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  • Monday, 20 May 2024


Forward ever, backward never; that’s the motto of success.

Your age is moving upwards, never can it go downwards; you either grow with it or diminish with it. The choice is yours, because the movement is yours alone, regardless of the entourage you move with. Life is not like a convoy moving to a designated destination, where it is compulsory that every car line up behind each other, following the same lane as the leading car directs. Life is more like a mission, everyone involved is expected to be present, but there’s no guideline on the arrivals; whichever way anyone follow, everyone will arrive at the same location.

Life is a mission, the only rule that apply is the accomplishment of your mission, regardless how far the journey might be; there’s no turning around. To embark is to be ready to embattle, just as to be alive is to be ready to live. The living is on a mission, and one on a mission should never despair, least the mission is failed. Desires don’t design destiny, but it can influence the design positively and negatively. There’s no smooth running even on a smooth road, because there are unseen bumps in our minds; orchestrated by fears. These fears are the forces holding us back, from moving forward in life; they dismantle confidence, blind vision, weaken spirit, and delude people to turn around from the pursuit of their goals and dreams.

Of course, it is alright to be afraid; but not to be overwhelmed by fear. Tomorrow is unknown, and the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear. It is often said that “nobody knows what tomorrow brings”; anything can happen! Everything happens in a day; and that day was someone’s tomorrow and would definitely be someone’s yesterday. The day we see is the day we live, and man must hope to live more days. Amidst every uncertainty, we ought to remain certain that the tides will be in our favour; that’s the power of a positive mind. Although most times, things turn out the other way around, yet it is never enough reason to turn around.

What are you scared of? Death, failure, heartbreak, sickness, poverty, or are you just scared of the future? Just so you know; scared or not scared, what will be will be. If it’s fated, it must happen; the script is strict; no skipping of scenes.

You see beloved; what goes around may come around, but it won’t stay around forever. Forward ever you must go, regardless of the challenges you face, be calm physically and strong in spirit. If you focus on where you face, it’s needless turning around, for that’s not where you are headed. The journey is neither short nor long, for there’s no finish line nor a final destination. To be born is to start, life has begun, and what one starts, one must finish; yet there’s no finishing except in death. It’s alright to pause and rest, then continue; for every process has a break time.

Now, what is it that you have started, and having difficulty moving forward with? Is it Business, career, profession, academic, skill, partnership, relationship, or host of other commitments? Humans reason before having a reason to do something; that’s the essence of being human. You ought to think things thoroughly through before envisaging on them, it’s essential to weigh the odds before staking the bet. Life is a game, and we all gamble; sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. Still, we never stop to gamble, because the gambler places hope on winnings, while forgetting losses. Never count losses, you can’t have them back; rather focus on winning, for success has no measurement.

Very Important, trust your process and believe in your timing. Yours is different from another, your time of achievement is tied to your process. We are all after the same things, beautiful things, but we can’t get them at the same time. Success come to those who persists, for the same time that delays also delivers. Today may not be your day, tomorrow is equally not promised, but one day shall be your day. You just need to keep on believing in yourself, trusting God, focusing on your process and never relenting to take risks.

Take risks, it’s an essential part of living, for life itself is a risk. If you don’t try, you can never know, and who doesn’t know is always unsure. Confidence is not acquired once, but overtime with constant practice. Therefore, if you keep on pushing positively, things will keep on moving, and you will keep on succeeding. Challenges don’t make the challenger, because the challenger is prepared to face any challenges; but it can mar the challenger if he/she is afraid to face his/her challenges. It is pertinent then, to remain calm amidst the storm, and keep on sailing. The ship that shall sink, shall sink; so just sail regardless. There is no perfect captain in the tides; just perfect timing.

To whom much is given, much is expected. In the same manner, to whom life is given, remaining alive is normal, but growth is expected. There is no being on this planet without a purpose in life. Some may know, some may have forgotten, and others are just ignorant. Nevertheless, to achieve our desired goals in life, one must never stop praying and playing, because dice never stop rolling. The day you lost hope could be the day you made it, but you may never know, because what is lost is lost.

Time is endless, the hustle is limitless, therefore, we must be relentless and fearless in the pursuit of our purpose. Opportunity come but once is for the dead; there will be other opportunities, don’t be afraid; once there’s life, there’s hope. To lose things doesn’t make one a loser, just as to fail doesn’t make one a failure; for it is the one that lost hope that lost it all. To not believe in the future, is to never be a part of it. What then is the essence of life, if one is unsure of how to live it?

Dearly Beloved, never expect things to always turn out as you expected, the unexpected is still part of the expectations. The journey is never an easy one, therefore, be prepared to keep on moving forward, and never think of turning around. If you get tired, rest. If you are confused, ask. If you are afraid, pray. If you don’t have, borrow or beg. Do all you must do to succeed, because people only see the successes and never the struggles. Don’t complain, don’t be complacent, clear your confusion, and reposition your focus if you fail to hit the target. How many times you tried and failed never matter, what matters is if you still made it before your end. Lastly, no matter how long you have travelled in the wrong direction; you can still turn around. Life is what we make of it; for every angle has a twist.

Mazel Tov!



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