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  • Wednesday, 29 November 2023


Can you pull the trigger, when the nuzzle face you?

Life or death; look fear in the face, for that’s the only way to live or die freely.

Feelings are never fit for the fearless; If you must play, never pray for pity.

All that lives shall not survive nor succeed, but they can try. Nobody prays to lose; neither does anyone play to lose; especially if losing means death. No time for regret; for there is no reverse, when the bullet release. One bullet in the cylinder of a revolver, the deadliest game ever known; we must take turns as it revolves, till it explodes. Who will it be? When will it be? It could be me, it could be you? If twelve walk the paths of the unknown, one must stray; and one could end up dead from a stray bullet. You see this life; one’s success, is another’s struggle.

The game has only one rule; survive. Hitherto, humans and animals lived in accordance with the only law of the jungle; survival of the fittest. However, animals still live by that law unapologetically; while humans pretend, deceive each other and still live like animals. The strong over the weak; the table will never turn around, unless you are strong enough to turn it around. But if you click that trigger; it could be your end. Sometimes, enough is not enough; till you say and act so.

Life tests us with trials; and we test ourselves with troubles. If you let the sleeping dog lie; he may bark when he wakes, but won’t bite you. But, if you don’t disturb a dog nor trespassed his territory; if he bites you, kill it. The strong live by might, and the weak by mercy. Truth be told; in the jungle, the mighty is never merciful, and the merciful die mercilessly. Why participate in a game that could kill you? Why involve yourself with a revolver? The earth revolves around the sun; what goes around, must surely come around. You may survive today; but you may not succeed tomorrow.

Violence is the only voice that is heard, after its violations had happened. Violence don’t talk, only the victims do. The villain could be the victim, but the dead don’t talk.  You play god when you test God. Wishes come true, but not all good wishes; and ninety-nine percentages of self-death-wishes always come true. If you truly wish to die, you shall die; but not all who truly wished to live, lived. It takes a mix of fearlessness and foolishness to embark on a war that you could die; but in the end, the victor and the vanquished shall die. Where is Julius Caesar? Is Alexander still great? Can Genghis Khan calm the Mongols? Is Chaka still with the Zulus? Did Achilles later heal from the arrow in his heel? All men shall die; but why should man die from his own hand?

Humans have the power to give peace and pain; but for the sake of the gains of violence, the chose pains, not minding the deaths. Righteousness mixed with ruthlessness; the route to heaven and hell is through death. You must lose your life before you live. Nobody leaves this earth alive, and when you leave matter to no one; because everyone that lived shall leave. The sun doesn’t rule the storm; as above so below, there’s division of powers. Many powers exist here on earth; the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual. These powers coexist in a person, but not everyone knows how to harness and access them. The mind is a weapon, but not everyone knows how to master it. Your mind can stop a bullet; but you won’t believe me, if you don’t trust your mind. Your fate revolves in your mind, and not in the gun; if you lose your mind, you lose your head. Life revolves like the roulette, never you rush your turn.

Fear is your enemy; for doubts bring deaths. Before you fall, it’s better to be flawless; remain fearless in the face of death. If not for anything, it is never for nothing; all man must die. The game of death is neither for the weak nor the wise; choose the games you play wisely. Politics and prostitution are deadly games; but the players play it happy and dirty. Regrets never make restitutions, but revenge has reversal; only if you choose peace over problem. Two wrongs can never make it right, even if you think you are right. To win a war, be prepared to lose; but what if you lose yourself or your loved one? An eye for an eye; how do we explain that to the blind?

Seals are never sick of swimming the sea; neither are they ever scared of the storm. All sailors love to sail when it is safe. But the sea is never safe nor sane; as such, many sailors failed. Swim or sink; you must swim to safety, before checking if others are safe. Self-care is never selfishness, because the selfless is not deathless. You die faster, when you live defenseless.  In the jungle, it’s all about you when there is danger; you either run or be ruined. Therefore, when you play the Russian Roulette; you become a danger to yourself. Never believe clowns, life is not a joke; and there’s hardly any crown without thorns. You must have the gut to get the glory; even if it means passing through gutters. If you must dare, be ready to play dirty; life is all about dice or die.

Turn by turn has no turning point, when you point the gun to your head. There is no balm for a bang; a click can burst you brain like a bubble. The brave also goes down the grave, be careful the kind of risks you take in this life; one can take your life. Before you join a cult, first weigh your cut. The greatest sacrifice is self-sacrifice, but suicide is never part of it. Use your head, least they use it for you; for none can be omitted once committed. Guard and guide yourself against herd mentality; for where others succeeded, others also failed. Sometimes, collateral damage is greater than the real damage; because anything evil can be done for the greater good.

Very important pledge; not all that worth it, is worth dying for. Don’t be fooled, you are of no help to your family and friends in death; the dead are forever worthless to the living. Nevertheless, whether it is for the greater good, or the lesser evil; salvation is personal. Save yourself before saving others, and blame yourself before blaming others. Live a little and love more today; for tomorrow may bring more troubles with little or no hope. Make good of the life you have, even if others think it’s bad; it’s still your privilege.

Dearly beloved; rush nothing in life. The fast may die rich, but the patient person dies peacefully; wish wisely. Faith can change fate if only you believe in yourself. Push yourself to be better, but know your limits; least you fall off the edge of the cliff. Beware of the edge, it can also be the end. If you ever take a life while taking a risk, the same risk will take your life; for what is important to you is also important to others. The Russian Roulette can be manipulated. Check before you click, you may never know that the gun is fully loaded; or switched before your turn. If they want you dead, you will be dead before you know it; and you won’t be able to tell the true tales. Never forget, the same people that pray also prey; always remember to pray before you play.



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