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  • Monday, 20 May 2024


Call it whatever; but once there’s a feeling of either love or lust… Then, there’s a situation, in which every relationship flame ignited from. One thing must lead to another; it could be a new beginning, an endless continuity, or an unexpected end. As I take you down this romantic lane, it’s important you know that this is an X-rated Article, the words therein are uncensored, and not for persons under 18 years of age.

Relationship or situationship, what binds them together is sex. It is obvious, for magnets don’t attract rubbers, but use a rubber if it is the first time. This is a game of interest, it’s immature to lie or pretend about it; for it is crystal clear. We all want something, be it immaterial or material, but it’s visible and not invisible. Opposites that attract must have likeness for each other, if not for the personality, it’s for the fortune, fame, or future. Love is not blind anymore; love sees clearly now; for even the blind has a choice. We all have choices; even when you settle for less, that in itself is a choice. None is to be blamed for their choices, for every choice came with a reason; that’s why people should blame themselves and not others for their choices in life.

The events of life have ups and downs; what is sweet today can be bitter tomorrow, and what is bitter today can be sweet tomorrow. Funny enough, nothing may change, because only tomorrow knows. Situationship can turn to relationship, and relationship can reverse back to situationship. The same people that love themselves today, can hate themselves tomorrow; for good things also fall apart.

As I dive deeper, it’s pertinent that you understand what I mean by the word “situationship”, for it is not in the dictionary, but I have a meaning for it: Two persons can be having sex often, without it being transactional, and still not be in a relationship. In this case, one partner may mistake the frequency of the sex to mean intimacy; but that’s casual and a situationship. For instance, “friends with benefits is a form of situationship”; but the couple involved are aware of the situation. As common and definitive the word “relationship” is, many still don’t understand the juxtaposition in the context of sexual relationship. Most times, it’s the confusion of these two terms that causes heartbreak. Yes, it hurts when you finally wake to the truth that you were in a situationship and not relationship all along; because sweet sex can turn stale when new steak is found. Then, the desired is either deceived or dumped.

Relationship is far beyond sex, but sex remains a top aspect of it; that’s the essence of fidelity. Without sex, what’s the cheat? Partners in a relationship have other things in common other than the sex that seals that relationship. Common things like ideas, beliefs, tastes, styles, short- and long-term plans for the future amongst other interests. A game of gains; it is the interests involved, that get people interested in each other. Of course, you saw something in him/her. You can’t sex what you can’t see; you must see before you feel, and reason before you relate.


Is it Love or Lust?

Fact over fiction, it is lust before love. We know all these things, it’s just awkward lying to ourselves. If it isn’t physical attraction, it’s financial; or it could be fake. The game has no rules, so anyone can play dirty. Relationship is a movie; as both partners act their roles, it will be playing and they would be watching it; when it ends it end. It is wise to know that feelings change with time; it can increase or decrease, develop or diminish. Lust ignites love; and love has to work to stay.

Man, you know what you want. Yet, you still eat anything available just to manage. You like her face pretty, but you may not mind if her boobs are big. Her boobs are small, but her ass is messing with your mind. She has bad attitude, but she is good at sex. She is not your type, but you are her type. She is not religious, but you like the way she moans “Oh My God” during sexual exorcisms. You don’t like her body, but you love her money. You don’t have any connection with her, but her family can get you connected. She is everything you want in a woman, the perfect partner. There’s a reason or more to why you love her, and only you know.

Babe, you know what’s best for you. Yet, you still settle for what is affordable. You don’t like him, but you love his money. He is broke, but he can fuck. He is not handsome, but he is handy. You don’t like his family, but your family adores him. He is toxic, but he is also tall. He is impotent, but very important. He beats and never beg you for forgiveness, but he buys you things, so he is forgiven. You don’t know anything about him, but you like everything about him. The reason/reasons as to why you love him; only you know.

Feel it or fake it, what you give may not be what you get; but you still have to take it or leave it. Whom you love may not love you back or as much, and you may feel less or nothing for who loves you. Although sometimes, it’s undeniable that coincidence and its illusion plays like drama; when two likely and unlikely souls become soulmates.

Conversely, it is normal for someone that was in love to be out of love. People had lived in a city they loved, and still moved out of that city because of emergencies or exigencies. What it is today, can be something else tomorrow, that’s why tomorrow is never promised. Change is part of life, and ought to be expected anytime. Your love today can be someone’s love tomorrow, the same with you. So, don’t feel left out when it ends, for good things also fall apart, but never let yourself be lost in your losses.

Love or lust; it doesn’t matter, just enjoy it while it lasts, for it rarely lasts; that explain the reasons for broken marriages and relationships. No partner is perfect, neither are you. If you leave your partner, you will still end up with someone’s partner that was also left; or someone that left the partner. You can leave and could also be left; for the equilibrium is never balanced. Cherish the love and enjoy the lust that’s fulfilled now, it is your time; for what happens later is a mere combination of letters.

Dearly Beloved, be careful not to mistake situationship for relationship, nor take your relationship for granted; both have a beginning and an end. Should it come crashing down, hold unto the good memories, they will save you the stress of regrets and blames.

Words of wisdom; live to not forget, love to not regret. Live and love truly, make the difference. The only way to heal the world is through love; eschew hate. Never do to your partner, what you wouldn’t love your partner to do to you. Karma is never careless; be careful.



X: @Victorviri


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