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Tuesday, 07 February 2023


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You choose or don’t choose, that’s an act of choice. There are no coincidences or the illusions, things play out as planned or pranked. There are no two ways about it, practice or pretense; people see only what they want to see, or what is there to see. Therefore, before you seek pity, just remember that the world is wicked and not empathic. If you refuse to choose, the world will choose for you. Ignorance isn’t bliss, it only blinds. Whomever you are, wherever you are, whomever you are with, whatever you are doing; none is a mistake, it is your mission. You must accept things as they are, before you can change them and move forward. On the contrary, rejecting the obvious will only lead you to oblivion. For instance, if you don’t know something and pretend to know it; you will never know it. If you tell yourself the truth, it would be hard for others to manipulate you. When you don’t know yourself, the people that know you will control you; because knowledge is power.

Equality is not equity, it is utopia. You can’t expect life to balance, when many humans lack balance diet. We live in an unfair world; when you are lucky, someone is unlucky. You passed, someone else failed. People are rich and others poor. Many are healthy, and many are equally sick. Every good side has a bad side, for opposites must coexist to ensure equilibrium. If your case is different, it is because you are different; and not cursed. Poverty is not a curse, failure is not a curse, sickness isn’t curse; they are just courses humans pass through in life; only the dead is ever free from problems. Situations can change people just as people can change situations. There is no myth, mystery, magic, and miracle to it. Things happen when it’s time to happen, and fade away when it’s time to fade away. Most times, people don’t acknowledge themselves; instead, they attribute their conditions to whatever they believe is justifiable. This explains why people misappropriate appreciations and trade blames. A make-believe with a heavy make-up; lies we tell ourselves just to feel at ease, as if everything is easy, but it’s hard for us to accept the truth.

Fortunately, or unfortunately; it is what it is. Whether you make it or break it, it is what it is. White is white, and black is black. White can never be black because you said it or someone else did. It was white is still white, because the mere appearance of what it is, is still what it is. Fake it till you make it; people only know what you tell them or show them. Likewise, people don’t care if you’re careful or careless; everyone has their share of problems. So, self care is not selfishness, but security. Therefore, if you let people know your insecurities, they will use them against you. But, why do you even care about what people think or say? Truth or truce, you know yourself better than anyone. If you know what it is; none can fool you with what it ought to be, nor what it should be.

Rich or poor; you are not the first, and won’t be the last. Forbes claim to know the richest, but know nothing about the poorest. Of course, success is celebrated while failure is relegated. Yet, rich or poor; we all die with nothing. It is awesome to be rich but don’t be proud; it is awful to be poor but don’t be pathetic. Always remember, situations change, but never let them change you from being practical, persistent, patient and prayerful. Rich personality; you may have all that people strive and starve for, but your achievements don’t make you a better human than other humans. A rich-wicked-human is nothing to humanity. Life is transient; while you raise your standard of living, also raise your standard of giving. If not for nothing; if you won’t help, don’t make life a hell for others who aren’t as privileged as you are. Resist the urge to intimidate the poor, your blessings shouldn’t be curses to others. Once had is not a property; you could still lose it the way you got it. Time negates everything and everyone with it; never play god, you’re just human.

Poor fellow; you may not have it all, but you have life; so, never despair nor be too desperate. Poverty is not an excuse to commit crimes. If you chose to be rich the wrong way, you could lose the little you have chasing more; worst, you could lose your life and still die in regrets. Just imagine; if every poor person were to steal, would there still be anything left to steal? Look around you, there’s at least a poor person that became rich through hard-work; so, why not you? Never forget, it doesn’t end here on Earth; there’s a life after this life. Don’t fail your test in this life, to carry it over to the next. Whether you believe it or not; there’s judgement, and there’s an Afterlife. Nevertheless, worthy or worthless; “as you make your bed, so you shall lie on it”. That’s not my proverb, but, whomever said it isn’t insane. “What you sow, you shall reap”; the bible is an affirmation. Take it easy, but don’t be lazy. Be patient is not an excuse to procrastinate. The world is full of wealth since its birth, but it is your responsibility to get what you believe you deserve; it’s your birthright. Never let anyone delude you; if you don’t get served what you deserve, reverse and repeat till you get it.

Conversely, as hard as the truth is to digest, it doesn’t cause ulcer. Take it or leave it, everyone won’t make it; and not all who make it, keep it. Making it may be difficult, but keeping it is what makes the difference. Moreover, if you keep struggling to make it, keep up the struggle, you stop when you die. It’s better to die trying than to give up. Who give up, f**k up!

Dearly Beloved; accept your fate with faith. Pray to God, to give you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to the things you can; and the wisdom to know the difference. It is what it is, problems are endless, and progresses are limitless. Therefore, be relentless in your pursuit of greatness. All that glitters may not be gold, but still check it first; none can tell what they don’t test. Sometimes, one must add or minus something, to get something at a given time. Take risks you can risk!

Mazel Tov 🌠⏳ 🕊️

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