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Tuesday, 07 February 2023


Never forget! Thou Shall Not Be Caught!!

In a world where sinners are judging sinners for sinning differently, one can only hope not to be caught. There are eyes everywhere; the walls have ears, and the wind talks. You may not notice it, but secrets don’t stay hidden forever. If you don’t talk, someone will, unless you’re a one-man squad. That which you do, and think you’re the only one doing it; others are doing more. But everyone keeps their secret till it’s no longer a secret. Perhaps, you trust family and confide in friends; and believe you’re safe, when it’s just a matter of time. Time reveals and unfold things untold; believe it or not, your secrets are safe with you only in death.

The omnipotence of God is always present, for everything done at night shall come under the light. Evil never thrive for long, because choices have consequences. While you drink from your cup of atrocities, remember that it shall overflow when you least expected it. Just as man breaks all the tenets of the ten commandments, the eleventh commandment shall break him at the eleventh hour.

  • Saints outside, sinners inside; the four walls of the world are never enough to hide you from your sins. Yes, it’s pertinent you hide your sins from other sinners, because the same sinners will condemn you. People will not condemn you because of your sins, they will condemn you because you were caught. All vampires suck blood at night, but the one that comes under the light shall burn.

Nothing pleases a sinner, than seeing another sinner take the fall for the same sins they commit. Therefore, look before you leap, for the wicked hands of men will drag you down if you don’t succeed. Likewise, while you succeed, sustain, for failure happen when least expected, and that may be your trial time. Life is turn by turn, it will reach all who seek or sin, and there is no reverse from regrets. Before you blame someone else, blame yourself.

Never get caught up with your crimes, you criminal. You can only be careful, but never too careful, because the world we live in is careless. It’s not within your jurisdiction to decide how the events of life play. Fate plays a huge role in this multiverse; fouls found shall be penalized. Enjoy while it lasts, it rarely lasts. When it rains it pours; when you see the lightening, expect the thunder. The hand of fate shall catch-up with all evildoers, for the gods are not crazy; they are forever wise.

It is what it is, and it will be what it will be. Do whatever you must to succeed, the road to success is wide. Right or wrong route is your decision; once you embark, there’s no final destination. The journey is endless, but you can rest or quit; least, it ends in death. Nobody expects anything from you, people only know what you tell or show them. Your hustle is yours alone, never expect anyone to share the blames with you. People only share the grace, and never disgrace. Grace is general, while disgrace is personal.

Nemesis name the crimes; till you are caught, you remain innocent. Meanwhile, while you remain or pretend to be innocent, never be insolent. A secret is no secret if more than two persons know about it; one shall spill, and one shall be blamed. Importantly, a secret is better kept safe between two people if one person is dead. If not, it is just a matter of time; and the same time shall reveal everything. In your attempt to stay above-board, while you still sail sinfully; leave no trails behind, for every man sink alone.

Never be quick to judge, for you might judge and condemn yourself in the process. As long as you remain mortal, you are not free from mistakes and corrections. Only the gods are ever above board, because wisdom guides them. That you do and think people don’t know, someone actually knows, but kept quiet, because it is not your revelation time yet. Till you fuck up, then you will learn that everybody fucks up! It’s not only you; the entire world is guilty as fuck, but who gets caught, get all the blames.

We are capable of everything good and evil; the difference is in choices. Freewill is innate in all humans, but the choices man makes separate him from other animals. Yet, man is an animal, and some are deadlier than the vultures. Evildoers never believe they shall be caught, till they get caught. Always remember, your faith has less or nothing to do with your fate; because fated is fated. Therefore, never think that you can outsmart nature; for even Angels fear to walk on the paths of evil. Moreover, the evil that men do, forever lives with them. Time never forget, for all that lives shall have their trials.

As above, so below; the predator is also a prey. Man has strengths and weaknesses, and those factors act for him and against him. You can never be careful always, regardless of how hard you try. The same risks you take can equally risk you away. Never thread on the path angels are scared to thread on, because the Pandora’s box never closes back its elements of surprise. Conversely, thread cautiously, and if possible, cut the tree from the root; you mustn’t reap the fruits you didn’t sow.

Consequently, life is simple; but people complicate things. From books to movies, fictions to facts; the same storylines play in reality. Whatever you sow, you shall reap; if it didn’t ripe in your time, your generation shall inherit it. One way or the other, karma shall serve you the menu you ordered; dead or alive.

Dearly Beloved, it’s alright to care less, but never be careless; especially with matters that concern you. Be careful; least, your nemesis will catch up with you faster. Be guided in thoughts and actions; and most importantly, be guarded always physically. Anything can happen anytime and anywhere; there’s neither blisses nor excuses for ignorance. What you don’t know, seek to know; and practice what you preach. Never forget; nobody cares about your business, till you make it their business. It will never be about you till you get caught… Thou Shall Not Be Caught!!!


Mazel Tov 🌠 ⏳ ⚓

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