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Tuesday, 07 February 2023


Yes, Today!

What other day have you been waiting for, if not today? The day you talked about for days, weeks, months, and years. The day you prayed, wished, and hoped for. Today is that day of your dreams. You wouldn’t possibly be hoping to see another day that isn’t today, because there is none. Yesterday is past, today is present, and tomorrow is never promised. Darkness begets night and light begets day. As it was in the beginning, so it is now, and it will continue to be; for none know the end. Every new day is a new beginning with an end in its possession. The day one lived will also be the day one died; it just hasn’t reached your day yet; so why not enjoy this graceful free day you have?

To rise in the morning is a miracle; to rest at night is also a miracle. People rise in a day, and people fall in a day. People made gains the same day others recorded losses. Champagne and orange juices, the same day others are celebrating; some others are crying. It is or it is not; when it is your turn, you will get your share. That day that you were born, somebody died. Today is not for nothing, something must happen. Do you choose to do nothing, or will you do something? Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. Now you have it, what do you plan to do with it? Remember, the choices you make today will determine the consequences you face tomorrow. Today is endless, just as our plans are countless. Days outlive humans; their plans and hopes. If we don’t maximize today, we might not see another day, because life never promised tomorrow.

Very important; it is better you know now, for you may not know later, the things you are supposed to know now. If you are acting like you don’t care about yourself, others don’t care about you too; people only care for what is in their best interest. When you choose not to show interest in yourself, you will not attract interests from others. If you are happy or sad today, it is because you chose to be; the lives of others have nothing to do with your life. How you treat yourself today determines how people will treat you tomorrow. If so, why not do the things that are of your best interest today? Master today, because tomorrow is a mystery.


Today has the power, the one you seek, tap from it without procrastination. Don’t just let it go by, go with it, and make it a great day. Make that decision today, don’t let tomorrow decide for you. Take that action today, so that you will be confident of your reactions tomorrow. Make it today, so that you don’t need to fake it nor take shits tomorrow. Amidst everything happening today; make sure you find peace in them, so that you can find progresses and not problems in today. Rome was not built in a day, but it can be destroyed in less than a day. If you don’t plan for the day, the day will plan for you; there are no two-ways about it. Failing to plan is an insidious plan that leads to failures. At the end of the day; many will rejoice, and many will regret. Miracle and magic happen only to the souls that believe; if you don’t believe, you will not beget. Prayers won’t save the soul that doesn’t believe in itself. If you don’t believe in yourself and trust your processes; believe me or not, even heaven can’t help you.

Today can make your dreams come true. But first, you need to wake up from your dream and embrace the reality of today. Also, eschew negativity and exhibit positivity. Never let the past days make you believe that there’s nothing to achieve today; if you don’t utilize today, it too shall pass. You don’t need to change anything, the world will change itself, all that is required of you is for you to do your part and leave the rest to pass.

Today is a gift, that’s why it is present. What you make out of it solely depends on your objectives of the day. Yesterday has nothing to do with today; neither does today depend on tomorrow. The day you see is the day you get, the same with all who were privileged to pass the night and see the light. Man must keep the struggle running with an intense focus on his goals.

Beware of Procrastination!


The silent engine that’s running the day 24 hours non-stop. It waits for nobody, you either use it or it use you. You either manage it efficiently or waste it effortlessly; the result is yours to tell yourself. Procrastination kills ideas and potentials more than witches do; don’t trade blames that you sold yourself. Time management is a skill and equally a strategy for achieving desired objectives in life. Likewise, it is an essential part of planning; prerequisite for attaining growth in life and in business. We all have ideas and plans we wish, pray, and plan to come to fruition; but sometimes, we are also the very obstacle against those ideas and plans. When we allow the spirit of procrastination to dictate for us, it misdirects us away from reaching our goals in life. In view of this, quit procrastination and embark on actions; planning without practice is playing.

Actions not Words Runs the Day:

One day to think! One day to plan!! One day to act!!! Everything starts in one day and ends in one day, you may not know the day it ends but you can choose the day it starts. Why not start today? Choices and Consequences, don’t let yourself be against yourself. It is pertinent to always do right by you. Beloved, if you don’t take care of yourself, nobody would.

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