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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024



Able gallant soldier, the image of an African Giant; Hallowed be thy gallantry. The restorer of peace in Africa; for Africa and from Nigeria. The Rock of offence nobody wants to offend; least you will be pleading Sir, Yes Sir!

Nigerian soldier, your obedience to the last order is unquestionable; that’s why you maintain order to the last command. There is no armour against your fate, for you walk into battles fearless of death just like the Spartans of old. The victories of your peace keeping missions in Africa is engraved on the heart of the continent; even the dead shows appreciation. The undisputed black soldier; our Army, our Air force, our Navy; ruthless on land, brilliant on air and indomitable in the sea; we appreciate your gallantry. We believe in history, I learnt a lot about you; thanks to Education for the good knowledge of you. I grew up with high ambition of sharing not just your membership; but, a history with your gallantry.

Today, I’m in great doubt; the present doesn’t correlate with the past. I would have concluded that history lied, but we’re all part of history; we can only write what we know. With what I know now; I wonder the type of history I would write for the next generation. Should I tell them, that the doubt started in my generation? I have been here right from the regime of Rtd Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida till this day of President Muhammadu Buhari. Remember, I can only write the facts I know. Honestly, these very facts seem fictitious; because I refuse to believe that gallantry fails. The Politics! Yes, politics strangles us from all perspectives. Politics creates distrust in our families, Politics divides our Communities, Politics disputes our Cultures, Politics retrogresses our Economy, Politics deceives us in our Religions, Politics depresses us in our Schools, Politics cheats us in Business, Politics is everywhere; none of its presence is ever good.

Now, Politics makes me doubt the gallantry of the Nigerian Soldier; but, I refuse to be disobedient nor disappointed; I remain disciplined amidst my disbelief. I won’t be surprised if the same Politics calls this exquisite piece of mine “Hate Speech”. I’m in a democratic dispensation, in this contemporary twenty-first century civilian administration; but it feels like the Military Regime of 1984. I wonder if we’re in a democratic administration or democratic regime; I hope you understand the contradiction? Consequently, it’s heart breaking that my Grandfather had more opportunities and rights than my generation; isn’t that frustrating enough to raise disturbing concerns? How am I supposed to be better than my ancestors; when my grandfather is still the leader of tomorrow? Is it till I see the wrinkles before I can see the rainbow?

My gallant soldier, how long will you allow the politics to sway you? Is it till we become frustrated soldiers of revolution and justice? The Frustration-Aggression Theory posits that if we remain frustrated for long; one day, we would become the aggressors out of frustration. That day isn’t today, but it might be tomorrow. It may not be in this generation, but I can’t decipher for the next generation. Remember that nobody wins when a Nation fight themselves. Violent justice may not be a good justice; but that is the only way justice is assured. The 21st century appeared very bright in the beginning; now, its light is fast fading with no substantial victory and vanquish. Many died with only memories of a failing country; dead compatriots cannot rise again. The only tales the dead can tell in the afterlife are those of:

  • The Militants in the Niger Delta
  • Boko Haram Insurgency in the North-East
  • Fulani Herdsmen in the North-Central
  • Bandits Operations in the North-West
  • Ritualists in the South-West
  • Kidnappers in the South-East
  • Evil Men in Nigerian Politics

The disciplined soldier, I’m certain you see what we see; before the gallantry you were first human and still is. You know the same truth we know, even better than us; you can’t be afraid of the truth because gallantry knows no fear. You are our Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter and friend; we are tired of losing you in endless politicized battles. Moreover, we want you to rise above the sabotage; we shun the agenda setting stories of the media, it’s also politicized. We can only relate with the fears and tears of the Bereaved, the widows, the fatherless children of the fallen patriots; but, gallantry should be appreciated and not mourned. You remain a hero; not many can face fear and sabotage and still remain relentless and fearless.

The Defender of the Nation, I chose to believe in you amidst my doubts; you cannot go down to remain down. I hope that you rise above this vile politics. History remembers that the gallantry started in 1966, with a fundamental and permanent impact on the political and social life of Nigeria.

Consequently, we would be possibly alright and assured if your Mottos motivates beyond motions.

  • To the Army; “Victory is from God alone”.
  • To the Air Force; “Willing…Able…Ready”.
  • To the Navy; “Onward Together”.

In addition, we appreciate your gallantry actions. Neither we nor history will ever forget your flawless military engagements in:

  • Congo Crisis
  • Nigerian Civil War
  • First Liberian Civil War
  • Sierra Leone Civil War
  • Conflict in the Niger Delta
  • Boko Haram Insurgency
  • Northern Mali War
  • Invasion of the Gambia

Consequently, don’t get me misunderstood nor twisted. I neither suggest nor imply any disobedience or uprising of any kind. “United we stand; Divided we fall”; don’t forget that nobody wins when a nation fights itself. The true truth I posit is that the soldier should not get swayed by politics. Politics complicates; Military Politics complicates absolutely. Dear Nigerian Soldier, I pray that you rise above politics.



X: @Victorviri


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