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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024


Beware, the same oath you took can take your life. Remember the covenant you made, and never forget to keep its commandments. (Lordvip 7:7) If you swear it, you must keep it. Loyalty has no end, not even for royalties. Thus, understand it before you undertake it; for there’s no reversal on regrets. If you ever swear it, be serious with it.

Why would a person join what he/she doesn’t enjoy? Why swear to it, if you’re not sure of it? Did you do it for you or for them? Now that you’re in, there’s no way out. Covenants and commandments go hand-in-hand. This world is ruled by rules, which all must follow, if they don’t want to be ruined. There’re no exceptions to rules, not even for rulers. Empires rise and fall, but great men rise from the ashes. It is not enough to say that you believe, for if you do not truly believe, you risk being misled by your disbelief.

“Vivit post funeram virtus – Virtue survives the grave.” People care less about what you do, as long as you are not careless with what you do. We know the good and we know the evil, for excuses shall not make anyone an exception, to the consequences of their choices. As you sow, you must surely reap, when they ripen. With this in mind, everyone knows exactly what they are doing, stop making excuses for stupid people. Ignorance is only bliss to the dead, for the living must pay for their mistakes while they live. Calm down, you are not the smartest; your cup is not yet full. Time is judicious in judgement.

Church, cult and culture are the same, for every organization seeks its progress the way they know best. One thing common amongst these organizations is undying loyalty till death. Endless service on earth. Without blood bonding them together, the essence of the brotherhood is a joke. The blood of Jesus Christ unites the church, the blood of sacrifices solidifies cults, and the blood of the ancestors empowers cultures. Without sacrifice, there’s no salvation. You must suffer, if you must succeed; that’s why success is not easy. If you don’t work for it, why worry about it? If you waste the wait, you turn to waste yourself. Time minds its business, why don’t you mind yours? If you commit, stay committed. Beloved, cut your coat of oath according to your strength, for regret is real.

“Ne sit summum malum dolor, malum certe est – Granted that pain be not the greatest evil, it is surely an evil.” Beloved, if you want the glory, you must have the gut for it. God, gods, and goddesses all need sacrifice from you, for it’s a mark of salvation. You are committed to the covenant once you swear the oath. Disloyalty is disobedience, and the punishment is pain. The soul that sins shall suffer, for our sins always seek us out. Be you whoever or whatever; once your time is up, you shall go down like the rest of all before you. So is the fate of everyone here on earth. Nemesis is not for your enemies only, because you and your loved ones are no exceptions to the natural laws of life.

While the ship sails safely in the sea, it is cruise for the entire crew, but unprecedented events like storm or shipwreck makes the entire crew go crazy when it happens. Swim or sink, every man shall fight for his safety alone. Everyone cannot sink, if the true story of the storm or shipwreck is to be told and believed. Only those on board knows what happened on board; any other story is a hearsay and not original. Consequently, be prepared for the storm, and be ready to save yourself against shipwreck. The cruise can turn to crazy anytime; so, if you must sail, toast to the oath, and tighten your coat. Anybody can easily look at their own shit, but frowns at the sight of others shits. If you don’t learn to live life by yourself easily, you may end up learning it the hard way. If you refuse to learn from the experiences of others, fate will make others to learn from yours. Mistakes or mischiefs, lessons and regrets are ingredients of people’s experiences.

Dear human, only you know where you truly belong and what you truly believe. What people see is what you show people. Don’t pay ears to what people say, for people must say anything that they like to say. No matter who you are, they must talk about you. If you’re rich, they must talk. If you are poor, they must talk. If you are pretty, they must talk. If you look like porridge, they must talk. Nonetheless, only you know who or what you truly are. Seal these words of wisdom to your soul: “You shall be judged by your conscience, based on the things you know and do.” You are accountable for both your actions and inactions. Beloved, know this and know peace; your words and your silence are signals of speech. In life, none can be in the middle, you are either on the right triangle or on left triangle. Nevertheless, the sneaky may think that he/she is smart, and others are stupid. But only the sneaky is stupid, for everyone knows where everyone belongs. You can hide your tail, but you can’t hide your trails. Your secrets are not safe.

Dearly Beloved, be humble and contented with the things you have. Be okay with who you are and stop wasting time trying to be who you are not, for you can only be you. They will never tell you about the whole commandments till you commit to the covenant. Remember, once you swear the oath, there’s no going back.


X: @Victorviri

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