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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024


Dem dey call you, but you no wan answer … Dem come visit you, you begin run around.

Village people are all the same. As it is here, so it is there. But why are you running when nothing is pursuing you? But why? You heard? Did you see? Is it possible that someone can alter your destiny? Is faith not supposed to steer fate? Village people this, village people that. Nonsense and groundnuts. Stupid st0ries told by silly people to silly people.

Fear is both healthy and unhealthy. As fear of the unknown remains the greatest fear, many people till today live in fear of the unknown. You don’t know and still don’t want to know. Ignorance is the root of all lies, for if you know the truth, you won’t swallow people’s lies hook, line, and sinker. If you’re determined, nobody can deceive you. All you need to do is to tell yourself the truth. You know the truth, that you’re the cause of your problems and progresses. You thank God when you’re progressing, then blame the gods when you start having problems. Why not accept your mischiefs and mistakes?

Yes, there are witches and wizards. There’s no denying that the battle is both physical and spiritual. We all know, and that is why we pray and work, for worry is a part of life. Beloved, you need to understand that both fortune and misfortune are destined to happen at will. Fated is fated, and faith can’t change it. The wheel of Time has never been altered and can never be altered. Humans attack humans, animals attack animals, animals attack humans and humans attack animals. We are all living in a jungle, where the strong eats the weak. Survival of the fittest is not by the fastest not the fattest. Fate happens regularly regardless of your faith in whomever or whatever. Life don’t care!

By worship, man is washed clean. Victory in battle is for those who believe in themselves. Wars can be won with words, for silence is equally speech. We all have enemies just as we all have friends, and both are necessary for co-existence. You must not like all, and all must not like you, for hate is as strong as love. History posits that it is normal for man to blame his enemies for his misfortunes. But not everyone thanks their friends for their fortunes. Blames are lame excuses for not accepting the reality of things. Twistingly, people progress and pose for their village people; but when problem arises, they pray against their village people. What they tend to forget is that they are also among the village people, despite whichever city they live in. When you blame your village people, you blame yourself. Witches and wizards have their own problems too.

Your village is your heaven. Your ancestors are your angels. From where you come from in the beginning, you shall go back in the end. In Africa and particularly Nigeria, it is quite shameful and unfortunate that some people believe in ancestral or generational curses. Many ignorant-religious-brainwashed people have acclaimed in the past and now that their ancestors are the cause of their problems. This ugly-stupid-stance makes one imagine if the ancestors don’t cause prosperity too. Suddenly, because of the presence of Christianity and Islam, Africans have grown to disdain their customs and traditions. The dead laugh when the living shames the dead, for the living shall die too.

Contemporarily, some people don’t know their villages. Can you imagine this level of stupidity? A Nigerian living in Nigeria doesn’t know his/her ancestral home, all because the parents are running from their village people. What they failed to know is that even the city that they hide in, is someone else’s village. Mediocrity and Mental illness. You run from your village people to those of others, yet when problem arises in your far distant destination, you still blame village people. Who do you thank for your prosperity? Of course, God. So, do you think that God changes? Yesterday, today and tomorrow, God is the same. The same God of your ancestors is still your God, if you believe in your lineage. You can switch continents, but none can switch their conscience.

Take responsibility! Accept your mistakes and quit blaming external forces for your own foolishness. Everything that happens happen according to the script of life. Who shall die, shall die. Death has no manners and no timings. The world is wicked, yes, we all know it. But sometimes, some people are the main architect of their problems. Everyone is looking for excuses not to blame themselves, for it is easier to blame someone else or something else. If only you tell yourself the truth, you may never be free from darkness.

Nonetheless, pain and loss overwhelm the mind sometimes, especially when it’s filled with negativities. Negative thoughts ignite negative things. The more you run from fear, the more afraid you become. Your village people will never leave you, unless you quit blaming them for every bad thing that happens in your life. Be proud of where you’re from and quit making a fool of it. You let other people mock your village from the negative stories you share about your village. On the other hand, if you don’t know, try to know. Most times, the stories told to children sours as they turn to adults, because reasonings have seasons too. Only time. Your parents maybe trying to protect you, but it is no longer their job when you become an adult. Who will protect your child/ren? If one runs from what they don’t know, they will keep running endlessly. Seek to know…

“Sint ut sunt, aut non sint – Let them be as they are, or not at all.” Karma is real, but you may not believe it, because it doesn’t announce itself. As in stories, books, movies and music; Karma has neither manner nor menu. Not many remembers the reason/s for their suffering, but nobody forgets the taste of success. As you make your coffee, so shall you drink it. But before you make coffee for another person, ask them how they want it. Yes, you have made your decision to stay away from your village, but don’t make that decision for your children. Witches and wizards are in the city too, for everyone likes city. Know your enemies, including yourself. You may be the village person causing troubles in your own life. Don’t forget that every choice you make has a consequence, which could be positive or negative depending on the manner of choice you make.

Dearly Beloved, you’re your worst enemy and best friend. You need to do best by you first before you can make anyone or anything good. You and I are not here forever, but while we live, let’s not live in unnecessary fear. eschew doubts from your mind, and the probability of being right will be high. Let whatever happens to happen, just be happy.


X: @Victorviri

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