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  • Friday, 19 April 2024


Are you busy?


Busy doing what?

Doing this and that…

Of course, everyone is busy with something. People are always busy with themselves; such that even those sleeping are busy sleeping. A lazy person is busy with laziness. A hustler is always busy hustling, so is a bustler that bustles regularly. Yet, everyone finds time to eat, drink, smoke, chat, play, sex, pee, and poo, etcetera. Who is not busy? Nobody! People are always busy with things, but hardly make out time for themselves and others. Those that have time for themselves, most times claim not to have time for other people. But that’s not true, because people always make out time for themselves, for people they care about, and for the things they cherish. Busy was abused on purpose.

People are paranoid. Many are bored but still claim to be busy because man to man is always unjust; they are not busy to check up on you, they just don’t care about you. Thus, if they’re busy, be busy too, for it is safer if everyone minds themselves and their businesses. We live in a wicked world where people don’t check up on their people while they live but will be early to their funerals. Thank God for good health, for even the busiest bees get bored when they’re sick. Meanwhile, many are busy doing nothing.

“Otia dant vitia – Idleness begets vice.” It is alright to be busy, because self-care is never selfishness. Even if others think that you’re being selfish, it’s alright too, for people are entitled to their feelings and opinions. Busy was abused because insincere people used ‘to be busy’ to excuse themselves from commitments and responsibilities. Thus, when sincere persons who are really busy admits that they are busy, they end up being misunderstood. Sometimes, the words and actions of good people are mistaken as mischiefs, for there’re are larger number of bad people in the world perpetuating mischiefs. Consequently, good people always suffer from the silly shits of bad people. Who’s to be blamed? Nobody! It is alright that people don’t trust people. Flush the shit!

Beloved, remember to do to others as you would love others to do to you, for that’s the origin of the law of love. Be real and fearless, for liars live in fear all their lives. There’s a thin line between being smart and being sneaky. You may fool people once, twice and more, but you can’t fool them forever. Never excuse ignorant people, for everyone knows exactly what they are doing. Many that seem powerless are pretentious, while many that claim to be powerful are equally pretentious. Always remember; you can’t outsmart everyone, you can’t sneak into every heart, and you can’t cut every corner. The same way you detect lies is the same way your lies shall be detected, for even a fool can’t be fooled all the time. Sometimes, people know the truth, but choose to ignore it so that peace can prevail. Nevertheless, overtime, a weak person can be wicked. The sane can be insane.

The mind is a mirror, for we can see ourselves for who and what we are, without opening our eyes. The eyes are useless if the mind is blind, but the mind can work independent of the eyes. The blind also dream, for imagination is greater than knowledge. Just imagine if everyone was busy, then there would be nobody there for anybody. People are usually busy during burials. If you are not busy crying, you’re busy comforting those crying, or you’re busy carrying things around. The living is always busy, but the dead stays buried.

“Avid est cura rerum allenarum – The care of other people’s affairs is difficult.” Yes, there’s always time for everyone and everything, but exigencies exist in-between. The formular is flexibility. The adage is about adaptation. Of course, you may be busy most of the time, but there’re things that are beyond busyness. Just know that needs arise occasionally, and sometimes they may not be your needs. If you truly love someone or something, you must care about who or what you love. Nobody can be too busy for who or what they love. Love knows no time nor boundary. Love is neither busy nor boring. For instance: Can you sleep comfortably if your loved one was kidnapped? Can you party while your parents are hospitalized? Do you stay busy at your workplace while your home is on fire? No matter how busy your life is, you can’t be busy in death.

 Dearly beloved, never waste the wait. Don’t keep someone you care about waiting for your care. Love who loves you and concern yourself with what concerns you. Nobody is ever busy for their baby. If you have a pet, you must pet him/her, for that’s the essence of their existence. If you make a commitment, keep up to it. To whom much is given, much is always expected, for without responsibilities, no one would be responsible. If you’re busy say it. if you’re not busy, don’t ever say it, that’s if you’re really real. What does it take to be honest? Nothing, other than the heart for it. Don’t abuse being busy.



X: @Victorviri

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