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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024


Nonsense and biscuits!

People pretend not to know the law, so that they can break the law and claim ignorance. But we all know that ignorance of the law has never been excused, not in the past, not now, and never. A lot happens every time that only few knows. Thus, the majority dwell in ignorance. People would rather bless themselves with the bliss of ignorance, rather than embrace the breeze of intelligence. Don’t ever excuse people for their mistakes or mischiefs, for they know exactly what they did, and would do worse if you don’t wise up.

Lateness is not only an African thing, but a global phenomenon. Most people can’t help being late to arrangements, dates, meetings, interviews, schedules, events, and occasions. Funny enough, some do it on purpose. Attention seeking is the aim of most late comers. They want to walk in when everyone else is seated and busy, so that all in attendance before them can pause and glance at them like an icon. Lateness is a lame excuse for the famous and the fool. Even in the midst of important people, they want to be seen as Very Important Personalities. But that’s stupidity and not smartness. Often times, when normality is abused, abnormality becomes the formality. Nonetheless, late is late; be it a second, a minute, an hour or whenever that is beyond the given scheduled time. If only you can control your pride, you will understand the essence of punctuality.

African time is the worst form of late coming. it is an abnormality that became normality.  This ugly concept of late coming means that an event is to be scheduled an hour or some hours before the original planned time, to enable all late comers to be present. It is a deceitful design by event planners to avoid late coming to events. When fixing African time, only the planners know the original time. Thus, 1pm kickoff could mean 3pm kickoff. All Africans know about African time, for late coming is a must. Twistingly, coming late pleases guests and pisses off hosts, for one may never understand the importance of keeping to time, till they fix an event themselves. It is annoying and embarrassing to have people coming late to important schedules.

To be a good organizer is to understand that disorganization is part of the plan. Thus, it is proper to prepare for the improper. People must come late, and most times, it is important people that come late to important events. Some idiots in high places believe that it makes them more important, to keep other important people waiting for them. Such kind of people would go gaga if others come late to the events, they themselves organized. Contemporarily, most people don’t care about coming late to events, as long as their presence was noticed. Some would gladly declare that they are only attending a particular event just to show their faces. Thus, many guests come late and leave early.

“Ab uno, disce omnes – From one, learn all.” Even the wise men sometimes err. We are all guilty of being late to many events, but some people are perpetual late comers, for whatever that is understood is in the understanding. Time is everything, for everything happens in time. “Nemo potest doubus dominis serire – No one serves two masters at the same time.” You must choose between two things. You must either choose to be responsible or choose to be irresponsible, for excuses can never exempt an engagement. Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible posits: “Do to others what you would love others to do to you.” Yes, being good to others doesn’t mean that others would be good to you; but be good. If you choose to be responsible in life, you must be ready to face opposition from irresponsible people. Everyone likes to live their life as they want, even at the expense of others. People think of themselves before thinking about others. Naturally, humans are self-centered and egoistic. One thing that humbles a man is poverty. A poor man has no choice. Don’t add death to the list, because nothing concerns the dead with the living.

African time is not a good time for good people. Since you won’t love to see people come late to your event, why then do you purposely go late to the events of other people? Beloved, late coming is one of the signs of irresponsibility, mark it bad and maintain punctuality in all you do. Yes, it is good for one not to care about what people say about them, but that doesn’t mean that one should spread their stupidity in public. If you show your cards, be ready to be deal with the hands. It is never cool to fake cool, for it makes one a fool. Proper timing speaks well of organized and coordinated people. One that doesn’t keep time can never keep promises. Thus, late coming can make one unreliable.

Dearly Beloved, add punctuality to your personal profile; mark it good and maintain it. Actions defines a person more than words. Thus, the way you act speaks more of you, than all you say about yourself. Just as it’s improper for a bride to keep her groom waiting, late coming is very bad for business. It never matters to people, if it is not a matter of the people. The things that happen to you don’t matter to people, all that matters to people, are the things you do as a person. African or American time don’t matter, for late coming is a sign of irresponsibility everywhere. Many failed to accomplish their visions, because they came late to their missions. What will it take a person to prepare ahead of time, and be at a scheduled event on time? Nothing! It takes nothing! Being responsible is a duty. If you want to change the world, first change yourself. We know all these things, but we always pretend no to know these things…



X: @Victorviri

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