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Saturday, 03 December 2022


Rich; the uncertain destination, everyone dreams to reach. Unfortunately, everyone is not destined to be rich. How painful it must be, to finally realize that being rich is far within your reach? If all dreams come true, none of us would be here? It is alright to dream, but don’t let dreams fool you; if you don’t work for it, you won’t have it. Thus, if all that work for it don’t get it; what then is to be said of you, that’s only hoping for a miracle or magic to happen? Every child’s dream is to be a super-hero; but many grow up being the villain. If all the money we dream about were to manifest, our minds can’t imagine them; neither can banks hold them.

Dream and drill; while you dream of being rich, remember that some people are richer than your dream in reality. Richer than a dream, that’s the real deal. Nonetheless, it is self-destructive to set limits for yourself. dreaming requires drilling to be real; the more focused and persistent you are, the more likely you’re to make your dreams to come true. Worries without work is worthless. Hope without hustle is a home for the hopeless; for without work, one is likely to be homeless. You mustn’t sleep before you dream, and you mustn’t dream when you sleep; for your dreams need you awake and not asleep to be accomplished. If you don’t get it, keep dreaming.

Dreams are different, and not every dream is remembered; but the dream that wakes you up, is never forgotten. The Joseph of the Old Testament was a dreamer, and later a Governor; while the Joseph of the New Testament was a carpenter, and later the father of Jesus. Different personalities, similar mission; to save Israel and mankind. The wise said that dreams are paradise to fools; because fools imagine the unthinkable. But when the unthinkable manages to happen, the wise seeks advice from fools. A friend of mine that sleeps a lot; when asked why he loves to sleep a lot, said: “life in dream is better than life in reality.” Again, he was asked if he doesn’t feel hungry; to which he replied: “you only feel hungry when you’re awake, for the dead eat and drink no more.” This friend of mine may sound poetic, but he has a problem; for humans should not believe in their dreams, more than they believe in themselves. Don’t twist it; believe in your dreams, but believe in yourself more, for some dreams can be deceitful and destructive. Thus, if you dream to be rich, plan to be richer, for that’s how the richest emerged. Nobody dreams to be poor; some people are just unfortunate and unlucky.

Richer than a dream encompasses all aspects of richness, and not just the financial and material aspects of it. The other aspects of richness which humans ignore, but are equally important includes: Health, wellbeing, happiness and talent; but since these facets of richness aren’t visible, we tend to not regard them as richness. Regardless, many still argue that money orchestrates everything; including the aforementioned hidden aspects of richness. But, till you have money, and forget what it means to lack it; only then will you realize that money doesn’t assure health, wellbeing, happiness and talent. Money may fake it, but can’t make it; you won’t feel it if you don’t feel it. Having money won’t make all your problems go away; but you won’t understand it, especially if having money is your major problem. Good health is richness, happiness is richness, wellbeing is richness, and talent is richness; for those who lack them are in the hospital, depressed and in rehabilitation.

You can be rich and not know it, if you are materialistic and ungrateful. Also, you may not be rich and still not know it, if you’re fake and proud. It is funny how people twist things; then, turn to grin their teeth at others. People would rather blame people for being the cause of their problems, the root of their poverty, miseries, lack of talent and loss of destiny; but never blame themselves, for at least doing nothing about those misconstrued misconceptions. Dull minds remain docile about their destiny; dreaming without drilling, drooling from dusk to dawn, and delaying till death. On the other side, smart minds dream and drill, and most times drill without dreaming; for not all wishes come true. As unfortunate as it is, most of those that dream of being rich are still poor, and still dreaming. Meanwhile, some others are not just rich, but richer than the poor could imagine; and richer than their dreams.

Rich or poor; your decision. The energy you give out, you receive back. Make it or take it; nobody cares, but just don’t lack it. If you lack money, you lack respect and likes; for everyone likes the rich and never a leach. People don’t hate you if you have nothing, they either pity you or despise you; they can equally pity you and despise you at the same time. In as much as it hurts and heals, the truth doesn’t lie. You love the rich because you dream of being rich one day. You don’t hate the poor, but also don’t like them, especially if they aren’t of any use to you; because you can’t imagine yourself being in such deplorable pitiable condition. Yet, many are poor and happier than the rich; but you won’t know that, because you believe that money is everything. Only God is everything, and money can never be enough; because the rich commit suicide too.

Very important pledge; don’t dream and delay. Go for progress, and stay away from problem. Yes, the rich have problems; but it is worse to be poor and still have problems. Money may never be enough, but it has the power to make sure that enough is enough. The humility of a man is tested when he has money, so is his integrity when he has power. But, the poor and powerless can’t be rated; because you can neither offer nor flaunt what you don’t have. Till you have it, those that have it will remain in control; and you can never do anything about it, if you never get it. Never confuse yourself nor complicate things for yourself; Intelligence and ignorance may share the same first letter “I”, but what you don’t know, you can never know, if you don’t seek to know it. Likewise, not all who seek to know or have it, will know nor have it. Some things are the way they are, because they were designed to be that way. In other thoughts, rich and poor are not destinies but designs; you become what you designed for yourself.

Dearly beloved; never force what you don’t feel. Before you sleep, pray that you remember the useful dreams and forget the useless ones. Conversely, don’t let your dreams limit you; you can be richer than who you saw in your dreams. You live in reality and not dreams, and people also die in their sleeps. Never forget, dream and drill; and you will be richer than a dream. If you must live, live life in full; you die once.

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