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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024


Is it pink, is it red, is it white, is it brown or is it black?

Love don’t die, even if the lovers die. We never die; for we only switch sides. Be hopeful whenever you roll the dice; for a number must surface, and it can never be zero. Freedom is priceless, but vanity is expensive. Death is a payment for debt; life is not for free, because the landlord must collect rents. Money can make and remake memories; for the same man that pays tithes, also pays for tits. If you want it, you can get it; but never bite more than you can chew. Nipples are like pimples, till people start pressing people; then, they grow to be sucked by a sucker.

The sucker can also be the fucker, for freewill is free. The bigger the better; but small things are the sweetest. You can be a baby always; for the one that calls you baby also gives you baby’s food, even if there’s no water. If she calls him baby, just know that he is the sucker; but even she sucks too. Whenever you hear nipples; what comes to your mind? Everyone cannot think the same things, for someone somewhere thinks different; and it is okay to be different. While most men visualize women’s nipples; some men visualize the same nipples that they have. To think that only men think about nipples is insane, for some women visualize other women’s nipples. Whatever the society says is so; that’s how abnormality slowly became normal.

Cultures, churches and cults; the difference between us is that we are different, even though we are one. Your brother likes breasts just like the bishop, but it’s funny to imagine a bishop sucking breasts; but the bishop is someone’s brother. Why judge people for their weaknesses, when there are weaknesses that gives strength? We mustn’t like the same things, for we may not be like-minds. So, mind your own; and let others mind theirs. If pleasure is for pleasing and releasing; then, why the pressures? No one likes to share, but everyone eventually gets their share. Never cry over leftovers; they were left over for a reason. Nevertheless, never mind them; for some leftovers are better that what others have on their tables. Eat whatever you like, for no ones helps you with the digestion. But be careful; if you insist on tasting all, you won’t know when you get poisoned.

Ever seen a purple nipple? No? Now, you’re wondering if it’s possible; but how many nipples have you seen? It is okay to imagine it, for impossible is possible; none ever sees it all. You can’t remember what you don’t know, but you can know what you can’t remember; so, remember that imagination is greater than knowledge. The eye of the mind is on the forehead; none can see it, but it sees everything and beyond; that’s if you seek it. Cooperation is the best operation, for there is no corporation without it. Be humble. Yes, there are many things that only you know, but there’s something that you don’t know that another knows; know that. Always seek consent before you commence; for it’s wiser to reason it before you risk it.

Dearly Beloved, I ask you again… have you seen purple nipples? If you haven’t, I have. Nonetheless, the moral lesson here is simple, sleek and slim. Abnormality is also normal.



X: @Victorviri


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