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  • Friday, 19 April 2024


I want them, you want them, we want them, but nobody can have them all. Desires are natural, but desperateness is part of human nature. It is alright to have dreams and chase after them, for if one doesn’t go after what he/she wants, it will be gone. After wishes comes works and worries.

December is the last month of the year, and undoubtedly the most sensational month in a yearly calendar. This is the month of wishes that came true. But not all wishes come true, despite relentless efforts throughout the year. Thus, many people fall to worry for failed wishes. Big dream equals big drama, as too much is never enough. However, unfulfilled dreams and unsatisfied desires causes impatient people pains. Impatience ignites desperateness in people.

December comes and goes. Yet, many people are worried while others wonder. It’s quite a shame that one should be ungrateful for life, because of unfulfilled dreams and unsatisfied desires. Had you died in November, would you be worried in December? Absolutely no. Only the living worry about how to live, for the dead has no worry in death. Can you imagine? You lived from January to December, amidst all the hassles and hustles of the year. Then, instead of being happy that you made it till the end, you’re unhappy that you didn’t accomplish everything in the end. Why sad?

A lot happens in the end, which is why the end is very dangerous and deadly. Consequently, whether everything falls into place or out of place in the end, it is not a reason to give up, for there’s always another beginning after the end. Once there’s life, there’s hope. After December comes January, there’s no final destination for the living. The journey of life is timeless. Day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year; the circle is continuous and has no end. The only end in life is the end of life. Nothing ends once there’s life, for tomorrow is endless; anything can happen to anyone. Whatever that was not achieved this year, can still be achieved next year.

Desperateness is destructive. Be careful beloved, anyone can be destroyed by anything for nothing. Exit from vanity and embrace purity. We all came to this world with nothing and will leave this world with nothing. Beggers and billionaires are the same in death, for everybody must rot. God is wise, and people are foolish. Everyone wants everything, but everyone shall leave everything. So many toils and turmoil in this life; all for nothing. Desires are endless; if you fulfill one this year, next year is for another one. On and on we go, till we finally off. Jesus Christ is born every Christmas. Thus, it is good to burn candles for the festive season, for it’s a celebration of life. Take note: burn candles and not yourself, shoot bangers and not yourself.

“Si vales bene est – If you are in good health, all is well.” Don’t be a fool because of unfulfilled dreams and unsatisfied desires. In as much as health is wealth, be happy that you are well. Even if you are unwell now, you shall be well later. Nonetheless, whatever that’s unfulfilled, can be fulfilled, if you feel fulfilled. Satisfaction and dissatisfaction are feelings, one can be right or wrong. As others celebrate, others complain, others criticize, and others condemn. Which one are you? Do you feel fulfilled or unfulfilled? What dream or desire of yours came true this year? A new position, a child, a house, a car, marriage, contract; name them. Which ones didn’t? If you can remember last year, then you will remember this year, next year. This December shall pass.

It is what it is. Beloved, don’t worry about what ought to be, for not everything works out fine in the end, and it is fine. Smile and don’t suffer your soul, for you can only change what you can change. It is true that desperate people sometimes get their desires fulfilled through desperateness, but every choice has a cost. Are you ready to pay the cost? Choices and consequences go hand-in-hand. If you want it by all means, then get it by all means. Nothing matters to people, except what matters to people. Nobody really cares how you make it, as far you don’t get caught while making it or after making it. In lieu of this true truth, if you choose a life of crime, don’t cry when the consequences come. Nothing goes for nothing, for a prostitute must be ready for both pays and pains. Anything can happen anytime to anyone, for only time knows what is true and what is false. Whomever or whatever you become in pursuit of your dreams is who you truly are, so embrace the celebrations as well as the challenges. Life is good.

Impossible is possible, only if one has what it takes to rewrite the stars. You can achieve anything, attain any height, climb any ladder, sail on any sea, ride through any route, meet anyone you want to meet, if you have the gut for glory. To be a god, you must be ready to fight other gods, for everyone desires the same things. That which you want, another wants too. Who gets what, depends on the hands of fate and time, but you must be brave for battle, if you hope to win. Remember, no one nor nothing lasts forever, for everyone and everything shall fade with time. Success is sweet only while you’re alive, for the world has seen tons of successful souls.

Dearly Beloved, be thankful and grateful to God for the gift of life; no gift surpass life. Thank God for now while hoping for more, for more shall come later. Forget the count of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years; for time is endless. The only time is day and night, for light and darkness are twins of the same coin. To thyself: love thyself before anyone or anything, for memories are all that matters. To others: Be kind, honest and humble, because you need people to progress. The Angels and demons on earth are people; some help us, and some hurt us. Nevertheless, train yourself to accept the hands of fate. Sometimes it is sweet, sometimes it is sour. What you don’t have now, you can have later. What you have now, you can lose later. Whatever that doesn’t happen, was not meant to happen; nobody can rewrite the stars, only God. Beloved, pray for Grace. We humans are constantly in need of divine guidance, for there are many things that happen that nobody can do anything about. Be patient beloved, your time shall come. Everyone and everything have different timings. Be happy beloved, you are blessed.


X: @Victorviri

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