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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024


Whatever happens in life happens, for life happens to us differently. Be it good or bad; that is life. Take it or leave it, you’re not the only one. The feelings are different, just as the stories are different. Yes, only you can tell how you feel; for sorry doesn’t end sorrow. Pain is so powerful, such that it overpowers us, whenever we let it. It’s alright to be in pain. It’s alright to cry. It’s alright to wail. Sorry, but never let yourself sink in sorrow. Every stain has a story, but not all stories have a stain. Sorry for your sorrow.

Sorrowful sorry stories are everywhere. You may think that yours is the most painful, till you hear those of others. Your story may be sorrowful, but it is not the most sorrowful. Bad things happen to good people every time. No one is safe nor sane, for many souls are sick of sorrows. Life is full of endless journey of pains; the final destination is death. A man tries his best to stay healthy, yet sickness never stop to seek him out; even if he is wealthy. A man can build an empire for years, only for it to fall in a day. If his empire doesn’t fall, he may fall. To rise is never the problem; falling is the problem. If you fall, rise. Many fell and never rose again, while many rose from where they fell to where they are. Losses are like lucks in locks; for anyone can lose anyone or anything, at anytime. A man can lose all he has in life, before losing his life. The world is not a bed of roses, yet our pillows are full of thorns.

Turn by turn. There is no one to whom bad things don’t happen to, just that the reactions to those bad actions are different. While some people chase their losses, others just let go of everything. Who do you tell what? That you’re in pain, doesn’t mean that you deserve pity. Shit happens to everyone, deal with yours and flush it. You’re not the first, and you will never be the last. When you are the subject of sorrow, it feels like your story is worse; but the same people that tell you sorry were once in sorrow, and not done with it. Wake up and be wise. Sorry, there’s no end to sorrows. Nobody said that the sail would be smooth, for there’s always storm in the sea. Don’t be stunned; sail strong.

“Semper Fidelis – Always be Faithful”. Trust God, and you shall triumph over trials. All it takes is time, and everything will be alright. Sorrows don’t last forever, for there’s joy for everyone in everything. Sorry may not be enough to soothe your sorrows, but it is an act of pity for your pains. Since words are not waters, they’re never enough to wash worries away. “Post Proelium, praemium est – After the battle, is the reward”. Beloved, stay strong in all your situations, for that’s how you save yourself and your soul. Have peace within you, for life is not without problems. The end crowns the work; worry not.

“Viri per culis Magnis sapentia sunt – Men are freed from great danger by wisdom”. Beloved, use your head for yourself, before your enemies use it for themselves. Think before you talk. Reason before you reciprocate. Ask before you act. Relax before you react. Everything in life follows due process. Be careful beloved, least, your impatience can impale you. Be resilient and resist being a victim of your sorrows. Persist and pray, and you shall prevail over your problems. Do your best and leave the rest for God. Good can get better, and bad can get worse; but if you aways do your best, you need not fear the worst. Anything can happen anytime; so, be prepared like a prey avoiding a predator. Nothing is promised. In the land of the blind, anyone with vision is seen as a witch or wizard. Never let the opinions of others create obstacles against your progress.

After the rain, comes the shine. Nevertheless, many people complain that the rain is too heavy, while others criticize the sun for being too shiny. Attaining equilibrium is not for everyone. suffering doesn’t mean that salvation will come, for many suffer till death. The good feel that things are harder for them, and easier for the evil. But many things are not really as they seem, for material things doesn’t make one magnificent. Many are rich but look poor, while some are poor but look rich. The appearance of what it is, is said to be what it is. Thus, appearance is deceiving. Don’t believe all you hear and see, except what you can feel. In a like manner, not all you feel are real. So, don’t be ruled by your emotions. Be wise and live by wisdom, so that you can decipher the differences amongst many things in life. Many pray for wealth and forget health, without knowing that only the healthy can be wealthy. Ignorance is a sin against yourself. Teach yourself tolerance.

Dearly Beloved, work more on your faith, and worry less about your fate. Sorry for your sorrowful stories. Cry no more, for cloudy days shall pass too. When trials try to keep you down, stand up and revolt, so that you don’t give your enemies reason to rejoice. Stay stronger. I pray that you find peace amidst your problems, for that’s the surest way to progress. If you always worry about all the things that don’t work out for you, nothing will really work out for you; for worries weaken the efficiency of works. A lot happens to a lot of people. Many lose their lives. Many lose their loved ones. Many lose their homes. Many lose their investments. But none should lose hope in God. Never you lose hope!!!



X: @Victorviri



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