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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024



We hear, and read about it, till we experience and participate in it. It sounds like tales by moonlight, till it becomes tense with the sounds of missiles. War crimes and war cries, a period of perpetual purging. An endless streak of violence and violations; when brotherhood is only in arms. War romances with chaos, fucks with violence, cheats with evil and births destruction. War is evil, there’s nothing good about it; it turns good people to bad people. If so, why do you crave for war? Are you the god of war?

Truth be told; war is a part of man, a natural phenomenon to him. There’s no peace in this world, we just take a break from war till war breaks out. The break from the last war is the peace we enjoy while it lasts, and it can only last long enough to break out again, because it takes a man to cause a war, and other men will fight it, for him and against him. In the end, the Victor and the Vanquished both have something in common; they lost lives and properties. Nevertheless, destroyed structures would be rebuilt, but destroyed lives can never be regained. Cultures would be lost, and new enemies would be found. Hail or wail; the cries of innocent children that witnessed hell on earth, will condemn souls that caused war on earth to hell.

Man of Honour, there’s no honour in war, because both sides are guilty of committing war crimes. Killing a bad person doesn’t make the killer a good person. What honour is there in massacring people, destroying cities, displacing people, and pillaging homes? None, because the losses of others can never turn to our gains; for what is lost is lost. The problem is that, instead of seeking a solution to our problems, we settle for war as a last resort, then, come back seeking resolution after so much devastation.

Moreover, it is quite disturbing, as well as confusing, and illogical why men fight for another men’s mistakes. In trying to correct our mistakes through the wrong way, we make more mistakes, and deviate further from the right way. It ought to be words over war, dialogue over destruction, and bonds over bombs. The resources we lose fighting wars, if reversed, can be used in fostering developments and progresses. But, the egos of men must be fed, and sometimes, they consume the bloods of the innocents. Blood thirsty evil men; playing gods, and orchestrating wars for their own selfish purpose.

Conversely, the money that would have been used in saving lives, would be used in wasting lives; what a magnanimous waste? We pretend to love each other, when we don’t trust each other. Intriguing to imagine; Russia hosted the 2018 World Cup not long ago, a ceremony for fostering peace and unity in the world. February of 2022, Russia invaded their neighbors Ukraine, hosting a war that could orchestrate another World War. From harmony to harm; the same people we loved yesterday, we turned to hate today. Meanwhile, there is nothing to gain in war, except pains. Neighbors turned enemies, lives lost, hate heated, hope hopeless, properties perished, children orphaned, wives widowed, virgins violated, families displaced, and evil enthroned; war worsen everything.

We study history, but learn nothing from its events. Supposedly, studying of the past ought to be employed in shaping the future; yet we repeat the same exact mistakes meant to be corrected. The reason for this is merely a display of pride and power; the strong intimidating the weak. We pretend to be the same, but some that feel superior treat others as inferiors. Fellow human beings meant to protect themselves, fight themselves like animals; predators and preys. Aren’t humans foolish? We battle natural disasters, diseases, viruses, poverty, starvation, and still battle ourselves. Violence is not the best way to make our voices heard; a quite conversation is capable of converting a cruel hearted soul. Then, why the wars?

A look at the past wars, reveal so much similarities, of death and destruction. World War 1, famed the “Great War” 28th July 1914 – 11th November 1918; annihilated more than 9 million soldiers and 5 million civilians. Termed the Ottoman Genocide, combined with the Spanish Flu pandemic; the world was painted in blood, because it was the only colour available on sight. Then, the League of nations emerged to foster peace.

The League of Nations failed, and World War II erupted. From 1939 – 1945, Adolf Hitler reigned terror on the world. Termed the deadliest war in history, with more than 30 million lives lost. Unlucky were the souls present at such devastating epoch in human history, they had no peace, even in death. Genocide, holocaust, disease, starvation, and hate reigned; paving way for the emergence of a Nuclear Age. Although, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Fascist Italy fell; the world is yet to recover from the consequences of the second world war. Hiroshima and Nagasaki can never regain the same fresh atmosphere they had before their atomic destruction. It is quite unfortunate, that the fight for our survival is by the fittest, so we no longer care for our fellow humans just because we feel stronger and superior. The United Nations negated the League of Nations, but that wasn’t the end of conflicts of interest.

The cold heartedness of men ignited the cold war from 12th March 1947 – 26th December 1991. A period of ideological and geopolitical tension for global dominance between the Western and Eastern Blocs led by United States and former Soviet Union. Just two years after the World War II, the two major Allies that brought Germany, Japan, Italy and their allies to their knees, US and USSR kicked off a Cold War that lasted for 44 years and 9 months. This war was psychological, because the two opposing sides used other nations in fighting their wars, and restrained from direct conflict. Both United States and Soviet Union supported major conflicts known as proxy wars, and aided in the massacre of people in their struggle for global influence. Espionage, propaganda, expensive embargoes, and technological competitions marked this era. In the end, US established their monopoly over the world; USSR dissolved, and Russia emerged to continue from where they stopped. Today, the struggle continues, and their neighbors Ukraine, a fellow member of their defunct USSR their unfortunate victim. The irony is painful to imagine; they joined forces in the past, but their forces fight against each in this present time.

The absence of peace is the absence of progress. There’s no justified reason for war; it is the evil motives of men that birth chaos, violence, conflict, unrest, destruction, and displacement. In war, the two opposing sides have good reasons for fighting, for it is a struggle of interest. If there are no good reasons, how then do soldiers fight for an unjust cause? Is it merely for glory and power? Just when we thought that we were past some things, they resurge in new outfits.

Peace over war. There’s no benefit in conflicts; only evil men profit in problems. Both sides are never the same; the aftermath devastate nations. Just this 21st century; countries like Israel, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, Congo, among others are yet to recover from the upshot of war. Amidst all the bad things that had happened; the worse is still happening, and the worst soon to happen. When it is not happening where we are, we see it as a movie going on somewhere else, and doesn’t as much as concern us. But, joke like joke; one day, violence will choke us.

Dearly Beloved; violence is like virus, when not managed well, it would spread. Today, it may not be your country, but tomorrow is not promised. While we pray for those in war, let’s seek peace over problem, because war is bigger than our problems combined. Let’s always remember, war worsen everything.

Mazel Tov 🌠🕊️


X: @Victorviri


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