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Monday, 29 May 2023


A time came, humanity and all that lived; was at the brink of exiting existence. Everything was at its peak, and there was nothing new to invent except the innovation of the invented. All standards and morality had failed, and religion faded along with them; for there were too many of them. People didn’t know who or what to believe, as nothing was trusted. Many had been fooled over the strides of centuries, as many fools claimed to be wise. Survival of the strongest was initiated.

Humanity suffered diminishing returns and lived in fear. Everything oppressed the existence of every living thing. Technology was destroying the earth more than it had helped it; air pollution made breathing difficult. The oceans and the seas had risen and taken over the earth space. People had grown greedy, and survival was for the fittest. The angry sun shone fiercely on all, and changed the course of time. People slept during the day and worked at night. At the dawn of the sun, the day would end; as all feet ran to take cover in their respective sheds. At sunset, the moon would appear to usher in a new day. 18:00 became the rising time for daily activities. The sun ruled the universe ruthlessly, disobey and get burned to ashes.

There was no night, for there was always light. Darkness disappeared with the dead, and only occurred when eyes get closed. The moon only shadowed the earth from the viciousness of the sun. The sun burned anything that could not resist its hellish shine, and the waters carried away anything that could not stand its overwhelming force. Everything changed, and destination lost its direction. Life was too short, and time too fast. Nobody lived beyond five decades. Nature and nurture attacked man from all angles of life. They were repaying man for the evils done on them. Man, and his quest for greatness had brought ruins upon the universe. Believers prayed for grace to save them from dire disgrace; yet, nothingness.

The extremely rich and influential people had left the earth for Venus; far from the sun. The price was too expensive and the risk too high, even for the high and mighty. Scientists declared the planet Venus safe for habitation, but unsure if anything else could survive outside adults and plants; no place for children and animals. The unsure was worth the risk, for nothing else was sure in the world. To secure a spot on the spaceship to Venus; money was insufficient, for knowledge and skills were also mandatory. One must be very rich and very intelligent in their respective fields to qualify; and there were millions of them in every country.

The movement was restricted to only one member per a family. Husband can’t leave with wife, father or mother with any child; no relation can leave with another. Only the chosen can compete; the new law wrecked families, but nobody cared. Nobody wanted to stay behind, Venus was the promised planet created out of love. Competition ignited corruption in the constitution. Seven seconds after the spaceship tickets were made available, they were all sold out. The rest of humanity was condemned to spend the rest of their miserable lives on earth. The poor settled for whatever that would happen, while majority of the very rich revolted on the streets for unfairness and injustice; amongst them were the less privileged billionaires. Money was insufficient to save people from endless mourning; damnation on nations of the world was inevitable. Politics was poison for the people, and many perished.

The desire to get out of earth fuelled the struggle, but it was too late for any amendment; for the fortunate left the unfortunate like thieves in the night. The fortunate were called Very Important People (VIP), while the unfortunate were called Rest In Peace (RIP). To worsen the situation, no spaceship was left on Earth. The VIP’s left with everything important, while the RIP’s waited on the Lord that never came. Wickedness of man to man was justified, for many had to die for the few to be saved. Humanity cannot be extinct, so people acted out of their survival instincts. The future left for Venus, so with it every hopes of mankind survival. Those that remained on Earth became the past, and left to perish; as Earth turned turbulent.

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