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  • Friday, 19 April 2024


No matter all you do; what they will remember is the very one you didn’t do. They want you to always bow; as if you don’t, they would fire you evil arrows from their bows. Their ego is bigger than them; so, they want to make yours smaller. They want to see you give-in, even when they gave you nothing. Therefore, get out from them. Stay away from people, things and environments that make you sick; they can never heal you. Pleasing people is prison; they never want to see you get out. They want you around them, so that they can push you around. Jesus is Lord, but people want to lord themselves over others.

Survival of the fittest; people seek power and dominance. You can never please them all, because they can never get enough from you; till you declare that enough is enough. Power and influence, everyone seeks domination and authority over others; and if it isn’t through politics, it is through money. Power and money corrupt, and make the wielder arrogant; such that they look down on others from their pinnacle of pride. The rich want the poor to remain loyal to them forever, so they give them fragments of their money; but never enough to make them rich too. Never mistake the loyalty of a poor person as humility; till he/she has money, because the rich were once poor.

Hypocrites and Jezebels; people are wicked, and only kind to those who lick their asses and flush their shits. People pray to God to bless them, so that they can play gods/goddesses on other people; and when God blesses them, they turn to be a curse on others. The masters are never satisfied, no matter how well nor how long their slaves serve them. Nevertheless, slavery is a mind game; the slave will always see himself/herself as slave, once under the shadow of the master. To seek independence is perceived as rebellion. Yet, without rebellion, there’s no freedom; because freedom comes with a price. If you stop pleasing people, they would lock you up in prison if possible. You are never free, till you free yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Selfish interests; people would rather give you bits of fishes than teach you how to fish. None want anyone to be their equal, but to remain greater; so, they would do everything possible to keep those beneath them forever beneath them. People desire to be worshipped, and have their dirty linens washed by others. Those who gullibly do their biddings, they call loyal servants; while those who know their rights and fight for it, they call insurrectionists. The more you please people, the more they keep you; not because they respect you, but because you respect them. Before you please others, please yourself. Rebel only when you know your rights, and when you are equally right.

Senseless sentimentality; people feel entitled than grateful. Thus, the rich want the poor to recognize that they are rich; while making them feel poor and appreciative. Givers never lack, because they have the receivers giving back more than they were given; and never knowing about it. The poor feel grateful for the little given to them, while a lot is being taken from them. Worse still, some ignorant fools would rather prefer receiving what isn’t theirs, than seeking what is theirs. Mental slavery, they aren’t in chains and fetters; yet not free. Even with their freewill, people would rather please people that displease them, than please themselves; all in the name of appearing good in the eyes of people. Who justifies who? Definitely not a fellow human; why feel inferior?

Misplaced priorities; you make them feel superior, they make you feel inferior. You try to be their equal, they start to see you as greedy and ungrateful. You try to be greater than them, they rally their allies against you. They just can’t afford to see you rise above the level they kept you; and to make sure you remain in that level; they would buy all the enemies they can afford, to bring you down, or take you deeper below. Who the hell are you to be their challenger? The masters want to be masters forever, but that can’t happen if all their slaves were to gain freedom; so, they restrict them before they resist.

Live by loyalty, but know thy rights. Resist to be restricted; react by revolting. If they can’t love you, let them fear you; rather than enslave you or manipulate you. Nevertheless, your master has a master; and that master has another master above him. The chains of power are without bounds and limits; if you want it, you fight for it. Pretending to be good won’t do you any good, for people see the worst in people. If twelve people love you, at least one hate you; and more than seven are two-faced. Regardless of all the good you do for people; a single bad, would make you a bad person. Give them all they want; it is that one you refuse to give, that they shall conclude on. No matter how hard you try to please people, people will always be people; never gratified. Like the chameleon, they change when you change; because people are dynamic in nature. One day, they are for you; another day, they are against you.

Very important pledge; self-love isn’t selfishness, but self-care. Give yourself the best, and the rest to those that are worthy. Give not because they asked, but because you want to; for they will always ask, but you would not always want to. If they feel entitled for no good reason, disappoint them; and if they feel appreciative, give them more. Don’t be sorry if you’re not in sorrow; and never be slow to resist intimidation. Never let people succeed in manipulating you to do what you wouldn’t want to do, unless the price is worth it; and if it is worth it, raise the price higher because of exigencies. Nonetheless, if you must bait; let the hook be sharper and the rope longer. The same environment that suppress you can never support you; beware of the people that try to depress you.

Dearly beloved; to be yourself, you must be confident. In all circumstances; inhale confidence and exhale doubt, because weakness can be perceived even from afar. If you want to beat them, be more than them; and not like them. Equality is never attainable; you are either strong or weak; and the strong will always dominate the weak. The game encompasses win and loss; before you draw the line, be certain of a draw at least. If you can’t be the victor; be the villain, but never the victim. Consequently, if you swear an oath, be loyal to the oath and not the people. Should reasonable reasons arise to break your oath; seek justification in yourself, and never validation from people. Always remember; only you know your true self, and only you can gratify yourself. Put all your trust in God and not in people; for people disappoints, but God never disappoint. Never forget; If God graces you, nobody nor nothing can disgrace you.



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