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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024


Latent talent is a wasted talent!

Potential to prowess; if talent remains latent, it dies with time. Resources not put to use is considered unwanted, and thus discarded. Call it anything; talent, skill, potential, knowledge and wisdom, once dormant, it is good as dead. The essence of education is to nourish our talents and make us valuable to the society. Although, this essence is complicated; nonetheless, the fact remains that the essence of education is not to make people dependable on the society, but the society to depend on people. There is no society without people, and there’s no need for people in the society if they are without talents.

Misplaced priorities, that’s the foundation of career complications and confusions. Most people don’t know what they want, because they don’t know what they have. None is without it, but many don’t know how to use it; talent. First, you have to know that you have it, believe in it, then use it. As within, so without. Talent is an inner aspect of a person, it comes from within, that explains why none is without it. Nonetheless, the crucial part of talent is in its nurture. Without nurture, there’s no growth; and that which don’t grow or stopped growing must die.

Division of labour; You don’t have to do what everybody is doing, because everybody is doing what they have to do. The contemporary society have forced people to pursue only that which pays well, even when they can’t do it well. Thus, people neglect their talents for that hustle which puts food on their table. No blames on anyone; you have to survive and sustain, before you can succeed. This case scenario is another good explanation why there’re high level of inefficiency in several sectors in the society, because the wrong people are occupying the right positions.

Ignorance is not bliss, never was, and will never be. A lot of people have lots of problems, but their major problem is that they never seek to know the root of their problems. If you don’t know the root of your problem, you can never solve it, because you can’t address nor redress what you don’t know. Likewise, if you don’t know your talent; you will never use it. You have to know it and work on it, before you can use it. Geniuses may be born, but some earned it; through relentless strategic efforts to their visions. There is magic, but it’s still mystified. There is miracle, but it’s by grace. Nonetheless, there is success; but you must work hard for it.

Nothing goes for nothing. If you don’t work on your talent, it will depart from you with time. The essence of talent is to develop yourself and the world around you; therefore, if you don’t use it, it will pass unto someone who will. Even if your destiny is to be the greatest artist to step foot on earth; if you don’t work on yourself, you may never be an artist. Talent cannot be forced but formed; if you have it you have it, if you don’t you don’t. No two ways about it; if you force yourself or someone else forces you to become what you are not, people will shame you for being fake and untalented. That is why practice may make perfect, because talent must be nurtured like a baby. Positive growth requires positive attention, for talent not tested can’t be trusted; and thus latent.

Never get it twisted; education may help nurture talent, but talent is independent of education. In a like attitude, education may make one brilliant; but it is talent that makes one intelligent. For instance, entertainment and sports have the most adored public figures globally; yet, most didn’t earn their admiration from education, but as a result of their individual talents. Most skills in the world were not learnt in school, because people can school themselves in developing their talents. Consequently, many people have several excuses why they couldn’t pursue their talents; many blames it on finance, parents or guardians, and some would blame it on societal norms and values, others on religion. But the truth they all refuse to accept is that, only them stopped themselves.

Pray until something happens; push without pause, till you have so many pluses in your accounts. Turn that hobby to hustle; if it isn’t paying, it isn’t worth it. Yes, it is good to have fun, but some people have the same fun and still get paid for it. If it is not about the money, it could be for the fame; best if it is for the family or for God. Talent is a process of development on its own; if you develop it, it will develop you and the people around you. Conversely, identification before development. Most people are very good at so many things, such that they are confused on which one is their actual talent. It is not a rare situation; because some people are actually multi-talented in nature. Talented or multi-talented; all that matters are the values created with them, and the impact on the individuals and the society they live in.

Very important pledge, your talent mustn’t pay you. Therefore, don’t think that you don’t have talent because it isn’t paying you; some talents are sacrifices to the society. For an instance; the choristers, pianist, guitarist, and band-members in a church all have talent, yet nobody pays them. Along the line, some of them would dump those talents to pursue other beneficial careers, which are humanly understandable. Without constant practice overtime, those talents would fade, and thus become latent. The same goes for talented singers, footballers, dancers, actors, artists, writers amongst other talents; once not in practice, it is a mere hobby, because hobbies get dumped with age and time.

Dearly beloved; some talents may be inborn but some others can be learnt. If you desire to become something great, you must put in great efforts to achieve that desired greatness. There’s no magic, miracle nor myth to it; if you want it, you work for it. Before you blame others for not helping you develop your talent, blame yourself first; because there are many routes to a particular destination. If truly you want to be great, and you work zealously towards it; your chances of attaining it is high. Nevertheless, there will be obstacles in the process of actualizing your dreams; but that’s what make it real. Never let your talent to be latent!



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