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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024


Money may not make all your problems to go away, but more money will make them less. Maybe you don’t understand but calm down, you will understand soon. More money means less problems, more progress. It may sound funny, but no money means no fun. More money, more fun. Quit playing with your dreams and embrace reality because money doesn’t sleep. Money is never judgmental, for anyone can have it. Money doesn’t know who’s good and who’s evil, for as long as you work for it, it will work for you. If you don’t work for it, don’t worry about it, because luxury is not for the lazy.

Day and night, men and women hustle for money. The root of all our problems on earth is poverty, but many people refuse to face that ugly side of reality. Poverty is the absence of progress, and the full presence of problems. A poor man doesn’t sleep in peace, because poverty is a sickness worse than insomnia. Worse still, many people add ignorance to their poverty. Most times, ignorance is the major cause of poverty. Since information is power, then progress is for people who have the ability to process it.

Too much is never enough. There’s much to be done with much money, and there’s few to be done with few. Thus, nothing can be done with no money. Yes, you cannot live forever, but you can still live life in full while you live. That the earth is not our permanent place, doesn’t mean that we should be poor and suffer in it. Beloved beware, not all sufferings end in success, for many suffer without solution. You can only do what you can do, and you cannot do what you cannot do. So do you best and snub the rest.

The test of time has neither end nor limit, for people are free to prosper as they wish. Contrastingly, poverty has proven to be the root of all problems, for many people perish against their wish. If only people can boldly admit the ugly truth, maybe things would be fine. Money takes care of everyone and everything. Just as health is wealth, so is wealth health. Don’t fool yourself, for there’s no free treatment for typhoid. There is no medicine for madness. The free health-care program was paid from the taxes of the citizens. If you don’t pay for it, another will pay for it. Importantly, it is wise to know that there are sicknesses that are beyond the financial capacity of an ordinary rich person. It is no news that many people sell their wealth to save their health, but not everyone shall be saved. Somebody somewhere lost the battle because of insufficient funds. It was not that they didn’t have, but what they had was not enough to save them.

“Timeo ut sustineas labores – I fear that you will not gold out under your toil.” Hard work will fetch you food to eat, but it may not be enough to scare away the things that want to eat you. Money is security, for it secures both the man and the mind. Lack of money ignites poor mental health; for you cannot think well, if you don’t feed well. A hungry man only desires to eat first, before any other thing. How can a poor man prosper, when he only thinks of his problems? “Bulvis et umbra sumus, non sum qui mortis periculo terrear - We are dust and shadow, but I am not the man to be frightened by the fear of death.” Beloved, before you die unwell, try your best to live well to the full.

Make more money while you live, for more money can give you more life. Money may not guarantee happiness, but you can never be truly happy without it. There’s no peace and progress where problems live. A poor man’s plan is a poor plan, for without capital, stating it is a total waste of time. Don’t fool yourself if you don’t have the funds. To have fun, is to have funds, and more money equals more fun. Beloved, never you settle at just having money, make more money; for multiplication solves complications like equation.

Dearly Beloved, if you want to live your dreams, you must first wake from sleep and slumber. More money means more life, joy, peace, love, light and lots of fun. Don’t let hypocrites fool you with vile twists of truth, for you need money just like fish need water. How can one survive without sustenance? Family and friends are the same as foes, for everyone needs money for peace and for war. Consequently, more money guarantees more comfort and more weapons. Life is a battle, prepare in prosperity.


X: @Victorviri

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