Do you truly fear the God in heaven; or are you just scared of the Devil in hell?

First before everything, God gave man dominion over everything on earth; and one with such power should not fear anything except the one who gave him that power.

·      Exodus 14:13 Fear not, I am with you; the battle is mine. Here, God assures us of his everlasting presence; His omnipotent dominion over us and our dominion over everything. Of course, we are to fear God, and not just fear him; but only him. Yes, the world is scary, but not too scary for us to be scared of death. When we die, we get born again in a new light and in a new presence; in fear of God.

The fall of man is sin, and sin is fun. Nonetheless, because of the fun associated with sin; man can never stop sinning. Meanwhile, man knowing that sin is an act of disobedience to God; instead of refraining, continues to repeat. Sin is crime and crime makes one scared of being caught. Yet, the sinner knows what he/she is doing; but still scared of the consequences of those sinful choices. For an instance; a disobedient child is not afraid of the parents but of the punishments; and if the parents care less, such child becomes careless. In the same vein, since humans can’t see God; they should fear him the more. God is the unknown, and the unknown is the greatest fear.

God is Omnipresent; everywhere and with everyone. The eye that sees all, the sun that shines upon the universe; and the light of the world. Only the fool pretends that there is no God; for without God, the very existence of humans isn’t different from animals. God sees us in all our doings; both the good and the evil. None can hide from God, because he is the light in darkness; and the darkness in darkness. Before we do it, he already knows; but still leaves us to exercise our freewill on earth. God is the God of every human, animal, and things on earth; and regardless of the divergent ways we worship him, all that matter is the good and the evil we do; for our consciences shall judge us.

The beginning and the end; man must fear God. But absurdly, man live in fear of fellow man. Practically, man fear man more than God. Yes, man is evil; but one with God should not fear evil. Continually, humans live in fear of what fellow humans can do to them here on earth, as if the earth is our permanent place; but we would all die and face the mysteries and myths of afterlife. Humans tend to fear death, as if they will never die; when both the predator and the prey faces the same fate of extinction; from the face of existence on earth. One day, we are here; and one day, we won’t be here. We came without knowing the route of our arrival on earth, and we would all depart earth without knowing the route of our departure. Since only God knows; man must live in fear of that knowledge of God. We are all in a transit, and that transit is transient; fear of God.

Wishes and witches; as we wish, others witch. The world is neither safe nor sane. We pretend to want the same things, but act differently. As others are working hard to make the world a better place, others are doing their possible best to worsen the bad situations. The evil one instills fear in people, because fear is an instrument of force and power. People would rather be obedient out of fear than out of love. They obey that they fear and disobey that they love; because love is soft, and fear is strong. Fear limits man from reaching his full potentials, and restraints his vision and foresight. If man fear only God, then, there’s nothing else to be afraid of; for one with God is a Victor.

Why should man fear man, and disobey God to please man? For what reason, other than for the vanities of life? For money, power and respect.  People pretend to be ignorant, so that they can bathe in carelessness; and still pretend to not know that there will be consequences for their choices. Only a prisoner pleases man, and displeases God; for one with freewill has the power of right and wrong. Therefore, each man shall be held accountable for the use and abuse of his/her freewill. To obey God is a choice, and to disobey God is equally a choice; but to fear God is a must.

The Jews and Christians worship God, the Muslims worship Allah, the Buddhists worship Buddha and so do other religions in the world; because we humans believe that a supreme spiritual being reigns and controls the universe. Conversely, all these religions preach the importance of being good, but the practices of its people reflect more evil than good. The man that fear God, keeps his commandment. Such a man may not be perfect, but he is equally not the worst of men; if not for anything, he would have peace of mind. No matter how people try to deceive themselves; there is no peace for an evil soul, in life and afterlife. The same sun that shines upon us, can burn us to ashes; fear of God.

Very important pledge; if you live in fear of God, evil will fear you. How dare any man boast of not being afraid of disobeying God? Not all who sleep at night, wake to see the light; and some fools still think it’s a privilege, when it’s a blessing. The laws of God are written in our souls, and God forbid that we pretend and play ignorance; for there is no bliss in hell. When you sin, you know; and God knows. Why pretend not to be afraid?

·      Hebrews 8:10 “I will put my laws into their minds, and write them on their hearts”. How then can you forget? Physical scars remind us of the pains, but we feel the pains no more, yet the scars stay permanent. In essence, sin scars our souls, and unless we repent and beg God for forgiveness; we would be far from his mercy and expose our souls to his wrath.

Dearly beloved; darkness has no power over light. God is the greatest, the brightness of the sun, the deepness of the ocean and the wave of the wind; all must fear him. Nevertheless, if you love and fear God, he will bless and cherish you; even though you fear him, he would cast his shadow over you. Never forget; If you fear men, they would never respect you; because you are neither their superior nor equal. The strong will always dominate and manipulate the weak, because the weak live in fear. Fight for your right, even if need arises to die for it; fight for justice and honor. Don’t spend the rest of your life living in fear of death, for you die once; and will never know when, how and where. God is the sole director of this movie we are acting on earth, and no matter what role we are playing, only him knows our exit and the end; fear of God!


Posted by Emeka Chibuikem

Free Mind| Writer| Political Scientist| Research Analyst| Freelancer| Editor| Lyricist| Poet| Actor| Motivator.

"Spreading the Gospel of True Truth".

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