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  • Friday, 19 April 2024


The will of the people is not a wish, neither is it to be deliberated; for the will of the people is the law. Since humans and animals don’t share the same political space, people rule over people; and never animals. Hence, the will of the people is forever supreme. Wherever the will of the people is neglected; the essence of the rule of law has been negated. If the people have no rights over who shall rule them, then, they are not different from animals; for persons aren’t pets nor pests.

Hypocrites in high places are also from low backgrounds. When a person wrongly assumes a position over the people; he turns the predator and the people becomes the prey. No man can rule peacefully in a land where he is not wanted; if he forces himself on the throne, either the people throws him out or he throws the people out. Belief and disbelief are twins of the same mind; but fictions can never be facts. The will of the people is not a wish; for what the people want, they must get. Everything takes time, including the right time; for the same time that delays also delivers.

Two is greater than one; but in a case where one seems to act greater than others, that one shall be removed. Nobody is above the law. Some may claim or act to be above the law at a time, but never all the time; for the law is supreme all the time. When their time is up, they will come down. No matter what you do or how long it takes; in the end, the people always win. The people may act cowardly in the beginning, but its only a matter of time; and the wolves in their midst will attack. Surely, if the people don’t like you, they don’t and can never; you can only waste their time but you would be wasting your own time too. Never forget, you cannot waste the time of a patient person; for time wasted was waited. The end justifies the means; but none can know the end, even if they have the means. A lot happens in the end, which may include your end; for the end happens all the time. One day, it shall be your time; in beginning or end. Contemporary, the people exercise their wills during elections and referendums.

Hitherto, empires rise and fall; kingdoms besieged, cities invaded, towns upturned and villages burnt. Men that played gods were eaten by dogs; for the wicked and the weak coexist in the society, but the will always wins. The majority over the minority; that is the essence of casting lots and votes. Numbers must be high to climb unto high places, but the majority live in low places; which means that you need almost everybody to rule over everybody. To play god, you must have the dogs on your side; for their barks and bites will surely scare people away. But beware of dogs, for they can bite their owners too without ever barking. The gods are wise; for no human is excused from foolishness. You can pretend to be wise or foolish; but a fool knows a fool and the wise recognize the wise; for ignorance is not innocence.

People before people and people after people; the will of the people is of God. What is of the people is of God, for God made all things to be; and granted humans freewill over their choices and decisions. Thus, everyone is born with a right to choose and decide in their best interests. Twist or bend it, it is what it is. Everyone possesses the privilege to do as they like under the law and guided by its tenets; but none has powers over the law. A person cannot be greater than the people; for without the people, such person cannot be. If you cook soup for your community, it will finish without being enough; but if the community cooks soup for you, you can never finish it. Too much may not be enough; but enough is enough. The law keeps all in checks; but if the judiciary is not independent, then the rule of law is nothing but a hoax. If the constitution cannot protect the rights of a common person; then, it is just a common paper.

A society without standards is not solid and is vulnerable to fall; for without standards, there’s nothing worth maintaining. If it’s not the truth, it can never be true; for there’s no deceit in death. The voice of the people must be heard and their situations addressed. The cries of the innocents must be listened to and justice granted. The wails of the widows must be calmed; for there’s no joy in waiting for a dead loved one. Man must fight for what is his; for without fighting, the quest is futile. To merit it, you must beat others to it in all ramifications; for that is how the best emerges. You can cheat your way into the monastery, but that doesn’t make you a monk. Even if none knows, you know and that is enough; none can ever be what they are not. Pretenses can make you a prefect but not perfect; for golds can never be melted into plastics.

Democracy in a crazy society is a demo in practice. If the government is not of the people, it can never be for the people; for it is not by the people. When you force yourself on the people, you are not of the people; because you were not chosen by the people. Hence, you are not in their best interests for they know that you can never represent nor protect their best interests. Whatever that is forced down on the people can never last, for that force can be fucked up by the people. Stop posing if you are not chosen; for all posters aren’t portraits. You may blind the people today, but even you cannot see tomorrow. Nothing in your life is sure, except your death; and you don’t know the time.

They will rise, they will protest, they will revolutionize and fight if they must; for none can tolerate intimidations and oppressions for long. The people are subjects and not objects; as such, none can use and dump them. Evildoers will play and prey, but justice shall pray and pounce. They don’t want you, but you want them. What then shall you do for them to want you? Nothing much, other than giving them reasons why they should want you. Convictions aren’t hard, it’s people that confuse themselves and others; thus, complicate other things. What joy shall it give a man to rule over people that hate him? No joy, except that man is a monster. While predators play with their preys; the preys pray against their predators. Since the fight is for survival, then the jungle is just; for the prey can be the predator and the predator can be the prey.

Dearly beloved; fight for your right. Whatever that is right, is worth fighting for; because no amount of wrongs can make a right. It is weakness that paves way for wickedness; for the meek tend to be weak, in the midst of witches and wizards. If you don’t rise, you will forever stay down; for that is the wish of the evil one. The major thing stopping man from his manifestation is fear; for what he knows and those he doesn’t. Yet, it is what you know that will kill you; whether you fear it or not. If any person or thing goes against the will of the people, that person or thing must be ready for war. Never say never is the anthem of resilience; for forward ever is the backbone of resistance. If you don’t fight, you may never have your right. Freewill is for free, but you must pay for the consequences; for the will of the people is freedom. Remember always; the power of the people is greater than the people in power.



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