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  • Friday, 19 April 2024


Teach yourself to be smart, or die ignorant. Either way, the world care less; for the wise and the foolish are just persons with different personalities. Many came, many saw, many were blind, many conquered, and many were vanquished; but in the end, all of them were gone, and the world is still here. It matters to none on whatever role you play; if you’re not useful to them, they have no use of you. Therefore, if you don’t make yourself useful to the people and the environment; don’t be offended when they call you useless. Not everything is learnt at school nor the church; some things you learn in the street, and the street has no teacher.

Observation is the first orientation and the most important rule anywhere; none can do without it. There are eyes and ears everywhere; they know things about you that you don’t know someone knows about. They are monitoring you, learning about you, and possibly planning against you; but you would never know, unless you’re observant. Beware of people that smile at you for no reason; because there aren’t enough good smiles to go around. Beneath that smile could lie a wicked smirk; and when you turn your back, they may attempt to smack or whack you. For that reason, keep your eyes and ears open, and your mouth shut; you may be lucky to catch a glimpse or hear a gossip of significant value. Remember; talk less or nothing at all, and be a good listener.

Out here in the real world, and not in the ideal world; there are so many things to learn, but no one to teach them. Thus, it’s good you teach yourself; or experience will teach you better. You either learn from the experiences of others; or others will learn from your experiences. There is no certificate for common sense, because there is no pass-mark for stupidity. None ever failed in life, except who gave up in life; for one without hope is good as dead. Struggles are the spices of life; without them, the essence of success won’t be sweet. If we don’t learn to teach ourselves the things we don’t know, we will be stuck with the things we knew; and they may be false or faded. Without new knowledge, we remain the same people; as such, we fall prey to manipulations. Worse still, if you don’t know and don’t want to know; you expose yourself to the fear of the unknown, which is the greatest fear. Nobody will teach you to be smart, because smartness is uniqueness. If you copy others, you copy wrong; for what saves one kills another.

There is no classless society; for everyone know their classes, without being told. There are classy people and there are classic things. There are levels to classes in the society; a high class has a higher class above it, and the higher class has another higher class above it. No class is the highest, not even a conglomerate of higher classes; because where one’s power ends, another’s power begins. It’s all about power, and everyone loves to feel powerful. Yet, feeling powerful doesn’t make one powerful; for one without the wherewithal is like a werewolf with no teeth. Money is power, because it can buy everything; and wisdom is power because it knows everything, including how to make money. Many were born into high class families, and as such became high class themselves; while many others worked their ass-off to be among the high class. You either inherit it or merit it; and regardless of how you got it, you can equally lose it. From one class to another, the curriculum encompasses promotion and demotion. If you sing while sinking, you sink faster; and if you don’t save yourself, you sink alone.

You are your only trusted teacher; others may try to teach you, but you learn better about yourself from yourself. What is required is that you pay great attention to yourself; only then can you learn about yourself, about others and about your environment. Teach yourself to be smart; hard work pays good, but smartness pays better. It is survival first before success; therefore, it is imperative that you acquaint yourself with the necessary life essential skills. Of course, God is with you; but you have to stay alive to know that. Heaven help only those who help themselves; Angels don’t have time for stupid people, that is why they remain stupid without guidance. Unless stupid people realize and redress their stupidity; they will keep carrying over their mistakes. The same things that make you laugh can choke you; students mostly realize that the class is solo, when inside the examination hall, and no help to be found.

Classy people; prestigious personalities. Fame can be formed, but never faked; if it isn’t you, it isn’t you. We know ourselves better than we know ourselves. People know too much about other people; then, little or nothing about themselves. High hypocrites, lost amidst pretentious practices; instead of focusing on themselves to be better, they’re focused on others to know if they are better. Destinies are different, and we would all die by our own designs. You know your true friends in the examination hall; regardless, they will never allow you to fail. If they don’t see you writing, they get worried; but when they saw you not reading, they weren’t worried. Why? Friends got your back, even when they know that you’re stupid. After all, who doesn’t have at least one stupid friend? Some people became important because they surrounded themselves with important people. Some people became rich, not through inheritance nor merit; but purely from having rich friends. Learn this now, you become like the people you surround yourself with; and you can be more than them or worse than them.

Very important pledge; teach yourself, because life is full of endless examinations. Trials never get tired of trying us; so, never get tired of trying. Till you die, you can never be free of trials. Consequently, keep trying and never give up; till your time on earth is up. Don’t dream of walking in other people’s shoes, because you may not overcome the things they did. Never forget, pride is of the devil; never let it get hold of you. Rising to the top is sweet, and falling down from it is swift as well. If you don’t teach yourself to be discipline, patient and calm always; you can be successful and still fail at many things in life. Fame comes with pain; the pain of dealing with those without fame and shame.

Dearly beloved, a class without a teacher is a library; you choose whatever you want to read, and leave whenever you want to leave. Living life encompasses planning and purpose; to plan strategically, one must be with purpose. Freewill is freedom; but freedom without knowledge is bondage. Feed your mind with the necessary nutrients it needs to function well; feed it positively and purposefully. Your greatest battle is with yourself. If you don’t teach yourself, be ready to treat yourself; because the injuries of such negligence can be treacherous. Life is all about Choices and Consequences!



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