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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024


OfWhat you put in, you shall get out…

Make it or break it; success depends heavily on efforts and sacrifices. No matter where the wind blows, it can never blow hard work away. Successful people didn’t become successful out of the whirlwind; dedication, devotion and discipline was always at play. You can’t pray and play, neither can you push and mush at the same time. Everyone and everything in this world revolves around the same processes called system; where input ignites outcome. Everyone and everything is cyclical and recyclable.

Dedication, devotion and discipline; the words explain themselves by themselves. What you don’t understand, seek ceaselessly to understand; because knowledge is the only power without expiration. Miracles and magic can never make one rich nor intelligent; forbid, forgive and excuse unexplainable myths. For success to manifest in manifolds, you must be dedicated, devoted and disciplined. Positivity dwells only in positive minds, while negativity continually negates the negative-minded. What you seek, you shall see. What you believe in only bears fruit, when you are true to it; and bears more fruits if you remain true to it.

Always live with a plan, and make more rooms for more plans. It is alright not to care about certain things, but there are certain things you must care for always; your life, your belief, your career and your relationships. You only live the time you live; when you leave, nothing else matters. You must dedicate yourself, devote your time, and be disciplined; only then, will you sail through the storms of life safely. In other thoughts, you must make out time for yourself, your loved ones and your business. After you, no one nor nothing else matters; except the people and things you pay attention to. Beloved, endeavor to live life carefully; so that, your cup doesn’t full quick and overflows negatively, but rather positively. Beware, the more successful you become, the more carefree and careless you become. Empires rise, and empires fall; to rise and never fall is richer than a dream.

Fear, faults and failures; the retrogressive agents of a weak mind. Peace of mind is progress. Train your mind, to learn how to remain unfazed and calm amidst stress and sorrows. Life never promised that everything would be easygoing nor joyful always, sometimes we are in the light; other times, we are in darkness. A joyful day, a sad day; the two must co-exist to give life meaning and purpose. Without pains, life is meaningless. It is imperative that you keep your head strong; least, you will lose it. Nevertheless, never forget the lessons experience teaches you; and it is always better to learn from the experiences of others. Don’t just live life, live with purpose; for without purpose, there is no progress. The journey may not be smooth, but if you are smart; you shall be successful. Mind yourself and your business; and always have yourself and your business in your mind. Opinion neither buys opium nor onion, listen to yourself only; and take advice from the wise. But then, do whatever you want; choices and consequences. The presence of the Referee doesn’t stop fouls; but, penalties scare players. Lord Jesus paid for our sins, but you must confess and account for them.

Dedication entails total commitment to that which is important to us. It could be yourself, your family, your relationships and your business. Nobody is ever too busy, people make out time for the people and things that are important to them; if they value you or it, they will dedicate their time to you or it. As sad as it sounds, it’s awful and shameful for one to fool him/herself. How can you be okay with not dedicating enough time to your God, yourself and the people or things you love?

Devotion is spirituality. In devotion; not only are you committed, but fully committed in mind and in spirit. That is to say, that you’re so sure of what you believe in and what you’re doing. Through devotion, you can never be manipulated nor misled. If only you can concentrate in reflection, you would be able to connect your mind with your spirit; for that’s how the masters of the universe emerged. You will rise and never fall!

Discipline drives destiny, but it is never easy to control; except you are self-disciplined. To be self-disciplined, you must learn to control your thoughts, words, actions and tastes; you must always have self-control. Beware and be careful, lack of discipline have cost many their destinies, careers and relationships. Of course, it’s not easy; but if you learn it, you will master it. Never undermine your mind; there’s nothing that can’t be learnt and mastered. Rise above average and mediocrity, and you will never be below them.

Very important pledge; dedicate yourself and your time, and you shall be rewarded. Nonetheless, never do the needful in expectation of rewards; do it because it’s supposed to be done. If you don’t do it, who else do you expect to do it? The world learnt to stay nonchalant in the face of injustice, hate, crime and evil; because another person is expecting another person to speak up or take actions. How we came to this level, only God knows. Nobody is neither saying nor doing anything to right these wrongs; and the world ceaselessly bleed and bathe in the bloods of the innocents.

Dearly Beloved; be dedicated to yourself, devoted to your belief, and disciplined to your development. Be careful; if you don’t take care of yourself, they would say that you’re careless. Not that what they say ever matters; but if it’s true, it’s pertinent that you redress your regresses. Help the old when you’re young, assist the weak when you’re strong, apologize when you’re wrong, and help the poor even you aren’t rich. Poverty has levels; you could be poor, but still far better-off than many poor people. In the same vein, richness has hierarchies; you could be rich, but still not rich like many people. The world is never balanced, but you must fight to maintain balance in all you do; for what you get, is what gets to kill you.



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