’t know, they may not agree with you. You can’t force a story on a non-witness, nor expect empathy for the stains. Every stain may have a story, but not every stain need an explanation. You mustn’t explain yourself always, you mustn’t tell a stained story; keeping clean slate is best for publicity. Since vampires can be known by their teeth; at that juncture, it became pertinent that they kept their mouth shut.

Very important pledge; be a listener, and not a judge to people’s story. It is foolish to add to the pain or the shame; if you don’t know what to say, be quiet. In a like manner, if you must say anything, refrain from staining the story further with unnecessary unkind words. Nevertheless, don’t fake sympathy to please the storyteller, you could be listening to a fake story; and that would make you appear fake too. Listen to learn, and not to blame; but never believe everything you hear.

Dearly Beloved; if you must, share the stained story without shame. People may shame you, but none is stainless. One can acclaim self-righteousness, but none can acclaim judge over another unless that one is a judge by law; and that judgement must take place in a law court. In law, no one is guilty without evidence; yet, one can plead guilty. Choices and consequences, before you share a stained story, weigh the shame; if you can’t endure it, don’t share it. Nobody can mess with your mind, if you don’t open the doors to it; don’t traumatize yourself. Before you blame others, blame yourself; what happens to you comes from you. Never forget, it’s always better to plead not-guilty, because there’s nothing like guilty with reasons. Lastly, silence is the best speech. Silence is golden, silence is bliss; always choose silence over speech.



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