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  • Friday, 19 April 2024


Sin is fun, but the consequence is not funny. Sin is sin, no matter how sweet the stories sound. Be silent, for we are all sinners, sinning differently. One aspect of sin is its secrecy. It is the secrecy of sin that keeps its stories hidden, while the sinner poses as a saint. The truth is never twisted in our consciences, for we all know when we sin. You need not look into the mirror to see your sinful face, for the mind knows a sinful soul. As to whether you agree to face the truth is your cup of cocktail. Beloved listen, this is not a cock-and-bull story. A lot happen under the watchful eyes of the sun, moon, and stars.

Sins are sectional, the strong and the simple. Sins are personal and societal. Moreover, not every person agrees with the society, for what one sees as sin, another sees as sensation. You can’t force everyone to agree with everyone because everything is not really everything. Thus: murder, suicide, genocide, incest, theft, fraud, prostitution, homosexuality, pedophilias, amongst others you know are sins. You know when you sin. Don’t let some societal acceptance of homosexuality confuse you, for it is amongst the worst sins. Homosexuality makes humans more animals than animals. What is odd is odd, whether old or new. Lions don’t sex Lions, Lions sex Lionesses. Nonetheless, the contemporary society is full of evil and vile practices. The devil will manipulate you to accept immorality as morality, all in attempts to anger God. But God will judge only you.

I am a sinner just like you. I may not be worthy of heaven, that’s why I pray for the Grace of God in my life. Beloved, pray for the Grace of God. Grace guides and helps in personal discernment between good and bad. “Nobody said that it will be easy”. If life was easy, Ezekiel would have been Jesus, but it is never easy, not even for Jesus who suffered the shame of crucifixion. Don’t get me wrong nor twisted; I’m not here to judge, but to tell you some sinful stories. These sinful stories are stories that I know, read, heard, and watched. In man’s endeavors to be great, rich, successful, and famous; many have done the unthinkable. What are we without weeds, wins, wisdom and wealth?

“Sua cuique voluptas – Every man has his own pleasure”. What I like may not be what you like, as well, what they like may not be what we like. We like different things because we are different. Yet, every human is bound by law and tradition. We are governed by both written and unwritten rules and regulations. Every society has their way of doing things. Thus, it is not always easy for one society to influence another society to adopt their practices, especially when the other society abhors such practices. Homosexuality is not an African practice and will never be. Our gods and Ancestors frown at such act; in fact, it is an abomination in every African tradition. What do people even think? People read the Bible and still don’t understand the meaning of the texts therein. What caused the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Gays anger God.

Adultery is atrocious. When abnormal turns normal, it shows how dead a society has decayed. The issue of adultery is deep, such that digging it will unravel many unpleasant truths. Imagine the pain a man feels, when he realizes that the children of his fifteen years marriage aren’t his, but those of another man/men. If you can imagine that, then you can also imagine the pain a woman feels when she realizes that she is just another whore amongst her husband’s numerous whores. These are cases of everyday living amongst the living. Consequently, many hearts die in pain from the secrets they hide and hold. Fear of shame is the beginning of secrets. Moreover, adultery is a sin, for it breaks the sacred covenant between husband and wife. Infidelity causes disunity in matrimonial homes, and most times impede the positive growth of the children in such adulterous environment. Infidelity severs oaths and traditions. A sinful story.

“Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur – To be in love and to be wise is scarcely granted even to a god. Sin is fun if you focus on fornication. Nonetheless, since sex is a mutually committed act, then we find no fault therein in the act, except on the cases of underage. Fornication is neither a crime nor a sin in the society once the parties involved mutually consented. Meanwhile, rapists should be raped in prison, for evil understands only evil. Every society is distinct with its unique cultural practices. Thus, what is permissible in one society may be prohibited in other societies. As an African, I know from birth that my society abhors adultery, rape, and homosexuality. These acts are considered abominations, and offenders are severely punished. What is uncultured is uncultured in our African culture, even if other continents accept them as customs. Nobody should force anybody to adopt a practice that is forbidden in his/her culture. Culture is unique.

Sin of the flesh is not the only sin, though it is the main focus here. There are other heartbreaking sins such as: People using people for ritual sacrifices, debauchery, and other vile practices. Humans are more wicked than they are weak. Politicians are predators, and their people are their preys. Such is the human condition in every society. For the sake of fame and fortune, many have sold their souls to the devil. For the sake of money, many murder people for riches, and women turned to whores. Contemporarily, the rate of moral decadence is high because many want to be successful without suffering. Everybody wants life to be easy, but life can never be easy. Life is hard and short. Sometimes I wonder why people commit evil when nobody lives forever. 111 years on earth is small, and not many lives up to 70 years of age. Why then does a human sell his/her soul, just to enjoy this short time on earth and suffer damnation in the afterlife? Suicide is self-sabotage. Why kill yourself when there are other people and things that will kill you? Suicide sends souls straight to hell, beyond redemption.

Dearly Beloved, everyone and everything shall fade with time. Change happens when its time for change. There’s nothing you can do to change people and things that cannot be changed. But you can change yourself or choose to remain the same. Evil is evil, and there’s no excuse for not being good. You are who/what you are because you chose to. Don’t let the devil delude you, for karma is real, and it transcends generations. The universe watches even while we sleep. All that happens under the eyes of the sun, the moon, and the Stars shall be answered for when it is time. Beloved, be good, for goodness is godliness.



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