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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024


Yes, you’re only human, but you can do it. You can pass through it. You can take so much, but you can never have enough. Too much is never enough. Pain is not permanent, so it shall pass. With each passing pain comes another, for there’s no human nor animal who’s free of problems on earth. Now ask yourself: What are you willing to do? Of course, something must be done if want something. Beloved, nobody is given all they want in life, for there are peculiar things that you must take, if must have them. Thus, if you want it, be bold to take it by any means. Nothing is sure in life, except death.

From worries to wonders. Ever wondered why your worries seem endless? Because you keep worrying, even when it’s unnecessary. When all you do is worry, how do you expect wonders to happen. Beloved, unless you rid yourself of worries, your wonders won’t ripe. Only you can hold yourself back from your blessings. Quit blaming witches and wizards for your burdens; you’re more powerful than them if you believe in yourself. The problem with people is that they don’t believe in themselves, but they want people to believe in them. Check out this stupid scenario: how can someone believe in you, when you don’t believe in yourself. Don’t you know that if you keep thinking and doing it wrong, nothing right will ever rise for you? If you want to be happy, make it happen.

Beloved, your pains are your personal problems, blame no one and embrace them. Everyone has their share of pains and problems, but deal with them differently, as they come differently. It is wise to deal with your situations silently, for most helpers are silent haters. People don’t know anything about you, except what you tell them or show them. Listen carefully, display your strengths and control your weaknesses; for strengths are appreciated, while weaknesses are abused. Never think that you deserve pity from anyone for your pains, for sorry is all you will get for your sorrowful stories.

On the other hand, many await news of your misery, so that they can merry over it. Not all sorry are really sorry, for some are scorns. Be shameless and fearless, for nothing can shame the shameless; and the fearless has nothing to fear. Beloved, words are not waters; learn to keep your worries to yourself, for not many want to hear them. Many don’t care, so don’t be careless with your emotions. Yes, during personal crisis, family and friends are few; while foes are many. Always be careful beloved. Why cry a river, when you can’t swim in it? The world holds many wonders to behold, you only need to believe beloved. Yes, possible is in impossible. There will always be problems, but let there be peace; and progress shall follow. Beloved, make peace with your pains, for they can be a source of strength to you amidst tough times. No trials mean no triumphs.

“Spera Meliora – I hope for better times”. Beloved, find comfort in your pains, for only you can comfort yourself best. Be happy on your own. The best thing you can do for yourself, is to always be at your best in everything. Do your best always and leave the rest to rest. If the stress is too much to handle, kindly sleep. Let your mind rest from stress, for worries ignite weaknesses. Nonetheless. Connect with your inner mind of thoughts and feelings. Let your mind be enchanted. Engage in activities that you love. Read books. Listen to music. Watch movies. Exercise, endure the lessons of life and enjoy your life. Yes, it is possible, you can force yourself not to lose focus. Even if you lose everyone and everything in life, never lose hope and focus in life. Be patient beloved, for pains don’t pain permanently. Hence, you must wake from your dream, if you want to dream again. No matter how anyone sugarcoats it, the true truth remains that vanity is forever vanity. Beloved, why are you worried about people and things that shall fade one day. If they don’t go before you, you may go before them. Death happens.

Give light to the souls in darkness. While you’re busy doubting yourself, many persons are intimidated by your potentials. Beloved, use what you have to get what you want. Never let your talent to stay latent. Be free, be humble, be honest, be disciplined, be teachable, be patient, be prayerful, be persistent, be tolerant, be respectful, be resilient, be loyal and royal. Become a person of value, and people will value you. Whoever or whatever you become, be the good one, for that’s what matters. Watch what happens when you break free from your worries; for wonders shall never end. Be built for any weather, season your yourself for all seasons; always be you. All the things you want to be can be, for only time can tell the time. Desist from being desperate to get all you desire, for death shall take away everyone and everything. If you close and open your eyes for a second, you will understand that darkness and light are phases that passes.

Dearly Beloved, manifest your miracles yourself. Wait not for any messiah, for none may come. People merry and people mourn. One day for this, another day for that; change is forever constant. Live to not forget, and love to not regret. Whatever happens, happens for a reason; but that should not be a reason for you to sink in sorrow. If you overthink things, you burden your mind with great worries and avert great wonders. Yes, it is your mind, but you should be mindful of how you use and abuse it. You must overcome your worries before they can be over. Consequently, if you want wonders to happen, don’t stop at wishing but start working towards making them happen. A magician must practice magic, before he/she can be perfect in magic. Thus, worry less and work more.



X: @Victorviri


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