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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024


Before anyone and anything, he was; after everyone and everything, he still is. The greatest, the highest, the deepest, the most mystified and the all-knowing. What is physical without the mystical? Nothing, and absolutely nothing. Myths and legends, in mysteries and legacies; God is one with all. The only one called many names by many names. Our father, father of fathers and mother of mothers; the parent of parents. His glory reigns forever; for as above so below, and as within so without.

The Holy spirit is the highest spirit; one with the father and the son, the cross of the trinity. God is the beginning and the end; for there is no middle without his needle. Forever the same; as of old, so is the new. If God is not with us, no more us. What can we do without the powers of the unseen and the doings of the divine? Nothing, and absolutely nothing. Worship him in your own way, for there is no way without God. With God, mountains can be moved and waters can walk; for he is the mover of the immovables. God is the possibility of all impossibilities; he made the ways and the ways make ways for him, for he is also the way. Bow down; and he will lift you up.

Lord God is the creator, the mediator and the savior; the trinity. One that believes in God can never be belittled; for God is the mightiest and the strongest. God of everyone and everything, the maker and the destroyer; he can make you and still destroy you. Be humble, for there is none like God. If you are good, you are of God; if you are evil, you are of the devil and the devil fears God. God sees all and seals all covenants. Who are you to doubt that which you neither know nor see? Are you not afraid? The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and the unknown is the greatest fear. Hail God now and forever; for God can never fail. Prepare the way for the Lord, make way for the maker in your life; and allow yourself to be led blindly by the divine. Even though we see, none has ever seen God; but God sees us all. God is the torch of the sun and the tide of the sea, never you get tired of worshiping him in your own way; for God is the God of all gods and goddesses.

The creator, the keeper and the protector. Pray to the God that created you, and he will keep and protect you; for God is the stronghold that holds everyone and everything together. God reigns in all, above and beyond the universe; for he is the rain and the shine. The merciful father; he never leaves his children without guidance and grace. For the Jewish; there were judges, kings and prophets. For the Christians, there is Lord Jesus Christ; then, now and forever. For the Muslims, there was Muhammed. For the Buddhists, there was Buddha. For the Traditionalists, there are gods and goddesses. Worship God anyway, anyhow and anywhere; for he is today, the yesterday of today and the tomorrow of today. God accepts all worships, through all mediums, mages, sages and messengers. God is the oracle of orators; speaking to us through us for all ages.

Why pride yourself before God? Do you think that you are wiser than the wholes that worship God? Is it right to think wrong about the creator that gave you the mind that you use for thinking? Ask yourself, for you are just a mere ash. In a flick, you can be blown away; for you not more important than a fly. Bow very low, and you will be lifted very high. A man without manners has no one he calls master; for nothing matters to him except mortal things. Feeble things stir feelings in mortals; thus, they fill their minds with irrelevant things. Worship God without doubt, for there is no cure for death. God is beyond explanations; just believe and stop seeking explanations, for none knows the reason why we exist to still exit.

The almighty, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient; the life giver that is also the death bringer. The thunder in the sky and the quake of the earth; everyone and everything trembles, for God doesn’t need to remember what he knows. He sees us all; ask the seers. God is the source of all sources, the reservoir of all resources; ask him anything for good and he will give you the best. Man, connect yourself to your God; for he knows about all that concerns you. God is the birth of beginnings and the endless end. Before you he was, and after you he will still be; the root that made everything with no tool. God is the words that made the waters, the landlord that never collects rent for the lands we all walk upon; look upon him and give him all the glories. His greatness has no limits nor bounds, for everyone and everything belongs to him; God is the greatest.

Freedom and freewill; God is the merciful maker. God made us and gave us freedom and freewill, to obey and disobey him; for all choices have consequences. He knows that we know, for he made us in his own image; but we do not think like him. If man were God, no man would live. Nonetheless, thank God that God isn’t a man or a woman. God is everything, for he is in everything; and for everyone. Bring everything to God, for everyone must bow to him; now and forever. If God is not for us, we would have been consumed like goods. The sun is above us, the waters surrounds us, and there are fires below the abyss; God can make everyone and everything disappear as they appeared. Be a humble human.

Dearly Beloved, be prayerful; for God is the answer to all your questions. God is the YES that NO fears. Live with faith, and never be afraid of your fate; for God is the writer and the director of all the scripts we act here on earth. Only God knows when the show began and when it will end. Never live in doubt of the existence of the divine, for the mystical is spiritual; and greater than the physical. We are nothing but bodies with souls. Good shall reap good and evil shall reap evil. Never let any fool to fool you about God; don’t let them delude you into believing that there is no God, for there is God and he is the greatest.



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