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Monday, 29 May 2023


I wish, you wish, we wish and they wish; then, who is the witch?

Wishes and witches, one must come true; for they either come through you or through others. You made a wish, and when it came to pass; you were happy. On the other hand of fate, you made a wish that didn’t come true; then you felt disappointed. Somehow, you want all your wishes to come true; but it is not possible. Some things aren’t going to turn out to your favour all the time, you have to understand that; for it is in understanding life that you can be contented with things life has given you. Every human is innately greedy; but not everyone gets the opportunity to indulge their greediness. It is alright to reason this: till you get the opportunity to be greedy, you can never know how greedy or contented you are. You must be tested before your testimony; you have to pass through trials to testify that temptations are not easy to triumph over.

The turn of destiny is highly unpredictable; one day for you, and other days for others. Everybody wants all their wishes to come true, but destiny cannot allow that; because there are processes to pass through. Don’t be let down or feel too disappointed for wishes that didn’t come true; for the universe has her own wishes for everyone. Thus, when one wish is granted; another wish is turned down. If the whole world should win, there will be no world to live in; for there are good wishes and bad wishes. Equals and opposites must consistently be at competition with each other; for as you wish others well, another wishes them hell. Truth be told; it is not everyone that you wish well, for you sometimes wish that your enemies meet their end. Of course, your enemies have no good intentions towards you, but yet, they don’t seem to be able to stop you from moving forward in life. What do you think is the obstacle to your enemies’ wishes coming true? Do you think it is your faith, or is it your fate; do you believe that your strategies are always successful? You wished your enemies death, yet they live; your enemies wished you death, yet you live; it is by faith or fate?

Faith and fate are always at interplay with each other, such that we humans are ignorant of which one is at play; but they are both needed to survive this scary world. You must believe in something greater than you and all, so as to overcome your temptations and those of others. Whatever you believe in doesn’t matter, what matters is how strong you believe in it; that is called faith. If truly that you have faith that all is well or will be well, the wishes of others cannot make you unwell; unless it is by fate. Only fate can trespass faith; for when it is your turn, nothing can stop whatever that will happen. Don’t get it twisted; I am not ruling out the fact that sometimes faith influences fate; but that is what we call miracle, magic or mystery. Without enemies don’t mean without problems, for life itself is very problematic; sometimes the tides of fate and faith tests us with trials. Challenges must either make or mar the challenger; for if you don’t consistently strive to survive and succeed, with or without enemies, you risk being your own enemy. Be consistent in your efforts because your enemies are consistent too; but before you blame your enemies for every bad thing that happens in your life, look at the mirror alone. You cannot make a wish and wait for it to come true, without passing through the processes of its coming. You have to make consistent efforts towards success before you claim that the efforts of others necessitated your failure. Never you get tired of trying; keep trying, for that’s how to keep yourself from dying in the hands of your enemies. Follow your wishes with clenched fists, and get ready to knock your obstacles down before they knock you down. For instance: if you wish to pass an examination, you must prepare for it like a soldier at war with his enemies; for if you don’t win, they will.

Good wishes and bad wishes come true all the time, but they may not be yours; for some wishes come true when you are busy making other wishes. Nothing can stop fate; if it is not your time, it can never be your time, even if the witches think otherwise. We all make wishes, but not everybody wins. Your win is another’s loss; the contract you won was possible because another’s offer was declined, for you were chosen and another was rejected. Now, do you think yourself too worthy or do you think that others are not with the same wish as yours? Ever imagined how lucky you are? Yes, it is luck, for you are not the only one working hard towards making the same wishes to come true. In the light of truth, learn to accept your bad lucks as you did accept the good ones; for they are all wishes that came true. Accept your fate with faith; for sometimes it is good, and other times it is bad. Don’t blame the witches for your wishes that didn’t come true; for not all their wishes come true too. The universe is not unfair to anyone, for everyone shall definitely get their share; but it is a matter of time.

The moon has two faces, one of light and the other is darkness; so are the phases in human lives. Stop worrying and trying too hard to figure out why life is how it is and live your life. Come what may, if it doesn’t kill you; it is not meant to kill you. Be strong in all situations, so that no matter how things turn out, you will not regret trying your best; because sometimes if not most times, our bests are rarely enough to make all our wishes to come true. Likewise, be prayerful; for there are things that only the divine can fix. Be hopeful, for as long as the sun shines, there are times when darkness hides. If you take time to take stock of your life right now, you will find out that most of your old wishes have come to pass; but because you are so engulfed in new wishes, you seem not to notice how blessed you are. Humans are greedy, always wanting more and giving less; never satisfied but continually seeking and sneaky. Give a man the earth and he would seek to acquire the entire planets; which is exactly what is happening in the world right now. We want more and more, never satisfied till we are stopped; because our feelings of entitlements are endless. Success is addictive; if you get one, you wish for more.

Dearly Beloved; be careful what you wish either for yourself or for others. You may fail to realise it, but what you wish for others also comes true in your life; it is just a matter of time. Let all your wishes be of good, for a bad wish on another can be an obstacle to one of your good wishes; the universe gives and takes at the same time. You cannot be praying and preying, neither can you be wishing and witching; for the gods are not crazy. Wish a person bad and expect bad in return, wish one good and good shall come to you; for your heart manifests what you have in it. What is the essence of wishing someone evil, when it may not come true; isn’t that a waste of time for good wishes? Learn to channel your mind and heart towards positive things and negative things will channel themselves away from you. Importantly, focus on being better and stop being afraid of things being worse; for what will happen will happen. Very important, never stop to make wishes, and never be a witch to the wishes of others; for as you wish, so shall it be done unto you.

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