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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024
THE LIFE OF A CELEBRITY: Faith, Fate, Fame, Family, Fans, Facts, Fakes, Feelings, Fortune, Friends & Foes.

THE LIFE OF A CELEBRITY: Faith, Fate, Fame, Family, Fans, Facts, Fakes, Feelings, Fortune, Friends & Foes.

To be celebrated is not to be totally liberated; people only share in the joy, while overlooking the pain as if it is not there. A distinguished name, amidst the unextinguished pains. Whose fault? Nobody! Is it the celebrity that’s always flaunting the glamourous lifestyle? No, a celebrity will always act as a celebrity; there’s no camera in their hearts to picture their pains. Is it the crazy fan’s fault? No, a fan will always be a fan; they can’t see beyond what the celebrity shows them.

Typically, the celebrity is human just like other humans; fueled with the same desires, ambitions and feelings. A common person with an uncommon grace. Fame makes a whole lot of difference; making the celebrity seem perfect in all they do; at least in the eyes of their fans who adore them, more than they adore themselves. If given an option to choose; many would choose to be the celebrity and be sad, instead of being themselves and be happy. Nonetheless, who doesn’t like fame? Even those that write against fame, still engrave their names on the written pieces of defamation, hoping to be famous for writing against fame. But, with fame comes a lot of other things; the elements that constitute the celebrity life and lifestyles.

  • Faith: Everyone believes in something; God, gods, angels, devil and themselves. What one chooses to believe in is no concern of another. Salvation is personal, for only us can save ourselves. What the celebrity believes in doesn’t matter, for as long as they believe in themselves. To be able to do something that people love, is hard in this world filled with hate. People believe in the celebrity, because it is very evident that the celebrity believes in himself/herself. Even if you are an atheist; once you believe in yourself, people will believe you. Works over words; the halls and walls of fame depicts greatness, from zealous grinding of successes.
  • Fate: What will be will be, for it is what it is. There are no ifs in life, because the unseen can never be counted. If you will make it, you will make it. If you’re not destined for greatness, you won’t feel the urge to work to be great. The passion that drives you to be great, is the fuel of persistence that keeps the process alive. When the passion dies, you die; for many die many times before their death. Nothing is ever promised; for one that is loved today, can be hated tomorrow. No one has it together, even the celebrity is struggling; but you only see the success. The celebrity is scared of tomorrow just like everyone else, for nobody knows what tomorrow may bring; it could be the end of a career or a life. Fate is fated, regardless of one’s faith. Nobody is safe out here, we’re all survivors for now.
  • Fame: Hard to get, complicating to keep; easy to lose. Fame can fade as fast as it came. The pursuit of greatness knows no boundary and has no limit; it’s full of complications and capabilities. Just as many would do anything to attain fame, many would still do anything to keep the fame; the limelight cannot be without light. In a like manner, the appearance of perfection is perfection in itself. People will always see what they want to see, but more of what you show them. Many believe that the celebrity lives a happy life all the time; all because the celebrity is always smiling on camera. What else do you want to see? Don’t you know that a grin would sell them low? Since they are your idols, they have to keep up with the appearances and pretenses; nobody likes a sad doll. On the contrary; behind the scenes, beyond the cameras, out of the stage, away from public sight and alone; the celebrity lives with his/her own fears. When they say what and how they feel, people call it publicity stunt. May be, it is because the celebrity does it the celebrity way; making their pains seem entertaining. Everyone want to know what the celebrity is doing, but they don’t care to know how the celebrity is doing. Growing up as a child, I believed that Michael Jackson was Jesus Christ, until I was done with my Catholic Catechisms; that’s when I knew the difference. I so much loved and cherished listening to Michael Jackson than my parents. MJ never shouts, but sings to me; he was my flawless idol. After his iconic demise, I thoroughly read everything about Michael Jackson; learning about his pains and weaknesses. Minus the fame and fortune, I wouldn’t want to be Michael Jackson. I rather not entertain but be entertained, than to entertain and not be entertained. But still, the fame makes the difference.


  • Family: At first, they are glad for the limelight their family member has attained. With time, their lives will have to adjust to the celebrity life. So engulfed in the fame, fortune and frenzy; they won’t notice the gradual change in the life of the celebrity. The transition from a family member to a public figure, would be difficult for them to get comfortable with. They still expect the celebrity to be close to family than anything else; but the celebrity needs to be more about his/her career more than anything else. Consequently, they must adapt to the fact that their child, sibling and relation belongs to the world, more than the family; loyalty to the hustle. They either support his/her dreams, or prepare to lose him/her to the world. As family, they must share in the glories and the pains; because the celebrity life supersedes the family life. Yet, family first; because they were the first and will always be there when everything fades away. Never choose anything over family. Remember; Before you had it all, you had only family and nothing else. Should you lose them all; you will forever have family by your side.
  • Fans: Your favorite celebrity is human just like you. They are capable of making mistakes too, for nobody is ever perfect. Why do you go hard on them, when they commit the same crimes just like anybody else? Must you roast them on all social media platforms, before you realize that you are pushing the celebrity to depression? The same tongues that condemn R. Kelly today, will say how he was the king of R&B; how they miss him when he is dead. He is here now, and you are tormenting him with the same crimes, we are all capable of doing; even worse. You first liked the celebrity's talent before the personality. Why don’t you stick to the talent and leave their personalities alone, just like you would love your personality to be very personal. When you push them too hard, you push them to depression; then to the drugs. Likewise, stop the comparisons! They are different and unique; fans love them for different reasons. Let’s put an end to the “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi” debate. They may be the greatest of all time, but they’re not gods. Enough of the “Wizkid vs Davido” arguments; Burna Boy is also here. They are different stars with different lights; allow them to shine in their own capacities. Be a fan and not a foe. The celebrity is a fan to other celebrities. Your role model also has a role model; we are all playing our roles.
  • Facts: In the end, the facts remain that a celebrity will always be a celebrity; a fan will always act as a fan. In all, let our presence here on Earth be of value and not of evil. Together, we can heal the world; after we have healed ourselves. Live your life your own way, let the celebrity live his/her life free of fears.


  • Fakes: To maintain a fake life is way more expensive than being real. You have to keep up with the fake appearances; how long would you pretend to be what you are not? People fell in love with your talent and not your lifestyle. Till today, people still love Bob Marley; his uniqueness made him a legend. Your talent will keep your name for centuries to come; not your lifestyle. The expensive lifestyle of Floyd Maywhether, can never make him great like Mohammed Ali. You must not buy everything there is; both the ones you need and those you don’t need; appearance is not everything. Furthermore, the fake life is spreading, it has moved from celebrities to fans; people now want to live like the celebrities. Most times, people live beyond their means just to keep up appearances on the red carpets, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Don’t get me twisted. If you can afford the expensive lifestyle; live it to the fullest. This gospel is for those who fake expensive lifestyle; you’re risking your career and your life.
  • Feelings: Feelings are ever personal, and never judgmental; you either feel it or don’t feel it. Still, nobody cares about how anyone feels; if that feeling is not mutual. The celebrity is free to feel the way he/she wants to feel; not to please the society, but to please him/herself. Just like billions of common people in the world, the celebrity also has a heart that can be hurt. Most times, some feelings are never expressed; and such feelings suppress the mind. What you feel, the celebrity also feels; anybody can be loved and hated. You must not love who loves you, and who you love must not love you. We fall, we rise; the difference is in time. But some fall to never rise, for even the graced can disgraced when abused; stay humble and loyal.
  • Fortune: Fame ignites fortune, and fortune equally can create fame. Who has one can get more, for the allocation of grace is individualistic. We all struggle for success so as to make a fortune. The grind is for money, wealth and riches. Fame without fortune, is a fucked-up sentiment. Make it, keep it, and never lose it. Fortune comes to only those that dares to be great.
  • Friends: Yes! You might have grown up with him/her, or attended the same schools together. You all did everything together before the fame came. Now, the friendship seems lost, because there’s nothing else you people can do together anymore, even if you are also a celebrity. I understand, it’s usually hard to adjust to that feeling; but the celebrity still needs to move on. If he/she values your friendship, they will still make out time to link up with you. Nobody is ever too busy; people only make out time for the people they care about. But instead of envy, wish your friend well; even if they pretend to ignore you. To the celebrity, the years may seem long and time endless; but your friends are your friends regardless of personal ambitions. He/she that was there before the fame, will always be there after the fame. Don’t replace your true friends with those you met on the road to fame; for when you fall, only your true friends will be there to help you rise. Time is timeless, but our time in this world is very limited.
  • Foes: Hate, envy, discrimination and criticisms are unavoidable in life. Let them talk the talks, for talks don’t buy a tuxedo. Friends and foes are the same thing; till there’s a disagreement or dispute, you will never know the difference. Nevertheless, success attracts envy; but fear not, for only the unsuccessful and the greedy envies another’s success. Foes are fuels of motivation to do more, so that they can envy more; for none can envy what they can’t see. The celebrity is a magnet for both love and hate. There’s nothing one can do to end envy, except to kill his/her foes with success.


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