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  • Friday, 19 April 2024


If you must love, you must be loyal. There’s never a two-ways to love, you’re either in love or you’re not. Faking feelings is a fool’s game. Why waste your precious time on someone you don’t love? Why say it when you don’t mean it? Many hearts claim to be in love, but not many hearts are ready to stay loyal. Be real beloved; call a fling a fling, call a fuck a fuck, but never fake feelings to get fucked or get fortune. If you don’t feel it, don’t fake it. This world is messed up already, don’t add to it. Before you hurt someone else, think about yourself. Always remember, without loyalty, the essence of love is lost. Loyalty is love. Remember, all things shall pass away, but memories stay behind with us.

Words are not waters. Without action, the meaning of the feelings is lost beyond words. Without love, the essence of living is lost. Who is it that prays without interceding for their loved ones? A lot of people are working endlessly to minimize the worries at home. With love comes commitment and responsibility, which the loved and the lover must observe. We love and we are loved. If you love yourself, you must always do right by you. If you love people or things, you must care about them. The efforts you make to keep who or what you love is loyalty. Loyalty is loyalty, there’s no half-way to it. You’re either loyal or disloyal. Loyalty is a mixture of love, trust, honesty, respect, and mutual understanding. If one is lost, all are lost. Commitment is the same as covenant; once made, it must never be broken. What is broken is broken, it can never be the same again, even if repaired. Hence, before you quit, ask yourself questions and answer.

“Amor omnia vincit – Love conquers everything.” Yes, love is unarguably the strongest feeling both humans and animals feel. Love can give you everything, but disloyalty can take everything away from you. Just as whatever that is lost can be found, whatever that was found can equally be lost. Nothing is sure in life, except what is dead. Loyalty is the foundation upon which true love is built. A loyal person must be loved. But on the contrary, a lot of disloyal persons want to be loved. This is the contemporary problem in relationships and marriages. People want to reap what they didn’t sow; you want to be loved, but you refuse to be loyal. Pause and reason without ego: are you loyal enough to be loved? Hence, if you choose to be a wild animal, don’t expect any human to pet you.

The problem with this generation and those of the past is greed. Lack of contentment for who we are and what we have, has resulted in many people losing who they are and what they have. The joy of having doesn’t lie in having more as many would have you think, for the true joy of having lies in loving and taking care of what you have. A contented heart attracts abundance seamlessly. Not all successes were struggled for. Beloved, it’s unwise to settle for someone or something out of desperation, for desires are dynamic. If one is truly settled for one, they don’t go about searching for alternatives. It is funny and at the same time cunning, that some people would want to taste everything before they take anything. The more they taste, the more confused they get, for greed has no end. Nevertheless, you cannot have it all, but you can lose it all.

Now, to the heart of this article, which is based on relationship, be it dating or marriage. Without love, what is the sole purpose of being together. Without loyalty, where is the love? Are you in a relationship or situationship? Are you in a relationship for the future or for the time being? Beloved, if you don’t understand something, don’t undertake it. Be serious like scissors, and cut through your own lies, for nobody can mean it without knowing the meaning of it. Sex sells cheaper than sheep. If it’s sex you seek, you shall see it. But, if it’s love you seek, you must be worthy of it. Once trust is broken, sorry is meaningless. A disloyal person is perceived to always be disloyal, and most times it’s true. You can’t cheat always and escape the heat, for a fool cannot be fooled all the time.

If no love was found, then no love was lost, but that is impossible. we gain and lose every time, but a wise mind doesn’t chase losses. What is gone is gone. What is new shall be old, and what is old shall fade away; only memories remain. Beloved, instead of acrimony, you can choose to be appreciative of the good times that never seemed to have an end. Good things fade, we lose good people; but never lose yourself over your losses. There is always a reason why sometimes are good and sometimes are bad, the same can be equated with good and bad moments. Life is a movie; it doesn’t always go as we think. In the past and in this present time, partners separate and become partners with separated partners. Imagine leaving your partner because of a cheating scandal, only to partner with someone who was dumped for cheating as well. What’s the difference? Trust! Till trust is broken, two shall live together in peace and harmony. The moral of the situation lies in the fact that whatever you don’t know doesn’t concern you. Nothing concerns you with the past unless it reappears in the present; just concern yourself with the present while planning the future. If you want peace, let the past be past, period.

Assumption is a killer of mind. Thus, assumption can kill a man. If you want to love and never regret, don’t base feelings on assumptions. Be certain, and if you’re not sure, be sure. Ask if you must. Never ask a third party about anything in your relationship, ask your partner directly. If you suspect he/she is cheating, inquire privately and ask them directly. By so doing, you hold him/her responsible for their words and actions. Meanwhile, you may be fooled once, twice, or more; but there’s always a revelation time. Once the cup is full, it shall pour, for nothing stays hidden under the watchful eyes of the sun for long. Just like a script, you’re expected to play your part without skipping scenes. Be it good or bad, we are here on earth to create and recreate memories. Every time matters, for we are nothing without history and memory. Live to never forget.

Dearly Beloved, be it as it may, you’re who you chose to be. Nobody can choose you for you unless you allow them. You hold the power to who your partner is and who your partner shall be. If you don’t want it, why are you in it? If you hate it, why do you pretend to love it? Are you out of options, or are you just confused? Now listen, if you truly love yourself, you would never be with someone who doesn’t love you. Love doesn’t lie; for people lie to themselves. See with your mind and not your eyes, for appearances are always deceitful. It is not always what it seems, because you can be made to see anything. Nonetheless, nothing matters except what you believe in. Never forget, enjoy the moment, and worry not about what happens later, for what shall be shall be. Allow time to decide; if it bonds or breaks, never let yourself be broken. Love to never regret.


X: @Victorviri

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