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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024


If you don’t deal with your demons, your demons will deal with you. The battle of life is physical, but the war of life is spiritual. There’s no end to adversities and adversaries. More progress equals more problems, for pains are always present in our lives. What kind of life is this? A man battles with his demons, and also the demons of others. There can never be peace, till all perish. As abnormal became normal, demons became more demanding. Demons live in us and amongst us, busy making life miserable for us, through us. Demons use people against themselves, and against other people.

Destructive demonstrations and disastrous displays; demons like dramas. Sneaky like snakes, they penetrate minds and operate through people. The devil is a liar, but many souls still believe in the lies. Many are dead alive, amongst multitudinous walking dead. We hear about them in sorrowful sorry stories, we read about them in books, and many have seen with their eyes; how deadly demons are. It is hard to believe it, till it happens to you. The sorrowful stories of others receive our sorry, while the sober soul suffers in silence. Some situations are so scary. We don’t know who to trust, because we hardly trust ourselves. There are endless examples of experiences that are beyond explanations.

The first process in dealing with demons is to know their names. You have to identify them, before you can deal with them. Knowing your demons is as important as protecting yourself. If you don’t know them, they will destroy you. Ignorance is never bliss, cut that bullshit; for knowledge is power. Knowledge will aid you in differentiating between reality and illusion. Sometimes, your mind can play tricks with you. Be careful beloved, for not all you think are what they really are. Many facts are farce and false. Your demon can be a situation or a habit. Is it lust? Is it hate? Is it alcoholism? Is it smoking addiction? Is it greed? Is it envy? Is it selfishness? Is it wickedness? Is it violence? Is it ignorance? Whatever it is, you must identify it, before you can control it. When you have identified your demons; you have solved 77% of your problems on earth.

“Nihil agendo homines, male agere discunt – By doing nothing, men learn to act wickedly.” Dealing with demons is no easy deal, for they demand deaths and destructions of souls. Manipulative in nature; demons are deceitful and deadly. Decoding the demands of demons is essential in dealing with them. Exorcisms may expel the external demons in you, but your internal demons are eternal. Your internal demons are part of you, such that there’s no parting ways with them. You either make peace with them or you fight them forever, for there can never be peace amongst the living till death. Since your demons are sneaky, you can be sneaky too to succeed. If you surrender, you may be slaughtered. Thus, till you die, you must keep fighting to protect yourself from evil. Never slack, because demons never sleep. Stay strong and sane in your lane. Most importantly, mind your business, and never be busy for nothing.

Troubles shall try you with terrible trials, but never let yourself be distressed. Smile through all situations, be it good or bad. You mock demons whenever you stay happy amidst havocs. Their purpose is to paint you with pains, but you can fail their plans by being pleased. Imagine a life where money worries drift away, like autumn leaves carried by a soft breeze. But money worries don’t fade away for everyone. Angels and Demons live in everyone; they’re innate, and they operate differently. The one that works for you, depends so much on what you’re working on. Although, most times, evil rules the mind of people, and they manifest evil in their attitudes, words and actions.

“Mali, male, malum, licunt – The wicked pray for evil in an evil way.” This is not a daydream. You’re a supernova of potential, that much is clear evidence that you can evict demons, with or without their permissions. “Quis est cui non posit malum evenire? – Who is it to whom evil cannot happen? Talk to your demons, they listen; as angels do. If you’re determined to deal with demons, you must be disciplined. If you’re not principled, you cannot overcome principalities and powers; because their influences are too overwhelming. Thus, you must learn to control your emotions in all circumstances. Once you’re composed physically and spiritually, instead of being overwhelmed by the antics of demons, you will overcome them tactically. To have peace, you must be patient and prayerful. Without peace, there can never be progress. So, you need to protect your peace of mind at all cost; least, you risk losing your mind over demonic distractions.

Dearly Beloved, stand strong in all situations, and you shall sail and never sink. Don’t mind everything people say and do; for many are ignorantly under the influence of demons. Consequently, if you let yourself be influenced by the choices of others; be ready to face the consequences without regrets and blames. Take command over yourself; you can command your demons, and they will obey. Fear is your enemy; for without courage, you cannot be a conqueror. Demons feed on your fear, guilt, shame and sin. Free yourself from your fears, guilt, shame and sin; and you shall be free of demons. Demonic attacks are real; but there’s nothing that God cannot do, for all who pray and trust in him. Feed your spirit with hope, of a greater future, and you shall never be hopeless. Look to the stars always, for there’re magics, miracles and mysteries in the sky to unravel. The best way to deal with demons, is to have a disciplined spirit; for nothing can distract it. Once you have mastered self-control, there’s nothing you cannot control physically and spiritually. Exit evil from your mind, and let only good dwell-in.



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