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  • Friday, 29 September 2023


When a society embraces menaces, then pretends to be at face-off war with them; the aftermath is a society full of high-earning criminals and low-lives. The end is money; and there is no justification on how to get it, in as much as you get it. It takes reason, risk and respect; for a man to hold his destiny in his hands. Such a man has no fears, but only flaws; for he was human before turning into the beast of nature to make fortunes. It is all about survival here on earth; anyone telling you otherwise is stupid, and equally wants you to be stupid. You either have it or don’t, no one cares, because others have it; the gut. It is easy to dream but hard to realize that reality thinks different, for we are all different but united by one thing; money. You need money just like everyone else, but  everyone else is doing what they can do to get money; what are you doing? Fortunately, and unfortunately, while many are lucky, many are locked up; because crime has connections and conditions. There are corruptions in every corners of the world; the uniforms don’t act uniformly; while others make arrests for show, others reap harvests where they don’t sow.

Self-righteous servants; many acclaims to be righteous, but only few are in their right minds. Many have been brainwashed and many are still being brainwashed, for many believe that there is a right way to making money; but there’s no right way, just your own way. Everyone is doing it their way, and no one doing it your way, just as you can’t do it their way; people get money in many ways. Does it matter the way one makes money? One will say that it matters, and another may think otherwise, but it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks; for if you don’t have money, not many will give you a dime for free. Money is mysterious and mischievous; not many that tried to steal it were successful; for many lives have perished in pursuit of money. Nonetheless, if you want to live the dream, you must have the liver for it; for it is unwise to sail with the ship if you can’t swim the sea. Be it fraud, drug, politics or prostitution; there is no morality to making money and more money. Yes, many will judge them; but the same people dream of living like them without doing what they are doing. It is pathetic that people will be living in pretense; preaching against what they want to practice, if there were no policies and police. But there are laws, which makes the game riskier; yet, people still break them and prosper amidst all probabilities. The only rule in the game of life is: Don’t be caught. You can cheat and cut corners, but don’t get caught; least, you might go to court, but may not end in jail; for some people still go to courts and cut corners.

The society reaps what the society sows; there are laws, but the judges are judging wrongly. When a man steals a meal, he is prosecuted; but when a man steals millions, he is praised. Such is the case of the world, where the law protects only the powerful, the prestigious and the privileged; while the poor perishes in poverty. Hard-work will feed you, but will never let you fly private jet; if you don’t feel rich, you’re not free. Till one makes a mistake, they will not be reminded of how poor they are; but the poor don’t need a reminder, unless there’s no mirror. Suffering is not a sign of impending success; for if you are not smart, you will never succeed. The more you pretend that things are normal, the more abnormal you become; but you still need to pretend to be normal just like everyone else. Pretenses and practices make it complicating to profile personalities by their appearances; for we all wear innocent faces in public places. In privacy, people display their true potentials; for privacy is power and poison. People cannot justify what they don’t know, they can only magnify what they imagine; for without evidence, anything is everything.

Fraud is fooling another person, who may be wise or foolish; because the antics of fraud care less about who’s wise or foolish. The equation is simple; if you sleep while on a bicycle, you will slip off. The fraudster is an artist who draws his victims in their mind, then prints a plain paper and hands it to the victim, and the victim will pay foolishly without minding; because greed blinds the mind. The more you look, the less you see is possible, because people believe in the impossible. Just like any other artist, the fraudster dedicates energy and time to his work; why will it not pay him? Should the fraudster labour in vain because he is a fraudster? Is there a formula for sharing resources and values on earth? If money is the end; then, the beginning and the middle cannot end. The dream is to be rich, why would anyone dream less? If a man doesn’t feed himself though his own means, will the world feed him; and for how long? Work and pray pays, but this kind of work pains; for another man can render the works of another man worthless. How worthy is fraud, must everyone be wealthy; even if it means being wicked? Funny enough, the fraudster believes in the magic of the mind; thus, he employs those antics to trick the minds of others. Humans are innately greedy, and fellow humans know about that; so, they get served what they deserve. Only the legal cares about what is illegal, for the illegal doesn’t believe that anything is legal; you can have it, earn it, steal it or lose it.

Drug draws desire, dream, despair, death and destiny; for what heals also hurts. The cure can kill, but you may not know, till you abuse it; then it will ambush you. The feelings lies in abuse, addiction and attention. You cannot feel it, if you don’t need it; and you cannot need it, if you don’t feel it. To every drug user, the need is the most important, and side-effects don’t matter; for something must actually kill a man. Based on this jurisdiction, many found and many lost their ways; for what saves one, kills another. Soft or hard drug; the Drug-lord is like a drugstore, anything you want is available. Who is to be blamed; the Drug-lord or the society? The Drug-lord passed through many crucibles, strategies and hierarchies to attain his position; from going on errands to becoming an entrepreneur. The beginning may not be his fault, but the end may be his flaws; because criminals don’t cry over criticisms. Many take the drugs and pretend to others; for what is condemned is high in demand. As they demand, they supply; because the drug-chain is long and endless. They will make laws, but will help offenders to navigate the laws; cutting corners and catching criminals at the same time. Who are they? Government! They know the drug dealers, but they also deal like an addict; and money is their addiction. For the sake of money, a society can sell itself. The authorities acknowledge the harm drug is wrecking in the society, but they will condemn it in the media and collect bribes in the midnight; that’s why some merry while others mourn. Money can make a man go mad; for a mad man with money is seen as a monk in the society. Then, who is mad; when the state, the sellers and the seekers are united in sickness?

Politics is mixed with pressure and pleasure, you either get paid or pained, for the same people that pray also prey; that is how the game is played. People get involved in politics for more; not that they don’t have, but they want to have more; more money, more power. Nobody is ever satisfied with power, till they rest in power; with or without peace. Power is the play in politics, so peace is not an option; for there’s no pity. Politics is a game of greed for the greedy; people who feel that they are worthy enough to lead other people. Every politician is a proud person, for it takes pride for a person to seek power over other people; to be seen as prestigious and magnificent. Then, they have a party, full of egoists and enemies who pretend to be friends, because they have a common agenda; and their agenda is nothing less of holding power and making more money. With power in their hands and money in their accounts, the people perish at the punishments of their bad policies; and when the people protest, the police will persecute. The police protect the politicians and persecute the people; why? Money! The law was made to protect the rich from the poor, so that the rich can oppress the poor without being opposed; for there is no justice in a society where the courts cut corners. They want to have it all, without giving anything at all; they promise and fail, so that only them can prosper while others languish in poverty. Politics is so dirty, that’s why the humble and the honest stay away; but their non-involvement can never make problems to go away. In politics, you can sow and not reap, reap without sowing; the show goes on whether you’re watching or not. Till the people take powers in their hands, they will never take powers out of the hands of politicians; for they always listen to the same people in different parties. They are the same, although some are better than others; but a politician is a politician; crooked and cruel.

‘Pay before play’ is the motto of prostitution. Yes, they enjoy it, but they enjoy it more when you give them money; for they are prostitutes. Thus, if you have money, you can have her, because she is by herself a market; marketing the only tool she can use in making money. A prostitute doesn’t believe that her brain worth more than her body; because her customers are after her body, not minding whether she has brain or not. She may not be a Brainiac but she can be a nymphomaniac, who enjoys having sex and making money. She’s the risk, so there’s no need thinking about one; for she gave up on herself before giving herself out. For her, it is ride or die; for her moments are money. Who do you blame; the prostitute or the proposer? Blame neither, for both knows that their choices have consequences. For the sake of money, she will live for the moment, not minding what happens later; that’s how Sexually Transmitted Disease became normal illness in the society. A prostitute is one who left value, while chasing vanity. Deflowered is not disfigured; as long as prospects are paying, prostitutes can never stop playing; for they are the dice, and they roll out any number customers seek. For Fantasy, fun and fortune; a lady can be laid by both man and animal. When desires mix with desperations, lives get lost without knowing that they are lost; for many sacrifices their future for fun and fortune. I blame nobody, because nobody is to be blamed; anybody can be anything.

Dearly Beloved, to be forewarned is to be forearmed; the wise said. If you want to deal with the devil, don’t fear death but be beware of deceit; for one can die and still be lost in the afterlife. Whatever you are receiving, check what you’re giving back knowingly or unknowingly, for nothing of worth can ever be free; only by the grace of God. You can never be wiser than demons that have lived for ages, long before angels fell; they can never offer you a better deal than God. Live your life as you choose, but remember that choices have consequences; for you may not know where, when or how you die. In the end, you will leave this earth empty-handed as you came; for your most precious wealth is your health. People are born beautiful, but they die ugly; because time doesn’t tell everyone everything. Life your life and never stop to fight temptations; don’t give in to trials, and never give up on yourself. The weak hardly wins; thus, be strong, for the strong shall survive, sustain and succeed amidst struggles. Trials never cease to tire person, so never cease to keep trying; for the relentless shall triumph personally.



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