Falling Out Of Love

  • Are you in love?
  • Have you ever fallen in love?
  • Have you sworn never to fall again?
  • Do you even know what love is?

I won’t be surprised if you don’t know nor understand what I’m even talking about; it could be that you are not even a person of love. But on the contrary, we’re all capable of love; still, you can continue to pretend to not know what love is; I’m not sorry. On the stroll, if you have at least fallen in and out of love; I’m talking to you. In a like manner, if you are still in love; I’m here for you. The same with you still single and waiting for love; you are privileged.

  • Now, how do you handle falling out of love?
  • Do you just fall out?
  • Do you wait till you are thrown out of love?

Questions that only your heart can answer; that’s if you are honest with yourself. Falling in love and falling out of love are in the same direction; you are either falling in or falling out. If you leave, someone else will come; the same with when someone will have to go for you to come. Significantly, There’s never a time when we are not in love; we were born out of love and must love from birth. Who/What/Where we channel this love depends on our individual discretions. Many started with loving their mother; for others, it was their father; some others loved their siblings and few loved other things amongst the littered preferences.

Notably, no two elements can share equal love; one must stand out at each time based on your priorities. As you transcend from children to teenagers, youth to adulthood; one particular thing or person must be of utmost concern to you; that’s who/what you love the most. At any point in time you happen not to feel the same, when you start running out of love and interest in that which you once loved so much; you are falling out of love.

Consequently, I will be converging all the light on the contemporary love we all know and practice in this modern age; to aid your understanding of the sermon I’m preaching. When it comes to love, I have been there and still here; I’m without regret for the loves I lost, because I understood from the first experience that we can fall out the same way we fell in, and still fall back into the arms of another. There’s always love to find; except you are not ready for love.

  • Very important, some people don’t know when and how to fall out of love; when to say “No! I’m done.” Such people are afraid that they may not see that kind of love again; sometimes, it happens, I won’t be dishonest. But still, how can you accept as true that you may not find that kind of love again? Forget his/her egoistic blunder “You will never find someone like me”. Have you forgotten that you are a co-lover? That you can always find another to compliment your desires. Light will have to fade out for darkness to skulk in; in the same vein, darkness disappears upon seeing the light. There’s always a replacement; don’t go on suffering. Stop crying your eyes out and discomforting your soul. You ought to love yourself most before anything; why have you decided to remain in a love that have fallen apart; do you hate yourself that much?

In a like manner, I understand that it’s not easy to let go of the one you once loved; but listen, you can’t force love on someone. If you keep on holding onto a fading love; slowly, you will creep into a toxic relationship. Soon, quarrel and settle will become a hobby for you till you run out of settlements. What will be, must be; what cannot be, shall never be; no matter how hard you try to make it be. Furthermore, if you decide to stay around while you are no longer needed around; you may find yourself running round an incomplete circle. In the end, you will be left with only regrets instead of good memories; all because you waited too long till bitterness filled your heart. Now, all those good moments shared will replay as trauma; you lost both love and friendship. Had you fallen out when the signs were indicating danger; you would have saved the friendship.

More so, it’s of utmost importance to pay good attention to your partner; if you are observant without being sentimental; you will notice that you are in a love of pity. It’s a sorry case that magnets sorrow, capable of rescinding you and your career. It’s a worse scenario, when the love turned hate deteriorates from bitterness to violence; creating a platform for abuse allegations. Then, you are either blaming or being blamed; ugly scenes that could have been skipped and bitter words that could have been censored will start playing episode after episode till the season finale which is incurable parting.

However, there’s always good lessons to learn from bad experiences; serving as a guide in future relationships and commitments. The thin line between dating and marriage is the official nature of marital status. Apart from that, the same understanding and tolerance still rule the arrangements of both relationships. In the same vein, since couples could divorce from failing marriages; while not you involved in an undocumented crashing relationship?

To this end, stop hoping that you can resuscitate a dying love; you will be devastated in the end. You have to be unflinching in making a decision to fall out of love just like you fell in, you mustn’t endure the wreck; there’s are limits to tolerance and understanding. From the moment you notice that you and you partner aren’t on the same page again, after trying your possible best to fix the burning bridge and it aren’t working; I advise that you switch lanes to avoid disaster. Don’t be delusional, good things fall apart; broken hearts can still be mended.

Irrefutably, bowing out after the show will do the both of you more good than remaining on stage only to have the curtains shut on you. For what it’s worth, the friendship could still be protected when you part ways amicably; it’s best to fall out of love than to be thrown out of love.

Emeka Chibuikem.




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