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  • Friday, 29 September 2023


Yes, you are forgiven; but I still remember that shit you did. Each time I remember it, I wonder why you did it; I just don’t know why I can’t forget it. Truly, you’re forgiven; but I may never forget it. Maybe, I am lying to myself and to you; maybe I never forgave you, that’s why I can’t forget it. That shit you did was so deep; I don’t know if I can ever swim out of it, but I don’t want to dwell or drown in it. You did this, you did it to us; why? I guess it’s too late though; for I forgive people by forgetting them. I have moved on.

Wake up and stop sleeping; don’t let yourself slip away in an endless dream. You only forgive when you forget; quit lying to yourself, and pray for the grace to forget. Yet, some misgivings are so great, that they may never be forgiven nor forgotten; some things just can’t be forgiven nor forgotten. The transgressed is either incapacitated or waiting on the right time to deliver the ultimate vendetta to the transgressor. Evil fear evil; that is why the good and the innocent, are preys to their predators. They will never harm you if they know that you must surely retaliate; even if they make a mistake, it will pain them more than it will pain you. Evil knows that fellow evil is capable of the vilest; in voice and in violence. Evil tempt not each other, unless they are at war; then there’s no other choice than to be eviler than the other evil. The good wants to remain good; thus, they become goodies of manipulations and maltreatment of the evil.

Good people must consistently suffer at the hands of evil people; for everyone plays their roles till the end of time. You can’t change an evil person, but you can change yourself; I am sure you know what I mean. Even you can be evil for a while, for evil can be good when they want to too. There are two sides to every being, good and evil; the side you show should be according to the show that is going on. Good for good, evil for evil; if they can’t love you, let them fear you. Forgiveness is a gift for the meek and the weak; so that they can stay alive for a while, in endless endurance of wickedness. Don’t mind them, they know exactly what they did; and they will do it again and again; till you do something that will make them know, that you know exactly all the shits that they have been doing. Buy your time, but never buy their bullshits; till you have enough bullets and bulldogs. They want to fool you; and when you become the fool, they will call you a fool to your face. Face off and pace up; because it is a set-up. Never you hesitate in the face of an adversary or give excuses for adversity, unless the time is not right to unleash; then you buy your time.

Forgive if you want to forgive, forgive if it is worth forgiving; pray to forget and never to regret. It is not easy; I know, you know and we all know that forgiveness is never easy. Nevertheless, if you can’t forgive, it is equally alright; for only you know how hurt you were hurt. Nobody can feel your pains; so, don’t be fooled when they tell you that they can feel your pain; they felt nothing compared to what you felt. In fact, some felt nothing at all; but you can play the fool, because the suckers are bigger fools to think that you’re ignorant of their misdeeds. To justify the sermon that I am preaching and practicing; right now, there are some shits you remembered that you thought that you have forgotten. Be calm, now think; have you really forgiven those shits? If truly you did forgive, why then did you not forget, or is it that you can never forget, even though you believe that you have forgiven? Think it not too much; for the more you think about it, the more unforgiven you become about it. But if want to deal with it; be ruthless.

Be straightforward, and never bend a knee; unless you want to pick up something you need. Don’t be a coward, for your cowardice is a dent and dirt to your name; and a shame to your personality. Don’t do it because someone said you should do it; rather, do it because you want to do it. If you do it by yourself and for yourself, and not for anybody or because of somebody; even if you don’t forget it, you won’t regret it. Before you blame others, blame yourself first; for why you let yourself do it. Don’t lie to yourself, you had a choice; but you chose what you chose. Consequently, you will never forget that choices have consequences; for if you don’t choose, they will choose for you. Your choice or theirs, you always have the choice to choose. Fear not, if it is worth rebellion; don’t just be the rebel, become a reneged. Loyalty that puts you low is not worth it; in exchange for your loyalty, your rewards ought to keep you up. Thus, if you can’t stay up, never bow down; before they walk on you, walk out from them.

You are not God. Always remind yourself and others too; for only God forgives every time, without reasons and in all seasons. Forgive and forget; don’t be fooled, for that’s how the fool was killed. Be ruthless if you must, and always start from the root of the problem; for it is safer to be wicked than to be weak. If you remain meek and humble all the time; they will mock and humiliate you all the time. Forgive who or what is worth forgiving; and never forget how they hurt you, because they may do it again. Therefore, be prepared, and don’t pamper principalities; for you have the powers to do and undo. Which do you choose: to be trampled upon or to triumph? Save the latter for later; for if you don’t fight, you will never win. Haven’t you heard that nothing good comes easy? Or do you think that thought came easy? If everything was easy, you may not be alive; for many wishes that many dies, and you are not an exception; just thank God.

Free your mind; don’t mind what orders think, for they think with their minds and never yours. It is not your mind, so don’t mind them. Have your own voice, and stop seeking validations for your actions and inactions; you don’t need people that don’t believe in themselves, to believe in you. You don’t need any justification, except that which you justify; for you know what is good and what is evil. The sun and the rain shine and fall upon all, good and evil; you don’t need a judge before you can render justice. Justice must be for justice; if not, the just can never be justified. To fight evil, you have to be evil; if not, you are just playing with fire. Be careful; least, they will eat you like barbecue. Preach good to the good, but not to the evil; practice what they practice, for that’s how they became perfect in dealing with principalities and powers. Power comes with a purpose; if you don’t have one, find one or fight for it.

Dearly Beloved; be powerful and never powerless. Always fight to win; for even if you fail, you will learn never to fail again. You only become a failure, when you stop to fight without good justifiable reasons; and truth be told, there may not be enough good reasons to give up. If you don’t fight, it doesn’t equally mean that you have failed; for before you fight, you ought to be sure of what you’re fighting for and why you’re fighting. Don’t get it twisted, forgiveness is also grace and not only a sign of weakness; although, you will understand better when you are wronged. Importantly, you can’t forgive others if you can’t forgive yourself. you have to forgive yourself of all your mistakes and mis-steps; for you’re human and very prone to transgressions. Very importantly, you can never be at peace with others; if you’re not at peace with yourself. Remember, you only forgive when you forget; so, forget them and move on.



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